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Moby Dick [Audiobook]-P2P Free Download

Download Moby Dick [Audiobook]-P2P Free Download

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‘Call me Ishmael’. Thus starts the greatest American novel. Melville said himself that he wanted to write ‘a mighty book about a mighty theme’ and so he did. It is a story of one man’s obsessive revenge-journey against the white whale, Moby-Dick, who injured him in an earlier meeting. Woven into the story of the last journey of The Pequod is a mesh of philosophy, rumination, religion, history and a mass of information about whaling through the ages. This epic story, here presented in unabridged form, receives an equally epic reading from the outstanding American actor William Hootkins.

Moby Dick [Audiobook] by Herman Melville-P2P
English | 2005 | ISBN-10: 9626343583 | MP3@64 kbps | 24 hrs 49 mins | 626 MB
Narrator: William Hootkins

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