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PaintBox – Sandbox Number Coloring v1.15 Android Free Download

Download PaintBox – Sandbox Number Coloring v1.15 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis PaintBox – Sandbox Number Coloring v1.15 released on 30 April 2018 | 9:10 am and this PaintBox – Sandbox Number Coloring v1.15 Android by Downloadapkgratis PaintBox – Sandbox Number Coloringhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VH28fCcFpp3tJOr3d6LpAHC5ehX4478cTvghQ1pMoeIZJ7SbPEelznSMFNe3_f8ZQm0=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/AeLiJap6kUNnEDNNAtjo2wYqz5HYNXMK7mdDRnL7TODhWTZlTnfgJhpeBa0q_fEP8i7j=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=coloring.number.sandbox.colorboxArt.Number.ColoringArt Number ColoringEntertainmentEntertainment1.15April 29, 20184.1 and up11.3 M4.4Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000Paintbox – Sandbox Number Coloring is a color by number app for children &adultsPaintbox – Sandbox Number Coloring is a coloring app for children and adults that everyone will like, regardless of age and hobbies. To draw, do not need any creative skills!
Paintbox – Sandbox Number Coloring includes hundreds of coloring pages for a variety of topics and varying degrees of complexity. All of them are freely available and you do not need to pay for them!
Open any coloring and get to work with number coloring. With a simple stretch swipe to zoom image and fill the squares with colors, the color of which corresponds to the specified color in palette. Change the paint, fill the squares with the color by number you need with a simple single click. As you can see, nothing is difficult with our sand box number book, even a child can cope.
Painted by number images turn out to be bright, detailed, as the palette in Paintbox – Sandbox Number Coloring is big enough. The application is deprived of any panels of settings, menus and other things. At startup, one page contains a list of all colorings, separated into categories.
Paintbox – Sandbox Number Coloring Book is not only a creative application, but also an excellent anti-stress coloring book. During coloring, you do not need to think about the combination of colors, the shape of the pattern. Such an exercise relaxes, but for children it's also an excellent training of fine motor skills, increases the attention and diligence of children.
This color by numbers application-game for children will help teach the young gamer to count, remember colors and think logically. In addition, this coloring app can delay it for a while, and release parents a few hours.
== Number Coloring Book Features ==
· Simple and easy number coloring process: choose a color from the palette and place it in the desired cell.You can repixel or recolor wrong color blocks.
· The result of coloring by numbers and its decoration is always preserved. Also, you can view a short video demonstrating the coloring process and color blocks.
· You can share the result of pixel art coloring and video with your friends.
· Paint by numbers will develops motor skills in children.
· New drawings every day and always free.
· Upload your photo and decorate it,make pixel art.This is pixelmania!
· Show your block coloring drawings to others.
· Our sandbox is free for all.Double Tap coloring
Optimization and bug fixing
Diagonal Double Tap coloring only for hard pictures
Freestyle color by number bug fixe9,5737,331803419173847DOWNLOAD APK

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