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Ghost Maze Escape Story. I'm not crazy Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Ghost Maze Escape Story. I'm not crazy released on 1 October 2018 | 5:28 am and this Ghost Maze Escape Story. I'm not crazy Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Мaze еscape games. Сrazy maze labyrinth puzzle quest action & misterious story.Welcome to the Ghost Maze/ Labyrinth / – a world of mysterious surrealism for those who love escape games, quest games and puzzle games, who are interested in the game’s story and unexpected end, for those who like to solve puzzle games. Fans of the arcade also will not remain indifferent, because for them we have battles with all evil being & spirits.
You will have a mysterious story, in which you will be the main character, and no one will solve its secrets for you, if you decide to go through the game without any hints or additional help.
Game Ghost Maze Story – Labyrinth Adventure – is full of new ideas and solutions, has unique quest games and puzzle games, which until now have not been implemented in the game industry.
The game is sustained in the best traditions of the genre escape games, but is complemented by other genres. This game – there is a mysterious story, in the plot of which harmoniously intertwined unsolved secrets, unique & interesting puzzle games, cunning quest games, fantastic creatures and battles with evil beings & spirits in the form of arcade fights. Once you get into the Ghost Maze, you do not just solve puzzles, but you have a global goal, you must move and act, think, draw conclusions and seek out. As for the puzzle games, we created our own special new system, which is not similar to the rest of the genre. We can proudly say that we have contributed to the development of games of the genre of escape and puzzle games.
Ghost Maze Story – Labyrinth Adventure – is the first part of the saga. Solving various puzzle games, solving quest games, you have to reveal the first secret of the main character, which will be the key to the continuation of the saga.
In the best traditions of the genre, the mysterious story of the escape game Ghost Maze Story prepared for you the most unexpected ending. In the process of moving the hero through the maze of puzzle games and battle games are complicated, so you will need to think about improving your main character. As usual, the main characteristics of the hero are strength and magic, but the most important is your virile and perceptive mind, as quest games also become more complex, and you will have to think hard above them.
We specifically explained only the main points of the game, so that before the whole player reached his mind, as is usually done in escape games. And to make the game more realistic and to deepen the player’s immersion into the atmosphere of the game, so that the mysterious story goes deep into the player’s heart, we created it in 3d space.
Puzzle games of several types, a field of the game that never repeats, quest games that always differ from each other and a bright mysterious story will not let you get bored of monotony.
Next comes information that will reveal a little secrets of the Game Ghost Maze Story – Labyrinth Adventure, and therefore the most desperate is not recommended for reading.
Find crystals – they are needed to solve some quest games and pass puzzle games, look attentively at the walls of the labyrinth, explore them – there you can find a clue. And be on the alert, if out of the darkness you are looking at the eyes filled with malice, there is definitely an arcade battle waiting for you.
The main task was to make the mysterious story completely engulf the player, so that he would plunge into it completely.
Ghost Maze Story – Labyrinth Adventure – is a free game and it does not need internet during the game. Access to the Internet is needed to view unobtrusive video advertising for rewards and only at the request of the player. Any other advertising in the game is viral and illegal. In case of detection of this, the player must check the device for viruses.
Explore the mysterious Ghost Maze! Welcome to the world of surrealism and phantasmagoria of escape games! Quest games, puzzle games and arcade fights – everything is collected in one crazy cocktail of this escape game! An incredibly mysterious story is waiting for you!Ghost Maze Escape Story. I'm not crazyhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/vBAKG0BBLqjRY2ZhWVaxJKGXH8YAmlUxthZQul9aACdPe9qmim_Zhar-ZcFOgCM77Ytb=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/TsQD8puNQ0Nk1IrhRSPnXOYRoXSCzy7sJFOZAmRb3abkp9wXdjf6hgRvVV633cezfRvt=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TapaJampaGames.GhostMazeStoryV01TapaJampaGamesTapaJampaGamesPuzzlePuzzle1.3September 30, 20184.1 and up38.8 M5.0Rated for 7+100 – 2001.3
Bug fixes. The game rules section is added to the main menu880000https://www.youtube.com/embed/GB0Jw6tGKbgDOWNLOAD APK

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