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Wondershare DVD Creator Multilingual-P2P Full Version

Free Download Wondershare DVD Creator Multilingual-P2P full crack released on 23 May 2019 | 9:10 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2p group has released the newest build of “Wondershare DVD Creator” for windows. Enjoy

Description: Whatever’s on Your Computer, Watch It Now on DVD! Want to make your own movies? Or maybe you just want to finally burn that film collection on your computer to DVD. Whatever you want to watch, Wondershare DVD Creator does it all. Simply drag your favorite feature film into DVD Creator for Win (Windows 10 supported), adjust the quality and click burn. Or use DVD Creator’s powerful built-in editor to combine your own photos, videos and music into home movies, slideshow, really whatever your imagination can handle.

Feature :

  • A Built-in Editor Lets You Touch up Films or Craft Your Own
  • Customize Your DVD with Free DVD Menu Templates
  • Preview and Burn Your DVDs at Top Speed
  • Release Names: Wondershare DVD Creator Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 77MB
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    Download: NITROFLARE – <a href="http://nitroflare.com/view/6DC5E28A0B7A34B/DVD.Creator.


    DFSee 16.1-P2P Full Version

    Download Free DFSee 16.1-P2P full version released on 23 May 2019 | 8:48 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “DFSee”.

    Description: Multiplatform Swiss army knife to examine disks in great detail and fix problems with partition definitions and file systems. Create an exact clone or a compressed imagefile from your whole disk or a single partition. BROWSE through directories, and view or copy/recover files directly from the browser. DFSee is a generic disk, partition and filesystem utility for maintenance and data-recovery. It supports partition-tables (FDISK, LVM) and filesystems like (V)FAT, FAT-32, EFAT, HPFS, NTFS, JFS, EXT2/3/4, HFS+, and some functionality for ReiserFS, XFS, SWAP and GRUB.

    Disk partitioning

    As a replacement for the classic FDISK and (OS/2) LVM programs, with support for MBR as well as GPT style tables.

    DFSee is a complete replacement for the partitioning tools as found with DOS, OS/2, Win9x, Windows-NT/2000/XP/7/8/9/10 and Linux.

    It is also a replacement for the LVM utility that comes with eComStation, ArcaOS 5.x and all OS/2 versions 4.50 or newer. Only some obscure features like disk-spanning are not supported.

    Apart from the standard create/delete type of functions there are a lot of special commands to display information and fix all kinds of problems related to partition-tables and LVM information. A fully interactive partition-table editor is included as well (PTEdit), both for classic MBR-style partitiong as the more recent GPT (Guid Partition Tables).

    Finally, the FDISK functionality combined with the scripting capabilities is being used by large organisations for automatic (and unattended) roll-out scenarios.

    Disk and partition recovery

    To recover from partition problems and disasters (UNFDISK)

    An often used function here is the DFSDISK command/menu-item/script that automate the collection of needed information to ‘UNDO’ an accidental FDISK operation or other partitioning related disasters.

    Another important feature is the ability to save and restore ALL partitioning information in a regular file that you can keep as a backup on a diskette so recovery operations will be MUCH easier.

    Disk and partition copying

    As a tool to copy whole disks or partitions

    Two main functions are available:

    1. IMAGING Whole disks, partitions or parts of partition can be saved to an imagefile, either RAW or in a compressed format. The imagefiles can be restored to the same or a different location resulting in backup or copy functionality. The compressed images can be opened for directory/file browsing, to view or to retrieve individual files from such a backup image. This works for partition images as well as full-disk images. For large images, and using removable media to store them, it is possible to limit the size of the generated files and create multiple numbered files for one image. For direct writing to removable media like diskettes, CDR or DVD-R (streaming) it will prompt for media-change too.
    2. CLONING Cloning can make an exact copy of (part of) a partition or disk to another area on the same or another disk. This can be used as a very fast backup facility (speeds of 30 MB/sec are not uncommon) and to move partitions arround. Check the CLONE, MOVE and COPY commands and menu-items … On the bootable CD, the bootimage uses an Ultra-DMA driver to allow maximum speeds on modern ultra-DMA IDE disks.

    Release Name: DFSee.16.1.Win.Lnx.macOS.DOS-P2P
    Size: 21.6 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi

    Download: RAPIDGATOR

    Macabacus for Microsoft Office v8.11.9-P2P Full Version

    Download Free Macabacus for Microsoft Office v8.11.9-P2P full crack released on 23 May 2019 | 6:33 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Macabacus for Microsoft Office”.

    Description: The leading productivity add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The most complete and highest-quality suite of Microsoft. Office productivity add-ins for finance and other professionals.

    Build Financial Models & Presentations More Efficiently

    • 80%+ Time Savings for Routine Tasks
    • Power Modeling Tools
    • Advanced Formula
    • Auditing
    • Charting Tools
    • Dozens of Keyboard
    • Shortcuts
    • Reliably Link to Excel
    • Table of Contents /
    • Agenda Automation
    • Check Presentations for Mistakes
    • Shared Content &
    • Template Libraries
    • Find & Navigate
    • More Easily
    • Workbook Optimization
    • Extensive Customization
    • Enterprise Deployment

    Reduce mistakes with our powerful, best-in-class auditing tools—absolutely essential for power users

    • Effortlessly navigate a formula’s inputs across worksheets and workbooks, using only the keyboard
    • Similarly navigate a cell’s dependents, showing you what formulas and charts the audited cell is driving
    • Drill down on precedents / dependents using tree-based navigation to help you understand everything driving your formulas
    • Analyze complex formulas piece-by-piece to see what a portion of the formula contributes to the overall result
    • Visualizations highlight formula errors, outliers, and other inconsistencies that might otherwise go unnoticed
    • View precedents / dependents trace arrows for multiple cells at once or as you navigate cells

    Keep your presentation agendas updated so that you can focus on content

    • Synchronize agenda slides with native PowerPoint sections seamlessly
    • Deep integration with PowerPoint sections keeps your agendas up-to-date as sections are added, removed, moved, or renamed
    • Supports both agenda styles—show agendas on either (a) a table of contents slide, or (b) flysheets (divider slides at the start of each section)
    • Show section / subsection titles on content slides that update automatically when the agenda changes
    • Intelligently collapse subsections to fit more agenda topics onto a single slide and improve readability
    • Intelligently omit section flysheets to reduce presentation length and printing costs
    • Intelligently avoid showing back-to-back flysheets during slide shows
    • Include slide titles or other text in your table of contents
    • Fully customizable agenda / flysheet appearance

    Export cells and charts from Excel to PowerPoint and Word more easily and professionally

    • Export cells and charts to PowerPoint and Word as pictures, embedded workbooks, tables, charts, and more
    • Hide Excel interface elements—blue print preview borders, red cell comment indicators, gridlines, and more—and recolor fonts automatically for more professional looking outputs
    • Automatically check for formula errors in the data you export, helping avoid embarrassing mistakes in your presentations and documents
    • Imported shapes (e.g., pictures, tables) are intelligently positioned and sized, avoiding tedious adjustments required for shapes pasted natively

    Improve presentation quality and avoid embarrassing mistakes

    • Check slides for formatting, layout, content, and grammar errors and inconsistencies before sending a presentation to a client or to print
    • Improve compliance with your corporate design standard and branding
    • Over 100 checks for issues like inconsistent word hyphenation and abbreviation, missing footnotes, color palette deviation, incorrect bullet formatting, missing punctuation, missing chart labels, image distortion, and much more
    • Unlike other solutions, Macabacus checks charts and Smart Art
    • See exactly where the issues are, detailed explanations of issues, and frequencies of occurrence where inconsistencies are found
    • Address issues with a customized menu of fixes that highlights dominant conventions in your presentation to help you choose a fix
    • Set the proofing language for an entire presentation at once to fix words flagged as mispelled which are clearly not

    Link PowerPoint and Word to Excel data with reliable links

    • Link cells and charts in Excel to shapes and text in PowerPoint / Word, and update links with the click of a button
    • Unlike native Office links, Macabacus links won’t break when the structure of your source spreadsheet changes, which it is certain to do
    • Reduced file size of presentations / documents relative to embedding workbooks required for native Office linking
    • Inline text linking in PowerPoint and Word lets you write paragraphs with figures sourced from a spreadsheet that are easy to update
    • Version control helps identify more recent versions of source files when updating links, and recommends relinking options
    • Automatic link detection supports files shared in the cloud using a service like Dropbox

    A repository for reusable content and templates shared by all users in your organization

    • Shared libraries expedite the preparation and facilitate the standardization of presentations, spreadsheets, and documents
    • Library content can include slides (e.g., teams pages), Office shapes (e.g., icons), images (e.g., client logos), charts, and deal tombstones
    • Library templates can include presentation templates, spreadsheet templates (for use as starting points when building new models), and document templates (e.g., fax cover pages)
    • Slides inserted from the library are linked, and can be updated to the most recent version in the library with the click of a button
    • Google-like text search returns matching content instantaneously
    • Create “document groups” to categorize published templates by business unit or any other category
    • Macabacus supports 3 libraries—a personal library for individual use, and team and company libraries that can be shared
    • Locally cache remote libraries for availability offline
    • Administrative privileges are required to modify the company library

    Working with charts in Excel has never been easier

    • Easily create complex charts used in finance and consulting, including waterfall, football field, butterfly, and Marimekko charts
    • Insert charts from your Macabacus library pre-populated with dummy data without laboring over complex chart data structures
    • Add growth rate (CAGR) arrows to column charts that update as chart data changes. Extensive formatting options give you the exact look you want
    • Add totals labels above columns in a stacked column chart with ease
    • Recolor data series in a chart to your preferred colors in two mouse clicks
    • Stack charts to create a dashboard and quickly conform the size and position of chart / plot areas for multiple charts at once
    • Work with data labels more efficiently
    • Charts created with Macabacus are 100% native—you do not need Macabacus to work with them
    • Reduce the time spent by your graphics professionals on creating and modifying charts for internal clients

    Nearly unlimited customization possibilities meet the needs of even the largest institutions

    • Configure Macabacus settings—colors, fonts, templates, etc.—to reflect your company’s brand identity and design standard
    • Customize the behavior of many non-formatting-related tools to reflect personal or organizational workflow preferences
    • Deploy customizations to all users to conform the appearance of Office documents to a single standard and standardize the Macabacus experience for all users
    • Save settings to the cloud for consistency across all your devices
    • Expedite deployment with our customization services (at additional cost) that translate your design standard into Macabacus settings

    Showcase your firm’s advisory engagements with tombstone slides in your client pitchbooks

    • Quickly generate tombstones slides, or “creds” pages, for your client pitchbooks that highlight advisory engagements and help your firm win new business
    • Tombstones are published to Macabacus libraries, so they can be shared across your organization for convenient access by everyone
    • Powerful filters help you find and sort tombstones that showcase transactions relevant to your pitchbook audience and topic
    • Intelligently arrange tombstones on slides based on your presentation layout and other preferences

    Release Name: macabacus-for-microsoft-office-v8-11-9-p2p
    Size: 44 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi


    Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.9.4 Multilingual-P2P Full Version

    Free Download Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.9.4 Multilingual-P2P full version released on 23 May 2019 | 3:38 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2p group has released the newest build of “Emurasoft EmEditor Professional” for windows. Enjoy

    Description: EmEditor Professional – professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Editor features such as search and replace in files using regular expressions, auto-detection coding, highlighting the links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure the button bar, menu, font and color elements. For each language, you can create a separate configuration. The program also has the support of powerful macros written in javascript or VBScript, allowing you to capture virtually any action, used often or occasionally.

    Feature :
    • Support for file sizes up to 248 GB
    • Edit binary files
    • Optimized search and relocation
    • Improved design plug-ins
    • Ability to display panel functions
    • Optimized speed when each row has a greater length
    • Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel
    • Supports Drag and drop
    • Specify the temporary folder in the program settings
    • Import INI files in the registry
    • Unicode
    • Syntax highlighting for ASP, C, CSS, HTML, javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other
    • User-friendly interface with customizable toolbar

    Release Names: Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.9.4 Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 33MB
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    Windows 10 19H1 AIO 32in2 1903.10.0.18362.116 VL (x86-x64) Multilanguage Preactivated May 2019-P2P Full Version

    Download Windows 10 19H1 AIO 32in2 1903.10.0.18362.116 VL (x86-x64) Multilanguage Preactivated May 2019-P2P full crack released on 23 May 2019 | 4:32 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2p group has released the newest build of “Windows 10” for windows. Enjoy

    Description: Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and to retail on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 receives new releases on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users. Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support milestones that only receive critical updates, such as security patches, over their ten-year lifespan of extended support.

    Feature :
    Name ISO x86:mu_win_10_vl_aio_16in1_1903.18362.116.2019_May_x86
    Name ISO x64:mu_win_10_vl_aio_16in1_1903.18362.116.2019_May_x64
    Size x86:3,40 GB (3.659.614.551 bytes)
    Size x64:4,55 GB (4.887.325.015 bytes)
    SHA1 x86:ea179b7d9bf97c596270dde8616335576c3fb1a8
    SHA1 x64:2353deaf613a8b0b5e839d3158b55623090899f8
    Activation: Permantly Activation( Generate Digital License) v62.01
    Build Number:10.0.18362.116
    Features:Net 3.5 Enabled

    Windows 10 Edition list included:
    1.Windows 10 Home"
    2.Windows 10 Home N"
    3.Windows 10 Pro"
    4.Windows 10 Pro N"
    5.Windows 10 Home Single Language"
    6.Windows 10 Enterprise N"
    7.Windows 10 Pro Education"
    8.Windows 10 Pro Education N"
    9.Windows 10 Pro for Workstations"
    10.Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations"
    11.Windows 10 Education"
    12.Windows 10 Education N"
    13.Windows 10 Pro Single Language"
    14.Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions"
    15.Windows 10 IoT Enterprise"
    16.Windows 10 Enterprise"

    System Requirements:
    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
    Free space on hard disk: 16 gigabytes (GB).
    Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.
    Additional requirements to use certain features.
    To use touch you need a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
    To access the Windows store to download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

    Release Names: Windows 10 19H1 AIO 32in2 1903.10.0.18362.116 VL (x86-x64) Multilanguage Preactivated May 2019-P2P
    Size: 3.4GB / 4.55GB
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    Download : ( NITROFLARE | RAPIDGATOR )

    Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 OEM English May 2019-P2P Full Version

    Download Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 OEM English May 2019-P2P full crack released on 23 May 2019 | 3:48 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2p group has released the newest build of “Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate” for windows. Enjoy

    Description: Windows 7 Ultimate is ultra edition of the Windows 7 operating system as it is the only edition of Windows 7 that is feature complete. All other editions with the exception of Windows 7 Enterprise which is Windows 7 Ultimate branded differently lack features that are included in Windows 7 Ultimate. It combines remarkable ease-of-use with the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode.

    Feature :
    [ RELEASE INFO ] * File: WIN7X64.ULT.3in1.ENU.MAY2019.iso
    * Size: 2,82GB
    * Format: Bootable ISO
    * SOURCE: dvd-677332
    * CRC32: e3603b2c
    * MD5: ae9072547f01046b1fadfe918e3365dc
    * SHA-1: 2d7a7202fcbf2d738dd415855f9e7bbf5ad6f9f8

    What’s new:
    * Integrated / Pre-installed:
    * .NET Framework 4.8
    * Internet Explorer 11
    * DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
    * Important & Security Only Updates – 2019-05-15
    * Setupcomplete / Post-install:
    * Windows Defender Updates

    [ EDITIONS INCLUDED ] * Windows 7 Ultimate – STD
    * Windows 7 Ultimate – DAZ
    * Windows 7 Ultimate – OEM

    * STD = Standard installation
    * DAZ = Activated by DAZ Loader v2.2.2.0
    * OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will automatically
    * activate original version installed by Manufacturer.

    * DAZ-Activated index will auto-reboot to complete the activation.

    [ FEATURES ] * UEFI-ready
    * (Use attached Rufus USB-tool to make UEFI-bootable).
    * Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10.0 (Microsoft DaRT)
    * install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)

    [ INSTALLATION & INFORMATION ] * Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,
    * (attached) or burn to DVD-R at slow speed.

    Release Names: Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 OEM English May 2019-P2P
    Size: 2.82GB
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    Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Multilingual-P2P Full Version

    Download Free Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Multilingual-P2P full crack released on 23 May 2019 | 3:54 am by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2p group has released the newest build of “Evaer Video Recorder for Skype” for windows. Enjoy

    Description: Recording your Skype video and audio calls into AVI movies. Easy to use for your Skype video and audio interviews, conferences, podcasts, or family VoIP calls. Evaer records Skype with capturing original media data and there is no data loss. It is not a screen-capture recorder, video quality is not affected at all if you resize Skype video windows while recording.

    Feature :

  • Capture original Skype audio and video data to record with high quality.
  • Supports recording single Skype video calls, Skype screen sharing sessions and up to 10 way Skype group video calls.
  • Record Skype video calls directly to your hard disk with picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.
  • Changeable recording video codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) and frame rate.
  • Self-adaptive selection of video resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Preview video while recording video calls.
  • Release Names: Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 26MB
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    Cook’n Recipe Organizer v12.14.7-P2P Full Version

    Download Free Cook’n Recipe Organizer v12.14.7-P2P full version released on 22 May 2019 | 8:59 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Cook’n Recipe Organizer”.

    Description: #1 Best-Selling Recipe App with millions and millions served! Organize your own recipes into Cook’n. Use Cook’n to Organize all your recipes.Cook’n is the perfect solution to organize your personal recipes.

    When you have entered your personal recipes into Cook’n you can:

    • Create a family Cookbook
    • Share your recipes easily
    • Create menus and meal plans
    • Enhance the recipe by adding photos and stories
    • Get the nutritional facts for your recipes
    • and much more!

    Create Menus and Meal Plans
    Reasearch shows that those who use and effective menu planner are mor likely to:

    • Save time by making less trips and by staying organized on what’s for dinner
    • Save money by eating-out less beacuse they are prepared to make delicious home-cooked meals.
    • Eat healthier by planning healthy menus and meal plans. And avaoiding convenient foods rather than nutritional foods.
    • Save gas by making less trips to the store and on fast-food pickups.

    Analyze Recipe Nutrition using Cook’n
    Stop guessing what nutrients are in the foods you are eating. Use Cook’n to help you stay organized in your dieting!

    Analyze the nutritional elements of recipes and menus (even the ones you add!)
    Cook’n makes it simple to calculate the nutrients your body is receiving. After typing in a recipe or importing one from the internet, simply click a button for the information you need. Save you a ton of time by analyzing nutrition in seconds!

    View nutritional labels for every food and recipe
    You don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand how to analyze your recipes – that’s because Cook’n nutrition facts window looks just like the label on a can.

    Choose which brands are healthier
    Cook’n has nutrition facts from the labels of over 10,000 food products. You can even choose between different brands to see what the nutritional effect is. Stop the guesswork among different brands and know which one is most appropriate for your needs.

    Include nutritional info on printouts
    When printing out a recipe or cookbook, Cook’n gives you the option to include nutritional information right underneath the recipe. Now you can plan menus based on dietary needs and tastes. Prepare healthy, delicious meals for the entire family.

    Grocery Shopping Assistant
    Cook’n also calculates the approximate cost of your shopping list. Cook’n automatically combines the food on your menus and makes a grocery shopping list. It even converts tablespoons of tomato paste to 8 oz. cans! Cook’n organizes your shopping list by aisle to save you time at the store.

    Organize your Pinterest Recipes in Cook’n
    Cook’n will Automatically import all of your Pinterest recipes with one click and synchronize the two so any new recipes that you Pin will automatically appear in Cook’n! It’s not magic… but it’s pretty close to it!

    With the new Scan-It feature, it’s easy to get all of your printed recipes into Cook’n without having to type any of them!
    Importing recipes you clipped from magazines and newspapers is easy… just scan them! Or, take a picture with your mobile phone. Use the Scan-it feature to translate scanned recipes to text and use the Snip-It tool to copy & paste the text into Cook’n with just a few clicks!

    Cook’n Snip-It Tool
    Most of the time, you can capture internet recipes with just one click. However, this doesn’t work with web pages that are not formatted properly (like the recipes posted on many blogs). Enter Cook’n Version 12.

    When Cook’n Version 12 detects web pages that are not marked up properly, it will automatically split the screen and display the Snip-It toolbar in the middle. Simply highlight the recipe directions and click the Directions button. Highlight the recipe ingredients and click the Ingredients button. With the new Snip-It Tool capturing recipes from your favorite blogs is a snap!

    Custom Live Recipe Feeds
    Looking for recipe inspiration? Rather than browsing allrecipes.com, foodnetwork.com and other recipe websites, just launch Cook’n! As soon as a new recipe is posted on the web, it will appear in the Cook’n Live Recipe Feed. Customize your recipe feed and follow your favorite websites easily. Click the recipe to see more or simply drag & drop it to save it in your personal cookbook.

    Cook’n Snag-It Tool
    Cook’n makes it easy to import recipes from Word, Notepad, and all other text based program. Just copy the text and paste it into Cook’n and the Snag-It tool will parse the text and divide ingredient lines into their component parts automatically!

    Import your recipes from allrecipes.com with one click
    There are over 30 millions searches for recipes everyday. The problem is: what do you do when you find a great recipe on the web? We create accounts on websites like allrecipes.com and end up with different recipes on different accounts. Cook’n allows you to combine all your recipes from across the web into one place.

    Print Themed Recipes
    The themes in Cook’n are great! And, they’re getting better all the time! Now, with Cook’n 12, your printed recipes can look just as fantastic as they do on the computer! In Cook’n 12, the print preview window is embedded inside Cook’n. And, the new printing tool is capable of printing themed recipes in all formats (3×5, 4×6, and full page). Add pizzazz to your recipes and share them in style with Cook’n 12!

    Print Family Cookbook Recipe Cards
    Cook’n will make a professional looking cookbook complete with a title page table of contents, page numbers, index, food photos, etc. You can print one book for yourself or create a PDF file that you can em-mail to your local copy shop. Have them print and professionally bind multimple copies that you can give away as gifts that your friends and family will treasure.

    Easily Share Your Recipes
    Post your favorite recipes on Facebook or pin your recipes on Pinterest with just one click! Print a family cookbook and give a gift that everyone will treasure or simply e-mail a recipe to a friend. Tweet your recipes, embed your recipes in your web pages, and link to them. Sharing your favorite recipes with Cook’n has never been so fun!

    Email Your Recipes
    Cook’n makes it easy to email recipes to friends. With just a couple clicks, you can send recipes to anyone! oOr, export recipes to HTML and post them on your website or blog!

    Sync to the Cook’n Cloud
    New Cook’n users get a free 5 month Standard membership which provides unlimited Cook’n Cloud access. The Cook’n Cloud provides an off-site backup of your valuable recipe collection to keep your recipes safe and to protect against viruses, computer system failures, hard disk corruptions, and data-loss. The Cook’n Cloud also makes it easier than ever to synchronize recipes between all of your Cook’n apps. For example, recipes entered into Cook’n on your PC will automatically appear on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and other PC’s.

    Download from the Cook’n Cloud
    When you log into your Cook’n Cloud account all of your own recipes will be downloaded to your mobile device for easy access in the kitchen. And, any edits that you make or photos that you take will sync back up to the Cook’n Cloud. Cook’n will sync recipes between all of your mobile devices AND desktop computers automatically.

    Release Name: cookn-recipe-organizer-v12-14-7-p2p
    Size: 553 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi


    EarthTime 5.21.1-P2P Full Version

    Download EarthTime 5.21.1-P2P full version released on 22 May 2019 | 9:08 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2P group has released the updated version of “EarthTime”.

    Description: EarthTime displays the local time and date of any place in the world. It has a built-in database of thousands of cities worldwide but users can add any number of custom locations. EarthTime shows a map of the earth with daylight and night shadows and optionally a cloud layer with current satellite cloud data. Alarms can be set on the local time of any city in the world. Many options allow flexible customization.


    • Locations of more than 120.000 Cities with local time and date
    • Alarms for any place in the world
    • View of the earth at day and night
    • Current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure, etc.) of any place in the world
    • Clouds (internet download of current satellite cloud data)
    • Full screen mode
    • Many options for full customization
    • Now with Windows 10 support!

    Release Name: EarthTime.5.21.1-P2P
    Size: 4.2 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi

    Download: RAPIDGATOR

    Magoshare AweClone Enterprise v2.3-P2P Full Version

    Download Free Magoshare AweClone Enterprise v2.3-P2P cracked released on 22 May 2019 | 9:09 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Magoshare AweClone”.

    Description: AweClone is a reliable, powerful and fast program for cloning a hard disk. AweClone offers state-of-the-art technology to easily and securely clone a hard disk, system disk, and external device. You can easily transfer your data and contents from one hard drive to another without loss. You just need to select the resource hard drive and the target hard drive. Then AweClone will move all the contents from the hard disk resource to the target hard disk without any loss.


    • Disk cloning
    • Easily and securely clone a hard disk or any storage medium onto another hard disk or device.
    • HDD / SSD Cloning
    • Clone HDD to SSD or SSD to HDD is easy and simple. You can also clone SDD or HDD to an external hard drive or other storage medium.
    • Clone a system hard drive
    • Make a full copy of your hard disk in case of system failure or error.
    • Duplicate your hard drive to another PC or hard drive.
    • Clone a Windows system to another hard disk or external hard disk.
    • Clone entire hard drive or external storage device.
    • Clone hard disk partitions without any loss.
    • Clone HDD to SSD or SSD to HDD.
    • Clone your old hard drive to a new hard drive.
    • Back up your hard drive data.
    • Easily recover data from a cloned backup.
    • Supported file systems: FAT 12/16/32, NTFS / NTFS5, EXT 2/3, exFAT, HFS / HFS + and others

    Release Name: magoshare-aweclone-enterprise-v2-3-p2p
    Size: 23 MB
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