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DSW Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free DSW released on 17 November 2018 | 9:13 pm and this DSW Android by Downloadapkgratis Ultra-Fast FashionThe new DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app delivers a full shopping experience with fast, easy checkout. DSW Rewards members can easily access account information including available Rewards certificates and points balance.

DSW is the destination for shoe lovers everywhere. DSW has thousands of shoes and handbags for women, men and kids and now the whole selection is at your fingertips! Download the free DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app to:

– Shop: Discover the hottest shoe trends for women and men. Shop and purchase your favorite shoes with our new streamlined checkout process.

– View DSW Rewards: Track your Rewards certificates and points all in one place. Access and scan your Rewards card and other offers right from the app when in store, or use them online.

– In-Store Pick Up: See if the shoe you want is available before visiting DSW! Buy online and pick up in store to save time right from the app.

– Store Locator: Traveling? Check out the DSW store locator for instant directions and store hours.

– Clearance Calculator: Use the clearance calculator in store to determine the exact price you’ll pay and ensure you don’t walk away from a fabulous deal!

– Product Scan: Can’t find your size or color in a DSW store? Scan the barcode to find it on dsw.com and read reviews and product information.DSWhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QV9UoFUzEJRku1uc6Ymyej_5p3GeOqB_5mPJq0pqtRu-sDM_Xhy3-pzxxaRw5EVveA=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ee8BD-gRGLDjx6G2EuPsNXO5ATbUQlyAUlpcuj4E0SkXev8G8YDfRyQnQpjTBP_4Nys=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsw.androidDSW.IncDSW IncShoppingShopping3.6.0November 17, 20184.1 and up31.24M4.3Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000[+] Bug fixe2,5821,680402217116167DOWNLOAD APK

Avanquest Video Explosion HD Ultimate 7.7.0 Multilingual-P2P Full Version

Free Download Avanquest Video Explosion HD Ultimate 7.7.0 Multilingual-P2P full crack released on 17 November 2018 | 11:53 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2p group has released the newest build of “Avanquest Video Explosion HD Ultimate” for windows. Enjoy

Description: Thanks to Video Explosion HD Ultimate you can easily make all kinds of high-definition movies. This easy-to-use and powerful tool allows you to go into the smallest details of the video you are making. Choose duration, colors, contrasts. Add multiple custom light effects and filters, dynamic transitions, titles and music backgrounds. Customize the texts in 3D, add the progressive zoom or a rain effect! The Ultimate version also allows you to perform multi-track editing, advanced playback and provides you with 1500 additional sound effects and video to embellish your videos!

Feature :
– Special 3D effects and filters: cinema clap, old movies, fireworks …
– Automatic adaptation of the music to the duration of the video
– Wide choice of dynamic transition effects: progressive zoom, traveling, backgrounds …
– Image function-in the image
– Edit video clips: duration, colors, contrasts
– Adding photos
– Titles and animated texts in 3D customizable
– Over 1500 sound effects and video available: photo effects, masks …
– Multitrack assembly
– Advanced MainPlayback
– 1500 sound effects and video
– Adding audio comments
– Choice between advanced mode and 3-step assistant for creating HD videos
– Full HD support: AVCHD, WMV HD, AVI HD and DivX® HD formats
– Creation of DVDs in DivX® Ultra HD format for optimal compatibility of menus and indexes
– Bonus: includes tool for printing CD / DVD labels!

Release Names: Avanquest Video Explosion HD Ultimate 7.7.0 Multilingual-P2P
Size: 506MB
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Cockos REAPER v5.962-P2P Full Version

Download Free Cockos REAPER v5.962-P2P full crack released on 17 November 2018 | 7:47 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released the updated version of “Cockos REAPER”.

Description: REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application that lets you record, arrange, edit, and render multi-track waveform audio. It provides an extensive set of features, but is a very small and lightweight application (the installer is less than 1 megabyte, and includes many effects and a sample project). REAPER supports ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound for playback and recording. It reads WAV, OGG, and MP3 files, and records WAV files. You can arrange any number of items in any number of tracks and use audio processing plug-ins (DirectX and Jesusonic). REAPER also supports volume, pan controls and envelopes per track, multi-layer undo/redo, and user creatable color themes.


  • Portable – supports running from USB keys or other removable media
  • 64 bit audio engine
  • Excellent low-latency performance
  • Multiprocessor capable
  • Direct multi-track recording to many formats including WAV/BWF/W64, AIFF, WavPack, FLAC, OGG, and MIDI.
  • Extremely flexible routing
  • Fast, tool-less editing
  • Supports a wide range of hardware (nearly any audio interface, outboard hardware, many control surfaces)
  • Support for VST, VSTi, DX, DXi effects
  • ReaPlugs: high quality 64 bit effect suite
  • Tightly coded – installer is just over 2MB

Release Name: cockos-reaper-v5-962-p2p
Size: 21.1 MB
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Raft Survival: Multiplayer v17.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Raft Survival: Multiplayer v17.0 released on 17 November 2018 | 9:13 pm and this Raft Survival: Multiplayer v17.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Stay alive on a raft with friends in the open ocean. Survive a sharks attackSurvival on the raft simulator transfer you into a dizzying adventure. The aircraft crashed over the ocean, some of the passengers managed to escape and now their main goal is to stay alive, collect debris and build a raft. Thirst and hunger are not the only danger, make sure that the hungry sharks don’t deciding stop your adventure prematurely!

Multiplayer mode
In our game you can play with your friends online and build a raft together.

Character customization
Upgrade your hero, make cool equipment and weapons for him. Clothing isn’t only an appearance, but also an improvement in the character’s performance.

Craft tools & build home
Catch the floating debris and expand your raft to the size of a fortress. Make auxiliary tools that will speed up the process of obtaining resources.Raft Survival: Multiplayerhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JKA6JYOgi15nJuL-Ri9J3EaSV9mDt1TpIMMnhUZC9z-oCkAr4YKgf2dtLRAqTK5azw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Jm8bGLozXRSak3vY0qIlIScxtanbjn2cfuWGbFpqs3q_A2brf7mIH1oXG_1ueS5XTrlm=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vade.raftOnlineVADEVADESimulationSimulation17.0November 17, 20184.0 and up44.9 M4.1Rated for 7+10,000 – 20,000-fixed caps;
– fixed save;
– fixed stairs;
– Added new craft;
– Added a set of caps (glow at night);
– fixed translation of some items;
– added dancing;
– fixed a bug with character getting stuck54336159371373DOWNLOAD APK

Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.970-P2P Full Version

Download Free Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.970-P2P cracked released on 17 November 2018 | 10:33 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

Description: Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, & analyzing critical or large code bases. From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, Master your source code with Understand.

Basic Metrics
* Class Count
* File Count
* Function Count
* Line Count
* Blank Line Count
* Code Line Count
* Comment Line Count
* Inactive Line Count
* Declarative Statement Count
* Executable Statement Count
* Ratio Comment to Code

Advanced Metrics (Partial list)
* Cyclomatic Complexity
* Knots
* Class Coupling
* Percent Lack of Cohesion
* Path Count
* Max Inheritance
* Base Class Count
* Inherited Class Count
* Number of Instance Methods
* Weighted Methods per Class

Release Name: Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.970-P2P
Size: 70 MB
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Windows 7 SP1 AIO 11in2 Multilanguage VL (x86-x64) Preactivated November 2018-P2P Full Version

Download Free Windows 7 SP1 AIO 11in2 Multilanguage VL (x86-x64) Preactivated November 2018-P2P full crack released on 17 November 2018 | 10:17 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released Windows 7 SP1 AIO 11in2 Multilanguage VL (x86-x64) Preactivated November 2018. Enjoy! ;)

Description: What is Windows 7? Your PC, just easier. Windows 7 is easy, fast and charming. With new capabilities to find and manage files, like Jump Lists and improved previews from the taskbar, you can speed up your daily activities. Windows 7 is designed for faster and reliable performance so that your PC functions just as you want. With the 64-bit version, you can take advantage of the power of the latest generation of PC. In addition, exceptional features like HomeGroup, Windows Media Center and Windows Touch make the impossible possible.

Use of versions of other users due to reliable versions of the groups; however, after the adoption of the SOPA / PIPA laws in the House of Representatives, the groups that had until then been perfect copies And did not continue to do so without any manipulation of the updated windows; hence, other people became more serious in this segment, and now we are seeing the release of high-quality versions of Windows 7 (Windows 7).

This post is always the latest and best version of Windows 7. Whether the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are separate or all together on a DVD, and that the DVD volume is less than 4.3 GB or higher, and you have to use 8.5 GB or flash DVDs to burn and install in each The month will vary depending on the manufacturer and the versions.

Also, the version that comes with edits, namely Home or Pro or Enterprise or Ultimate, is also part of the version builder, and we always try to cover all of the user’s needs by providing the latest one or two versions.

From Windows 7, there are various upgrades available on the Internet, each with features. There are also various versions of the Windows 7 AIO (all in one), which include various edits in an image, which we also offer the best


  • Name ISO x86:Win_7_sp1_aio_vl_mu_edition_version_updated_November_2018_x86
  • Name ISO x64:Win_7_sp1_aio_vl_mu_edition_version_updated_November_2018_x64
  • Size x86:2,21 GB (2.381.183.592 byte)
  • Size x64:2,79 GB (3.005.792.872 byte)
  • SHA1 x86:b8e660d0ffed6f2c5021fd64db54303642f876c8
  • SHA1 x64:0113af7eb629152d150e3bd354d90c8c2ff6a219
  • Languages:English/Greek
  • Converted:install.wim<install.esd
  • Setup:Based on Windows 10 Boot.wim
  • Architectures: (x86-x64)
  • Updated:15/11/2018
  • NetFramework 4.7.2 integrated
  • Activation: Preactivated Windows Loader 2.2.1 ( need restart after first log in)
  • Note:If you install it in GPT mode the activation will not work the activation dosnt support GPT only MBR.

Included Editions:

  • Windows 7 Starter (x86 Only)
  • Windows 7 Home Basic (x86-x64)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (x86-x64)
  • Windows 7 Professional (x86-x64)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (x86-x64)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (x86-x64)

Drivers Integrated:

  • Alpine Ridge USB
  • AMD Chipset
  • Asmedia USB
  • Intel AHCI
  • Intel Chipset
  • Intel DPTF
  • Intel IO
  • Intel MEI
  • Intel NVMe
  • Intel USB
  • OCZ Toshiba NVMe
  • Plextor NVMe
  • Samsung NVMe


1)This is full Setup Windows 7 and support all usb 3.0
2)The Setup using windows 10 boot.wim setup For better support in Drivers
Warning:that maybe not work in some old pcs.
3)Recommended Uses Rufus tool for burning and not recommended burn it on DVD if you do it do it with your own risk.
4)About Windows loader That is only working on MBR mode and not in GPT ..
if you want you can use mbr for install your windows and do some search how change from MBR TO GPT online.

Release Name: windows-7-sp1-aio-11in2-multilanguage-vl-x86-x64-preactivated-november-2018-p2p
Size: 2.0 GB/2.6 GB
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Download x86: RAPIDGATOR / Part1Part2Part3 /
Download x86: USERSCLOUD / Part1 – Part2 – Part3 /

Download x64: RAPIDGATOR / Part1Part2Part3 /
Download x64: USERSCLOUD / Part1Part2Part3 /

Wild Beyond Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Wild Beyond released on 17 November 2018 | 9:14 pm and this Wild Beyond Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Recruit, train, and lead your squadron into battle and emerge as a legend!Wild Beyond is a fast-paced RTS-inspired PVP combat game with immersive 3D visuals. Choose a faction, assemble a deck, and battle other players in real-time. Made for RTS and CCG enthusiasts, Wild Beyond packs deep strategy into high-action, 3-minute matches.

The Beyond is a galaxy where fame and honor are earned through victory in battle. Put your explorer hat on and uncover the truth behind a galactic distress signal. One thing is guaranteed on this journey – you will encounter some strange and interesting personalities. Prepare yourself to either enlist them into your deck, or fight against them to assert your dominance.

Gather units and commanders from three unique factions with distinct fighting styles. Gear up and customize your team using faction-based skins to maximize your army’s potential!

A well-balanced and versatile deck will lead your team to victory. Optimize your deck to its commander’s strengths and dominate your battles!

Claim victory against your enemies! Rank up in PVP battles and unlock more powerful units along the way.

There is no timer to prevent you from battling other players. Adventure and progress at your own pace!

Work with friends to battle against unique bosses. Dominate the leaderboard with your impeccable teamwork!

Please note that Wild Beyond is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at https://strangesevens.com/tos/. Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at https://strangesevens.com/privacy-policy/.

Wild Beyond has weekly, monthly and yearly Elite Subscriptions that allow you to unlock content faster. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is cancelled in your Account Settings at least 24-hours before the end of the subscription period. Additionally, auto-renewals may be turned off in your Account Settings after purchase. Your Google Play Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription during the free trial period.Wild Beyondhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7JQbgX1CIsrwmYoLx8T3yaFz598WNuGpFp8X3B8gi_1iVIPWvP1CKA3JShGhRKHQIQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6JK6FQ08jISoEaMDwMcwjBd4v1xQ0OrXoeDigSFsRb1eWM7W-Y5JDEmYfivaTPvD_hkk=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.s7.android.icelandStrange.SevensStrange SevensStrategyStrategyVaries with deviceNovember 17, 2018Varies with deviceVaries with device0.0Rated for 12+"Welcome to Wild Beyond! Command your army on distant worlds and make allies and enemies along the way!&quothttps://www.youtube.com/embed/lRP40wf5NqA

DtSearch Desktop / Engine v7.92.8572-P2P Full Version

Download DtSearch Desktop / Engine v7.92.8572-P2P full version released on 17 November 2018 | 8:01 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released an updated version of “DtSearch”.

Description: DtSearch Desktop provides instant searching of desktop-accessible files. dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text because it builds a search index that stores the location of words in documents. Indexing is easy – simply select folders or entire drives to index and dtSearch does the rest. Once dtSearch has built an index, it can automatically update it using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection. Updating an index is even faster, since dtSearch will check each file, and only reindex files that have been added or changed.

The dtSearch indexer automatically recognizes and supports all popular file formats, and never alters original files. The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs.


  • A scrolling word list, for instant feedback as you type in a search.
  • A look-up word feature, detailing the effect of fuzzy, phonic, wildcard, stemming and thesaurus search options.
  • Browse and customize thesaurus options.
  • A field button, showing all indexed document fields.
  • A search history display.
  • Search reports, showing hits in retrieved documents, along with the requested amount of context.
  • Clipboard options, file launching, and other tools for working with retrieved data.
  • Exporting of search results in various data formats, for easy use with other programs.
  • Special forensic indexing and searching tools

DtSearch Engine Text Retrieval Engine lets developers quickly add dtSearch’s proven, “industrial-strength” text search and retrieval to applications. The dtSearch Engine is in use in hundreds of commercial applications. See Case Studies & 3rd Party Solutions for over a hundred developer case studies. Typical uses of the dtSearch Engine include: publishing and searching database-driven Web sites, incorporation into information management applications, searching of technical documentation, incorporation into forensics applications, email filtering usage, and incorporation into a broad range of vertical-market applications (legal, medical, financial, recruiting and staffing, etc.). The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs.


  • The dtSearch Engine provides developer access to indexed, unindexed, full-text and fielded data search options, including support for hundreds of international languages through Unicode
  • The dtSearch Engine also provides developer access to dtSearch’s integrated file parser and file format support
  • File format support includes dtSearch’s WYSIWYG hit highlighted search display of web-ready files
  • File format support includes proprietary built-in HTML converters for non-web-ready files (like OpenOffice and MS Office documents)
  • Developer file format support also works in connection with distributed or federated searching, including integrated relevancy ranking and hit-highlighted display of local and remote content
  • The dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET supports C++, Java and .NET
  • For example, the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET includes a choice of an ADO.NET API, a Java API, a C++ API and a COM API for indexing and searching SQL-type databases, along with associated BLOB data
  • The dtSearch Engine also supports search filters and other data classification options
  • A .NET Spider API makes the full dtSearch Spider functionality accessible to developers
  • The dtSearch Engine for Linux provides C++ and Java APIs to developers

Release Name: dtsearch-desktop-engine-v7-92-8572-p2p
Size: 53 MB/111 MB
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Black & Decker DIY Roofing-P2P Free Download

Black & Decker DIY Roofing-P2P Download released on 17 November 2018 | 7:43 pm and Read Black & Decker DIY Roofing-P2P Free by downloadapkgratis.com

Replacing the roof on your house is an achievable job that can be very rewarding: all you need is good information and a willingness to invest some sweat equity. BLACK+DECKER DIY Roofing gives you the information you need, from selecting and estimating roof coverings to tear-off, sheathing replacement, underlayment and water shield installation, roofing materials installation, and flashing.

While a contractor’s hardworking crew can replace an average asphalt shingle roof in a day or two, it will cost several thousand dollars. And your roof covering choices are rather limited. By doing the job yourself, you can pocket the savingsor even upgrade to an entirely new type of roof, like cedar shakes, standing seam metal, or fiber cement.

Black & Decker DIY Roofing-P2P
by Editors of Cool Springs Press
English | October 30th, 2018 | ISBN: 0760364494 | 128 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 101 MB/47 MB

RegInOut System Utilities v5.0.0.2-P2P Full Version

Download Free RegInOut System Utilities v5.0.0.2-P2P full version released on 17 November 2018 | 8:14 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released an updated version of “RegInOut System Utilities”.

Description: RegInOut ensures that no unwanted data is left in registry database that becomes the cause of errors, lags, freezes and slowdown in general performance. RegInOut comes with powerful performance boosting options such as Services Manager, Defrag and System Cleaner. Periodic use of these features keeps any machine in good health.

Speed Up Computer With System Utilities
RegInOut comes with powerful performance boosting features such as Services Manager, Defrag and System Cleaner. Periodic use of these features keeps any machine in good health and makes it faster for gaming, web browsing and general computing.

Repair Registry Issues
RegInOut ensures that no unwanted data is left in Windows Registry database.

Optimize Internet
RegInOut provides an automatic Internet Optimizing feature. It will make sure that the internet you get from your service provider comes to use at the maximum speed.

Optimize Internet Speed
RegInOut provides an automatic Internet Optimizing feature. It will make sure that you get high internet speed and stream videos online without buffering.

Boost Gaming Experience
For gamers, there is Game Boost feature which turns-off Windows services temporarily. It saves RAM and processing power. Computer users not looking to play games can also take advantage of this speed-boost feature.

Sweep Computer Junk
RegInOut is a Junk Cleaner. It provides this feature to ensure privacy to your activities along with boosting the performance of your system.

Additional Product Information
Reginout Software scans and works on these parts of Windows Operating Systems: Windows Registry, System Data (Temporary Files, Explorer MRUs, Run in Start Menu, Recycle Bin, Search Auto-complete, Recent Document), Browsing Data, Internet Settings, Computer Services, Windows Start and Uninstall Commands. Reginout does not alter the state of your system without your consent.

Release Name: reginout-system-utilities-v5-0-0-2-p2p
Size: 2.4 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi