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The Science of Extreme Weather [TTC Audio]-P2P Free Download

The Science of Extreme Weather [TTC Audio]-P2P Download released on 17 December 2018 | 6:29 pm and Read The Science of Extreme Weather [TTC Audio]-P2P Free by downloadapkgratis.com

Thanks to an ongoing revolution in the science of meteorology, we can now understand how extreme weather conditions arise, produce far more accurate forecasts, and know how to protect ourselves when dangerous conditions develop. The Science of Extreme Weather is your field guide to the worst that Earth’s atmosphere can inflict.

In 24 exciting, informative, and potentially life-saving half-hour lectures aimed at weather novices and amateur forecasters alike, you gain a surprisingly powerful tool in the face of such overwhelming forces: knowledge. Even as the population of the globe continues to increase, fewer and fewer people are dying from extreme weather. The credit goes to improved forecasting tools along with more accurate computer models that weigh the countless data points that represent the ever-changing atmosphere. As a result, it is rare for a severe weather event to catch meteorologists by surprise.

Guided by meteorologist, storm chaser, and award-winning teacher Eric R. Snodgrass, you learn the fundamental science that underlies blizzards, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, and more. You’ll come away with newfound appreciation and respect for weather’s most awe-inspiring phenomena.

The Science of Extreme Weather [TTC Audio]-P2P
English | December 5, 2018 | ASIN: B07K8YT4P9 | M4B@64 kbps | 12 hrs 55 mins | + PDF Guidebook | 358 MB
Lecturer: Eric R. Snodgrass

Dubsmash – Dance Video, Lip Sync & Meme Maker v4.4.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Dubsmash – Dance Video, Lip Sync & Meme Maker v4.4.0 released on 17 December 2018 | 7:06 pm and this Dubsmash – Dance Video, Lip Sync & Meme Maker v4.4.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis The world’s best Magic-Effects Video Maker & Community.Make lip sync videos, dance videos and memes with your favorite music, quotes and movies! Dubsmash is all new, better than ever and still has the world’s largest selection of quotes and sounds from your favorite movies, TV shows and songs!

Find movie quotes, create a lip sync Dub or meme, then share it with friends! Make a dance video to your favorite song or challenge your friends to a lip sync battle. Make a meme from clips from movies or TV shows you love and make the world laugh.

Watch videos from other Dubsmash creators from our feed of trending and featured videos. Get featured with your videos or share them with your friends. Download the NEW Dubsmash today and get #trending!


– Get dancing and make a video to your fav beats
– Lip sync to your favorite songs and quotes

– Find trending music for your videos
– Try a dance challenge or post your dance video
– Lip sync battle with your friends

– Find movie quotes from your favorite flicks
– Create videos with clips from the shows you love

– Dub over shows and movies
– Record and upload your sounds (coming soon!)

– Make videos and save them in your profile
– All your dubs in one place
– Share videos and memes over Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more!

– Create memes from your dubs and video clips
– Use the video editor to capture meme-worthy videos

– Featured videos are easy to find in our feed
– Trending music and videos – updated daily!
– Watch videos from fellow Dubsmash creators

Create a video, get dancing, lip sync, Dub and meme away with the new Dubsmash! Download now!Dubsmash – Dance Video, Lip Sync & Meme Makerhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Bk9BAfjx5g7KQs9Po4mjCAuB3o4duaEOH6_ggTzS0aejrS64iPyb_bi3sjEoStasGQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/HZJEMM7XlYCNRlNzhS2D61NJzLgU5fCrKDLmhQFTNUcOuw8SHwAKALavp7IFTPqEog=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilemotion.dubsmashDubsmash.IncDubsmash IncVideo Players-EditorsVideo Players-Editors4.4.0December 17, 20184.4 and up9.26M4.2Rated for 12+100,000,000 – 200,000,000– Tap on Home to check out the new Feed – watch the latest and greatest Dubs from other users!
– Plus Follow users to never miss a beat: get notified when they post, or find the latest in your Fee1,993,9841,296,611284,098159,99379,092174,190DOWNLOAD APK

Winstep Nexus Ultimate v18.12.1133 Multilingual-P2P Full Version

Download Winstep Nexus Ultimate v18.12.1133 Multilingual-P2P full crack released on 17 December 2018 | 6:40 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released latest version of the application “Winstep Nexus Ultimate”.

Description: Nexus will help you with super fast access to your most frequently used applications, with flexible options allowing it to dock or float anywhere on the screen, providing a myriad of “on demand” possibilities. From it’s generous use of situational sensitive context menus to it’s advanced Drag & Drop support, Nexus is not only easy to use – it’s a joy! Nexus Ultimate is an enhanced version of the free-to-use Nexus dock which is available stand-alone or as a component of Winstep Xtreme (a single easy-to-install package featuring all of Winstep’s popular desktop enhancement products for Windows).


  • Display running applications on the dock with task grouping, filtering and icon customization options.
  • Display system tray on the dock as single or grouped icons.
  • Blur-Behind and colorization of dock backgrounds.
  • Monitor active connections and bandwidth usage with Net Meter module.
  • Get weather forecast for over 39,000 cities world-wide.
  • Multiple mouse over effects: zoom, swing, bounce and more!
  • Live icon reflections and animated water-like effects for reflections and dock backgrounds.
  • Easily change appearence of icons of running programs and shortcuts by drag & dropping PNG, ICO and TIF files directly into the icon.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Compatible with skins for all 3rd party docks.
  • Multiple docks and ability to group shortcuts into nested sub-docks.
  • Duplicate, delete and disable/enable existing docks.
  • Categorize applications into user-defined tabs on the Shelf (Tabbed Dock).
  • Increase productivity by displaying the contents of folders, the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panel and more as tabs on the Shelf.
  • Reduce clutter by hidding Desktop icons and using the Desktop tab on the Shelf instead.
  • Display running tasks and system tray on the Shelf.
  • One click theme switch with special Themes tab on the Shelf.
  • Display modules (docklets) on the Shelf.
  • Re-arrange tabs in the Shelf by drag & drop.

Release Name: winstep-nexus-ultimate-v18-12-1133-multilingual-p2p
Size: 56 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release)-P2P Free Download

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release)-P2P Free Download released on 17 December 2018 | 6:47 pm and Reading Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release)-P2P Free by downloadapkgratis.com

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Dreamweaver CC (2019 release) choose Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2019 release) from the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks from Adobe Press. The 15 project-based step-by-step lessons in this book show users the key techniques for working in Dreamweaver while editing and creating HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Learn how to create webpages for the modern web; use and customize popular web frameworks to build webpages for a wide variety of desktop computers and mobile devices with a minimum of hand coding; incorporate graphics and text; add links to text and images; add interactive elements to your pages, such as HTML5-compatible interactivity; work with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code and structures; and publish a finished site to the web. A 16th lesson (online) provides valuable hands-on experience in writing and working with code using shorthand and various productivity enhancements. The online assets also include bonus exercises for HTML and CSS, essential to a full understanding of web design and website development. The online companion files include all the necessary assets for readers to complete the projects featured in each lesson as well as ebook updates when Adobe releases relevant new features for Creative Cloud customers. All buyers of the book get full access to the Web Edition: a Web-based version of the complete ebook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release)-P2P
English | December 12, 2018 | ASIN: B07L6NB965 | 464 pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3 | 39 MB/44 MB/49 MB

hi5 – meet, chat & flirt v9.8.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis hi5 – meet, chat & flirt v9.8.0 released on 17 December 2018 | 6:05 pm and this hi5 – meet, chat & flirt v9.8.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Watch LIVE Streams on Tagged????!
⚡The #1 App with Over 300Mil peeps⚡hi5 is the best place to date, chat, or meet new people!

-Find old friends or make new ones.
-Meet people by location, age, and more.

Download the hi5 app to:
-Make a quick connection with our dating game
-Chat with people nearby or around the world
-Play popular meeting game “Pets”

Sign up today!
Please note: We take your privacy very seriously. Your exact location and personal information will never be given without your permission. YOU decide if, when, and how you want to connect.
hi5’s Privacy Policy is located at: http://www.hi5.com/terms_of_service.html?#privacy_policyhi5 – meet, chat & flirthttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/HjR5Zko21KQ5bhNYh5DUwqm96W7rbmOIs7ZVp36O1UOYaRqHZUO9EZartIqA4dZXqqAJ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gP_ntyIyAfFI1Wq57ynB-YrB9hkOBHSkBKxwDrOuyg2YexTbLuITubQHMMJ0kkRcBOw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hi5.appIfwe.IncIfwe Inc.SocialSocial9.8.0December 17, 20184.1 and up77.95M4.1Rated for 18+5,000,000 – 10,000,000• Improvements for reliability
• New features and enhancement89,03751,48714,9479,8593,8818,863DOWNLOAD APK

Macrium Reflect Workstation / Server / Server Plus v7.2.3954 (x86/x64)-P2P Full Version

Free Download Macrium Reflect Workstation / Server / Server Plus v7.2.3954 (x86/x64)-P2P cracked released on 17 December 2018 | 3:54 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released the newest build of “Macrium Reflect”.

Description: Macrium Reflect – backup and recovery for individual PCs and servers. Reflect Workstation – Designed for endpoint backup of business-critical PCs and workstations. Peace of mind for organisations when backing up Windows PCs.

Solution highlights:

  • New Backup Engine: Incremental and differential images up to 60 times faster
  • Instant virtual booting of backup images: instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Ultra-fast Live imaging of windows systems, physical and virtual
  • Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy
  • Greatly simplified administration including pre-defined Backup Plans for popular backup strategies
  • Fully featured file and folder level backup and recovery
  • Updated support for all the latest Windows Operating Systems and disk formats

Macrium Reflect 7 Features:

  • Backup your entire PC to a single compressed image file.
  • Backup files and folders to a single compressed archive file.
  • Recover partitions and entire disk images with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • Dynamic disk support
  • MBR and GPT disk support
  • Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy

Release Name: macrium-reflect-workstation-server-server-plus-v7-2-3954-x86x64-p2p
Size: 307 MB/331 MB
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Winstep Xtreme v18.12.1373 Multilingual-P2P Full Version

Download Free Winstep Xtreme v18.12.1373 Multilingual-P2P full crack released on 17 December 2018 | 4:03 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released the updated version of “Winstep Xtreme”.

Description: Despite its popularity, Windows is not considered to be a perfect operating system so users all over the world do their best to come up with tweaks that would improve its appearance or its functions. For example, if you want to beautify your desktop, you can install a theme or you can try Winstep Xtreme, a third-party app that offers you an alternative to the traditional desktop experience. An integrated workspace environment, Winstep Xtreme is a powerful suite of desktop enhancement utilities that merge incredible usability and performance with breathtaking eye candy.


  • The complete change in appearance with themes
  • Adding new panels, widgets and gadgets on the desktop
  • Built-in utility for organizing and cleaning” Start “menu
  • Unlimited flexibility and expansion of space on your desktop
  • Reduce clutter on your desktop
  • Full support for multiple monitors
  • Allows you to drag and drop icons in Explorer bar facilities Winstep
  • Support for PNG, TIFF, and ICO files for icon panels
  • The ability to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Multilingual interface with support for Russian language

Release Name: winstep-xtreme-v18-12-1373-multilingual-p2p
Size: 67 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


QR Scanner – Customized Codes & Code Generation Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis QR Scanner – Customized Codes & Code Generation released on 17 December 2018 | 5:02 pm and this QR Scanner – Customized Codes & Code Generation Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com BuyQR Scanner is the fastest and safest code scanner you have ever installed

It provides 100+ codes scanning and generates customized codes with text, wifi, contacts, telephone, email, SMS and social network including Facebook, Whatsapp and son on

Must-have Reasons
#1 Support more than 100+ codes including EQS, QRCode Data Matrix, Quick Code, EAN8, Code39, Code128 and so on
#2 Scan fast and accurately with just one second
#3 Support social network codes including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify
#4 Provide kinds of customized codes that make you different from others

ads may appear in our app and hope you can understand or get a premium versionQR Scanner – Customized Codes & Code Generationhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CGF_GXPQfu0bMcoZpIxBsNUh1-V4HKMvk_n1Ac-5rEZq4b6_xYYR6mOOLfrfdGGdaM3c=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VSr0CC09QWmPk0ntJIL1CasJfQO_tFhOEYv_vNAyPx2FnPdbzfij2nfGt6dBAFyEFg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qrscanner.qrgeneration.qrreaderFuntechnologyFuntechnologyPersonalizationPersonalization2.1December 17, 20184.4 and up7.34M4.5class=”htlgb”>

Rated for 3+50,000 – 100,000No recent changes4783734116741DOWNLOAD APK

NCH PhotoPad Image Editor Professional v4.20 Beta-P2P Full Version

Download Free NCH PhotoPad Image Editor Professional v4.20 Beta-P2P full version released on 17 December 2018 | 4:20 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released an updated version of “NCH PhotoPad Image Editor Professional”.

Description: Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want to edit your personal photos, PhotoPad offers the powerful tools and features you need to improve your digital images.


  • Crop, rotate, resize and flip pictures
  • Touch up photos to remove red-eye and blemishes
  • Apply photo effects, including oil paint, cartoon, vignette, sepia and many more
  • Improve photo quality and focus with blur, sharpening and noise reduction tools
  • Adjust image color/hue, saturation, brightness and contrast
  • Create collages and photo mosaics with your photographs
  • Photo stitching to make your own panorama images
  • Load jpg, gif, png and other popular image formats
  • Add text and captions to photos
  • Insert clipart from the included clipart library
  • Add frames and borders around your photographs
  • Change the aspect ratio of an image without distorting key features using the liquid resize effect
  • Non-destructive editing allows easy modifications of individual photo effects on the layers list
  • Upload edited pictures directly to Facebook or Flickr

Release Name: nch-photopad-image-editor-professional-v4-20-beta-p2p
Size: 6 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


HyperSnap v8.16.08-P2P + Portable Full Version

Free Download HyperSnap v8.16.08-P2P + Portable full crack released on 17 December 2018 | 4:28 pm by downloadapkgratis.com for windows PC.

P2P group has released the updated version of “HyperSnap”. It is a software tool that provides you with several methods when it comes to taking snapshots, editing images and saving results to the hard drive.

Description: HyperSnap is the fastest and easiest way to take screen captures from Windows screen, and text capture (TextSnap™) from places where normal text copy is not possible. HyperSnap combines the power of a first-class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility – wrapped into one easy-to-use tool! It’s perfect for capturing images that you want to include in your Help system, online tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presentations, marketing materials, Web pages, emails and more. Use HyperSnap to quickly share a picture-perfect representation of anything on your screen. HyperSnap is versatile and extremely easy-to-use. You can quickly customize menus and toolbars to fit your needs. Assign your own keyboard shortcuts, create instant toolbars, and even control HyperSnap with voice commands!


  • TextSnap feature to capture editable text from almost anywhere on the screen. Can also capture tab-delimited data for easy paste into MS Excel.
  • New & powerful image capture, editing, annotation and manipulation tools.
  • Snags also those difficult-to-grab screens from DirectX and Glide games.
  • Image stamps, frames, drop shadow, free-hand capture, FTP server uploads, more!
  • Automatic color substitution!
  • Non-rectangular window capture!
  • Button Capture – perfect for professional technical writers who need to snap and document dozens of buttons!
  • Auto-scrolls and concurrently captures long web pages and other. documents, enabling it to grab more than is visible on the screen.

Release Name: hypersnap-v8-16-08-p2p-portable
Size: 25 MB/23 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi