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StopWinUpdates v2.2-P2P Full Version

Download Free StopWinUpdates v2.2-P2P full version released on 15 July 2018 | 6:45 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released an updated version of “StopWinUpdates”.

Description: StopWinUpdates is app to enable or disable Windows and Store Automatic Updates.StopWinUpdates is portable, but it acts and looks like an installer which we found confusing. Double-click on the executable and choose your options. By default, if you want to disable Windows Update, that’s checked by default. You will see prompts, again, that makes it appear the program is installing, but it’s just applying your changes. StopWinUpdates will exit when completed and you’ll want to reboot for the changes to apply. If you change your mind, rerun the app and make any changes you need and restart again.

Additionally, there are registry hacks to block updates on Windows 7 and 8.1.

Overall, StopWinUpdates is another excellent app to disable or enable Windows and Store Automatic Updates if you don’t mind the installer style way that StopWinUpdates works.


  1. Windows update service set to manual by default
  2. Store and Edge and Defender are working
  3. Windows update page in settings will show a blank page in Windows 10 1607 or older it’s normal
  4. Disabling update will auto hide Windows Update page in settings so it will now open Windows Defender (Security) instead in Win10 1703 or newer
  5. If you used any tool to disable updates, you must use same tool to enable it, to reset the permissions!
  6. You need to restart after enable or disable updates
  7. Option to disable or enable Auto Update Store Apps (Win10)
  8. Option to Set Windows Defender (Security) to Update Every 6 Hours (Win8.1/Win10)
  9. Option to Disable or Enable Automatic Device Driver Installation
  10. Disable or Enable Auto Downloading Language Related Components (Win10)
  11. Option to Disable or Enable Automatic Offline Maps Download

Release Names: StopWinUpdates.v2.2-P2P
Size: 0.8 MB
Links: NFONTi


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