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RightMinder® for Android Phones and SmartWatches Android Free Download

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RightMinder® for Android Phones and SmartWatches

ConnectUs Life Pty Ltd


Varies with device
5 September 2017
Varies with device
Varies with device

RightMinder is a FREE WORLD-FIRST, PATENT PENDING application for Aged & Young Care. Finally wearable safety devices available on fashionable smartwatches and/or smart phones.

UPGRADE to Premium Services for a very minimal fee to unlock Features like GPS Locations, Battery Life Reminders and Fast Call. (check local subscription prices for more information and exact savings).

RightMinder can also be utilised by those with Multiple Sclerosis MS, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Brain-Trauma or other low to medium care needs. RightMinder works discreetly and behind the scenes on an Android smartwatch running Android Wear or on an Android smartphone.

RightMinder® helps provide independence and discretion to people and provides multiple ‘First Alert" connections for loved ones in our lives. It provides peace of mind without being front of mind.

Importantly, RightMinder ONLY works when securely connected to another person (one or many) registered as a user of RightMinder. One person must be a "Wearer" and another (or many others) a "Carer."

RightMinder, features Fall Detection (on Android Wear watches and Android Mobiles) plus Emergency First Alert notifications. It is VERY important Wearers calibrate and regularly test the Fall Detection sensitivity and get to know their preferred sensitivity, as every watch and phone is different.

Subscribers can also access real-time GPS reporting, Direct Calling functionality and the ability to link Multiple Carers to Wearers plus many other additional features that can be unlocked by Subscription.

Note: The FREE version of RightMinder (Right Minder), which is available to purchase, gives you access to send and receive alerts in case of emergency. You will need to Subscribe to unlock all additional features.

Also note, you don't need a smartwatch for RightMinder to function. RightMinder® supports Fall Detection and First Alert functionality for many Android mobiles as well!

Please check out http://www.rightminder.com/fall-detection-android-help/ for more help on setup.

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