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QPython – Python for Android v2.4.7 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis QPython – Python for Android v2.4.7 released on 18 March 2019 | 6:13 pm and this QPython – Python for Android v2.4.7 Android by Downloadapkgratis QPython is a script engine that runs Python on android devices.QPython is a program engine that runs Python script on your Android devices.
It contains the Python interpreter, editor, QPYPI, QRCode reader and some amazing features for Android.

It’s literally the most awesome Python on Android.

Newest version is 2.4.0, it contains the following amazing features.

[[ Main Features ]]

– Offline Python 2.7.15 / 3.6 interpreter all in one: no Internet is required to run Python programs
– An built-in awesome Python IDE
– Pip package manager and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages like enhanced scientific libraries
– Powerful QRCode scan can read program / link / notebook link from QRCode
– Built-in Notebook plug-in, which easily allows you to open the jupyter notebook documentation

[[ Programming & Packages ]]

With the features below, you can easily develop your apps:

– Built-in SL4A library, allowing your Android device to easily function (One of QPython’s powerful features)
– Built-in pygame library for android SDL2, allowing you to develop game on android easily
– Built-in bottle web framework, allowing you to develop WebApps quickly

In addition, QPython supports the following libraries :

– Django / Flask / Tornado …
– Numpy / Scipy …
– Lots of libraries installed along with the QPYPI client.

[[ Terminal’s features ]]

– When you long click on the dashboard’s terminal icon, you can start the system terminal shell or Python terminal
– You can use the quick key at the bottom of the terminal.
– Change terminal’s behavior or font size from the editor’s setting

[[ IDE’s featres ]]

– Code auto-indentation & Syntax highlighting
– Extended keyboard bar with all the essential symbols you need to program in Python
– Multiple themes
– Enhanced code navigation with interactive assignment/definition go-tos
– One click share with GIST.


– To enable programming with some of Android’s features, QPython requires the following permissions: Bluetooth, GPS, and others,etc.
It doesn’t require some permissions like access user account, access phone’s status, meaning you cannot use some SL4A APIs.
– If you are using an older version with Android <= 5.0 and QPython doesn’t work with your device, maybe you need to enable the python2 compatible core from the QPython setting.

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This software uses code of Android Terminal Emulator licensed under the APACHE2 LICENSE.

Parts of the source could be found on https://github.com/qpython-android.


If you can’t install or use the latest version, please install the legacy version from https://github.com/qpython-android/qpython/releasesQPython – Python for Androidhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/E2sU2Mca-geyscWogW2ZsQC3dY1Y46a3HU35NoHv0AIBvCgQn_ZRZ2MOeA5tg3YkWg=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/DkBfZ_ROZvyFmMWDOEC2KVz1isRKf4iZ-9USLmpzHlWY_ZZAGc6HU26z1p9Ke6XZFKU=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.qpython.qpyQPythonLabQPythonLabEducationEducation2.4.7March 17, 20194.0 and up21.86M4.3Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000What’s NEW in v2.4.7

– Fixed: Force close bug for android 9
Terminal force close
QPYPI is blank

– Add android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission

Why we require android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO in this update?

Like other permissions, QPython support SL4A api which will let you to program with android’s special feature like location, blueteeh, nfc, record audio ….
If you want to enable it, please enable from system’s qpython setting, or you can keep it disabled by default3,1192,045462236121255DOWNLOAD APK