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Multi Level Car Parking 6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Multi Level Car Parking 6 released on 14 September 2018 | 8:08 pm and this Multi Level Car Parking 6 Android by Downloadapkgratis 13 unique vehicles and a cool gas station! 60 missions!Get in the driving seat of a massive fleet of different Cars, Trucks and Pickups in 50 increasingly difficult Parking Missions at the Multi-Level Shopping Mall! Featuring 10 Supercars, Delivery vans, Tow Truck, Garbage Truck, Sedans, Family Cars and 4×4 Pickups. Can you complete all the of the tests without crashing?

▶ DISCOVER REALISTIC SHOPPING MALL – drive and park around authentically looking shopping environment
▶ NAVIGATE MULTI-LEVEL PARKING LOTS – find your way around a complex, busy area!
▶ CHOOSE FROM A VARIETY OF VEHICLES – awesome Cars, Trucks & Pickups to Park
▶ COMPLETE 50 ENGAGING MISSIONS – multiple precision Parking & Driving Challenges
▶ DRIVE AMONGST REAL TRAFFIC – pay attention to other cars!

Multi Level Car Parking 6 is the latest instalment in the highly popular car driving game series. Prove your parking and handling skills in a variety of increasingly complex missions. Explore the realistic and busy shoping mall enviroment in one of 10 amazing, varied cars. Learn to drive and park all of them with precision and style!

Drive around the detailed store complex, with real moving traffic to mingle with – all fighting to get in and out of their parking spaces. There are multiple floors to explore, with a variety of indoor and outdoor parking areas and Missions. With all this you won’t get bored of driving around this inviting area quickly.

Navigate tight turns, reversing, junctions, slaloms, parked cars, barriers, ramps and jumps to find your parking spot in 50 varied missions. Are your parking skills up to snuff? Can you park perfectly on every task? Show your driving prowess and prove yourself as a master car driver, able to find your way even in the most extreme situations.

The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to Play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes that alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through In-App Purchases.Multi Level Car Parking 6https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/9o9yfB2_V1XNFLYEKaGLev7S0irNkqaLuMua4l2v_867ikZRv3IbUaToT2imtwkBnepd=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/RTJGzF1_nl6tPcJqzBmxEa1LjBU_ucSJiG-fgGu4H5UQt4PsK5IE7plUgJSKh6OouirK=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playwithgames.MultilevelParking6Play.With.GamesPlay With GamesRacingRacing1.1September 13, 20184.1 and up75.9 M4.5Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000We’ve updated our privacy policy in accordance to the recent law changes. The game is now fully GDPR compliant. More information available in the app1,335991153891785DOWNLOAD APK