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Figure8 – Kids. Rides. Sorted! v1.5.2 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Figure8 – Kids. Rides. Sorted! v1.5.2 released on 20 May 2019 | 6:42 am and this Figure8 – Kids. Rides. Sorted! v1.5.2 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Helping parents reduce the load of driving their kids to school and activities★★ Kids carpools are no longer a hassle ★★
Everything you need to manage your kids’ rides in one app. Figure8 helps parents work together to reduce the load of driving kids around.

Figure8 – Kids carpool. Easy. Shared. In Control…

Collaborate with Other Parents Arrange carpools with parents you trust and share the load of driving kids to routine activities; Determine who is driving the kids to and from an activity; Change passengers, pick-up/drop-off locations and timing; Chat in-context with the group of parents involved.

Get Real-time Updates As a parent you get a notification when a carpool driver stopped by your house to drop off your kid; Track the ride progress using a visual status bar. Everything you need at a glance; Communicate with fellow parents in the carpool.

Your Personal Driver Assistant As a driver you get a personal assistant that handles the chatter for you, so you can focus on driving; Get personalized reminder, optimal route plan, kids addresses and more; Automatically update other parents on pickups, drop-offs, and other events; Driver Assistant understands your context and does all the work for you

Communicate in Context All parents in the carpool in one chat; Get all the updates, alerts and notifications in one place which is automatically created around each kids activity; Simple to use and updates instantly;

Join our community
If you find yourself spending hours in the car driving your kids around every day… If you are passionate about helping other parents in your community share the load of driving the kids by carpooling more… If you would like to be part of a larger community of like-minded parents looking to make the world a better place… Join now! and become a champion

With kids transportation costs skyrocketing .. there is only one sustainable option – carpooling. WIth Figure8, arranging and managing kids carpools is no longer a hassle. If you would like to help parents in your community save time and money on getting their kids to and from school and afternoon activities — Join us now! And be part of Figure8 teachers community. Together we will transform kids transportation, make it affordable and safe …

Figure8 – Kids. Rides. Sorted!
Made by parents for parentsFigure8 – Kids. Rides. Sorted!https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fsyVc3OymSqVeunWhdyZo-RcUl_3Coe1gGAjS3QDMm91n3saneIbfQbXTj1VdXICQA=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Wmlbh98HO575qNpw1V8zR9qRbn3vG_rjMUd9hKvG9tESgChd-wXS90egFrL9udrnzw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.filios.figure8Filios.IncFilios Inc.ParentingParenting1.5.2May 19, 20194.4 and up25.56M4.5Rated for 3+1,000 – 2,000— Skip a ride —
Now you can easily skip a ride in just a few taps. You can skip a ride TO or FROM an activity, on a single day or on recurring days.

— Cancel a ride —
Practice is cancelled? A holiday is coming up? Now you have the ability to cancel carpool rides on specific days.

— We’d love to hear from you –
We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then email us at feedback@f8.ai.

If you’re enjoying the app, please leave us a rating and a review.1081001DOWNLOAD APK

Bosco – Family Safety & Locator v64.14 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Bosco – Family Safety & Locator v64.14 released on 8 April 2019 | 5:42 am and this Bosco – Family Safety & Locator v64.14 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com The smartest parental control app for Android. Get alerts right when it matters.Bosco monitors your kids’ activity, detects potential threats and sends alerts when your attention is needed.
With Bosco you get: Location tracking • Offensive text messages • Inappropriate content • Unknown callers • Mood detection • Social media followers • Battery level • Home and school check-in/check-out

• The intelligent family safety app that predicts threats to children and alerts parents in real-time.

Bosco is more than just another parental control app. Bosco is built on an innovative artificial intelligence platform that tracks unusual events or threats and sends notifications right when they actually matter.
Bosco combines advanced machine learning and algorithms based on intense child psychology and cyberbullying research and in-depth analysis of the data collected.

• Know if your children are the victims of cyberbullying

The lack of parental supervision and guidance has left the cyberbullying phenomena to grow unchecked, and our kids are left to cope with it alone on a daily basis.
Bosco detects any signs that may indicate that your children are being harassed or cyberbullied. We’ll only notify you if and when there are potential threats, all without sharing your child’s personal data.

• Be Notified If Your Child Sends or Receives Offensive Pictures or Messages

Know right when your child is exposed to offensive or inappropriate pictures or messages. Bosco analyzes your child’s pictures and messages and will alert you if we detect anything suspicious, threatening, or inappropriate.

• Stay Attuned to Your Child’s Moods

Bosco is the only parenting application that detects your child’s mood. Our advanced technology analyzes the tone of your child’s phone calls and immediately lets you know if something sounds wrong.
Note that Bosco does not record phone calls.

Get started with Bosco in just 4 easy steps:

1) Install the Bosco App on your device and sign up.

2) Add your child and provide their details. Then, send a download link and install the Bosco App on your child’s device.

3) Confirm the parent request on your child’s device and establish the connection between the parent and child.

4) Great, you’re ready to start using Bosco! You’ll start getting alerts and you’ll be able to keep up with your kids’ activities.

Child Privacy

Bosco does not invade kids’ privacy – we make sure that children feel both secure and independent. Bosco updates parents without displaying personal data collected from the kids’ devices. All data collected by Bosco is uniquely encrypted. Once the data is analyzed, it’s deleted from the system. Bosco also works with third parties, helping them build better services for kids by sharing anonymous user data.

Bosco is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian and Hebrew.

Visit us at www.boscoapp.com or contact us at support@boscoapp.com


This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

To properly monitor, Bosco uses Accessibility services.
Accessibility activation is needed to provide safety and supervision to children’s mobile content.
By using Accessibility, Bosco helps kids with disabilities use their Android phones safely and avoid the risks smartphones hold.
When accessibility is turned on in your child’s device, Bosco will be able to monitor app activity and content shown on your child’s screen.

Note – We never monitor parents’ devices!Bosco – Family Safety & Locatorhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Bslk1vhWjjKUz7JE6TweWo24X7gHAgFHNJjM2CN1YAu0j2eyM_Pk_r2GFpQaI0Pm4YSa=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6TN_s3RGb5oZpyRueqLn7-iHRo2NxLobNTnhD52ab2uBaL-bTdBjczwo0vSlY07jCeFWG0o2sY42SnHSHIXY4p8=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bosco.boscoAppAlerteenzAlerteenzParentingParenting64.14April 7, 20195.0 and up16.88M3.9Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000Improvements and bug fixe92949315712640113DOWNLOAD APK

Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare App v3.0.3.18 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare App v3.0.3.18 released on 17 July 2018 | 11:54 am and this Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare App v3.0.3.18 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Free Pregnancy Tips, Babycare & Parenting Tips, Pregnancy Week by Week, RemediesHealofy is for Indian Babies, Moms & Pregnant Moms. From pregnancy week by week tracker, pregnancy calendar to breastfeeding, pregnancy tips, baby tips & baby care tips to parenting tips, baby health to baby names, kick counter to baby growth, pregnancy milestones to baby milestones, bump or baby bump to baby growth tracker, baby vaccination reminder and baby vaccination chart to baby food recipes, contraction timer to potty training, ultrasound pics, baby nutrition to baby sleep, pregnancy yoga to peekaboo to baby lullaby songs or baby songs like Nani Teri Morni and more. It’s a complete BabyCenter for your baby.


1. Daily Corner

Learn from over 450+ Pregnancy, baby care and parenting topics which are based on your pregnancy month or baby month, baby health through reading the pregnancy tips and tricks. No need to read the lengthy articles.

TOPICS– Baby Shower, Hospital Bag, Pregnancy, Post Delivery Menstruation Cycle, Stem Cell Banking, Stitches Care, Pre-Mature Baby, Stretch Marks, Baby Hygiene, baby health, Baby Shopping like baby toys, teething items and other baby products (from Firstcry and other baby shopping websites), Baby diapers (clothes diapers & regular diapers), Baby Yoga, Pregnancy Vaccinations, Travelling in Pregnancy, Food chart For Babies (Baby Solid Foods), Baby Feeding Guide, Hair Fall in Pregnancy, Postpartum Hair Fall, baby vaccination tracker, Baby Bathing, Postpartum Depression, Baby Massage, Formula Feeding, To Dos for Normal Delivery, Morning Sickness, Gestational Diabetes, Baby Colic, Labour & Delivery, Baby Cough & Baby Teething, Postnatal Yoga, Increase Breast Milk, Baby Growth, baby care, Pregnancy fitness, Pregnancy nutrition, Pregnancy tips, Baby Cry, Belly Fat Reduction, Baby Fun Activities and Baby games, Food Craving, Post Delivery Healing, Do’s & Don’ts in Pregnancy.

These Topics are divided into Home Remedies, Daadi Maa Ke Nushke, BabyCenter, Doctor’s Say, DO’s and DONT’s in Pregnancy and Parenting

2. Birth Club Topic wise Chat with Experts (Pediatricians and Gynecologists) for FREE

Discuss all your doubts regarding pregnancy, babycare & parenting on baby kicks, pregnancy exercise, formula milk, baby weight, fetal development, newborn, parenting, baby tips, pregnancy tips, pregnancy tracker, baby health, baby tracker and more with the experts according to the month of the due date or baby’s birth date.

3. Daily Tip- My Pregnancy & Baby Today

Under ‘Tip for Today’- Get daily pregnancy tips, baby care tip and parenting tips. Also, get weekly tips to learn about baby’s height, baby’s weight, baby’s size, baby health. It’s a complete BabyCenter for your baby

4. Q/A Community

Ask your pregnancy questions or parenting questions to other experts anonymously for FREE and get answers within 30 minutes.

5. Baby Names:

Indian Baby Names | Baby Boy Names | Baby Girl Names | Hindu Baby Names | Marathi Baby Names | Gujarati Baby Names | Bengali Baby Names | Kannada Baby Names | Tamil Baby Names | Malayalam Baby Names | Muslim Baby Names | Christian Baby Names | Sikh Baby Names | Punjabi Baby Names

6. Pregnancy & Baby Songs

Get baby lullabies like Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye song) and other interesting baby tunes, baby jingles, baby rhymes.

7. 24/7 offline access to the app even when you don’t have internet connectivity.

Now, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a mail at hi@healofy.com

Like us on Facebook at https://www.fb.com/healofy
Join our Facebook Group (This is only for moms & expecting moms) at https://www.fb.com/groups/pregnancy2parenting

Download the App Now!Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare Apphttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nom-FuQXi1vZjOEVIH08KDr6khUQg1b6h5DMpqaeVsYt18dgKOP9HLr_NLfue1yT4Gw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7yhlCeT0LkDltfnwMENPnjRflBb6FLQCvygEwmQD98udKtxoHGIC7X3qs6KUg4odRw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivoiz.healofy.patientHealofy.-.Parenting.Baby.care.amp;.Pregnancy.Tips.AppHealofy – Parenting Baby care & Pregnancy Tips AppParentingParenting3.0.3.18July 15, 20184.1 and up11.9 M4.7Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000– Experience the Brand New Healofy Update with new UI & Logo
– Choose from Over 450+ Topics For You and Your Baby
– Enjoy the Baby Game
– Live Doctor Consultation
– Now Get Expert Answers for FREE in just 30 Minutes
– Learn dadi ke nuskhe, tips and home remedies made by experts
– Week by Week Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Names & Baby Food Recipes
– Listen Offline pregnancy & baby brain development songs FREE
– Now CHAT with other moms in your birth club & region
– Daily Tips for You & Your Bab7,8146,2141,3241553586DOWNLOAD APK

Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online v4.3.1-arm Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online v4.3.1-arm released on 16 July 2018 | 11:24 am and this Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online v4.3.1-arm Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com History of locations,record of sound near the kid’s phone, support for gps-watchFamily GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc is the smartphone app that helps to track your child’s movements every day, and helps the family keep each other informed of their locations. With Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc you can see on the map where your child and the rest of your family are.

Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc is a hybrid self-learning system that prevents false alerts in places where GPS is not available.

✓ Accuracy in tracking
✓ No chaotic movements of markers on the map
✓ Low energy consumption
✓ Minimum radius of safety zones
✓ Without registration

Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc allows determining the location of a child and family members with a maximum accuracy to track their safety.

✓ Track movements of your child and family members
✓ Exchange messages with family members in your own chat
✓ Track safety of family members and receive real-time notifications
✓ Be aware of entering and leaving safety zones by family members
✓ Receive notifications of low battery voltage of your family members smartphones
✓ Call your child back home by one touch
✓ Call your relatives not quitting the app
✓ Statistics movement of family members
✓ Create a route to the location of your family members with the help of the navigation system
✓ Install a child mode on your child’s smartphone
✓ Connect the web version and watch the family directly from the computer
[NEW] – Baby Monitor. Now you can listen to what is happening around the child in secret from him. For example, to find out what your nanny is doing at home or how the teacher talks to your child at school. And maybe you have suspicions that your child is involved a bad company? The best way to find out about this, just does not exist! You can also answer the child through the speakerphone, if necessary.
✓ Ability to turn off silent mode for a family member when calling from an application
[NEW] – Walkie Talkie Turn your phone into a walkie talkie! The new function works like a regular walkie talkie, but via the Internet. Conversations with the help of a walkie talkie are fascinating and almost as fast as real communication.

All you need is an Android smartphone with the installed Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc app.

Who uses the Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc app WiFe?
Parents whose children aged 5—17 walk in the city streets to a kindergarten, school, visit relatives, walk with friends and family members every day.

For proper work of theFamily GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc app you should activate:
✓ Internet connection
✓ Location Services (GPS)
✓ Wi-Fi Scan

The Internet is required for transmitting location data and receiving notifications.

Important! All family members should be aware of the installed and launched Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc by GeoLoc app on the device and they should agree to be tracked.

Tip! We recommend you to disable notifications on your child’s smartphone to avoid distraction in school.

The app consumes battery energy in an economical way so it can be used all day long, nevertheless, like any applications of GPS, the battery life decreases a little bit.

In future:
✓ Statistics of using other applications in time, both in and outside the zones
✓ Ability to automatically turn on and off the silent mode of the smartphone in zones
✓ Google Home support

Your reviews are very important for us!
Please send your offers upon possible improvements and new functions to a@kid.gl
Your cooperation will be appreciated,
Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc team.Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Onlinehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pLTfW3hLkaMVEULognpMoJCwPI-D1VTP5fDp8y02zM36q3m3EKhk-IPmqGqQWH-kwIg=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_HZKbidAadFXdpU0UTHAyW0DpabaNyTuzUxp_mUfgVzr2kTdjAj1JcbQ3tjag7P-Uvw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gl.kid.alertGeoLocGeoLocParentingParenting4.3.1-armJuly 14, 20184.2 and up18.2 M4.4Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000Thanks for using GeoLoc! We’re always making changes and improvements behind the scenes to ensure that you do not miss anything, please keep your updates turned on.
– Bug fixes and performance improvement8,4796,0461,236403234560DOWNLOAD APK

Family Album Mitene: Private Photo & Video Sharing v6.3.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Family Album Mitene: Private Photo & Video Sharing v6.3.0 released on 1 June 2018 | 8:48 am and this Family Album Mitene: Private Photo & Video Sharing v6.3.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis Enjoy private sharing of your child’s photo and video album with your family!A simple and safe interactive album to keep families connected with the kids.

7 Notable Elements of Family Album Mitene

Upload your child’s photos and videos at high speed, with no fees or storage limits. Share your child’s every day with your family in real-time.

Only family members you invite can see your album. Add comments to explain photos, get your child’s thoughts, and see responses from grandparents, making the memories even fonder. Check Visits to learn if your family has seen your photos.

See and experience a different month with every page you swipe. From recent adventures to newborn days, you can enjoy looking back on your child’s whole life as your diary! Photos are, of course, automatically organized by date.

Share lots of photos at once with the push of a button! Grandpa, Grandma, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles can all see them from the app or from their browser, even on their computer. You can also set photos so only you and your partner can see them.

If you upload 20 or more videos, you’ll receive a video compilation of 1 second clips following your baby’s earliest days leading to the present. You’ll feel moved when you see how your baby has grown.

"I want to make a photobook and scrapbook for baby milestones or journals, but I never have the time." We know how busy moms and dads can be, so we want to help! Using last month’s precious memories, Mitene automatically creates and suggests photo books for you. You can also edit them or create your own!

Even if you lose your smart device, you can still recover your priceless photos from Mitene. It’s safe and secure, even when life happens. Running low on space? Any photos and videos you’ve saved on Mitene can be safely removed from your device, while still having them available at your fingertips.

We recommend Family Album Mitene if you want to:
-Share pics and videos of your children in real-time
-Know what’s going on during your child’s day, even when you can’t be there
-Smile and think about your child while you’re at work
-Share the joy of your children with their grandparents
-Remember how it felt when you were raising your kids
-Save pictures and videos from pregnancy
-Easily store and organize photos from you and your partner in one place
-Record memories of your child’s every day with ease, from birth to infancy and beyond
-Create your own private way to share photos and videos with family and close friends
-Write and comment on videos and pictures of your children
-Beautifully organize and share memories of your child with a calendar album

Find even greater joy with your kids! Reviews and blogs are celebrating Family Album Mitene. It’s a great app for families with children.

-Android 4.1 or later

Feel free to contact us at support@mitene.us for any inquiries, opinions, and suggestions.
Also, please visit our website at https://mitene.us/en for further information.

Typo Reference
mitne, mytene, myteen, みてねFamily Album Mitene: Private Photo & Video Sharinghttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iyrN-f2V0PwS2_64z7kxGn749p81zWMPR9U5GftGO8dZEsCyoh7VgDMvFexQO8VgAv2a=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/t4sJxf54jZJfxVgfBjG3MhPZIGapn_Xl2EJQo_B_m6jVCRGSOg0_hJ6sc3i0dg4_Z2ki=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.mitenemixi.Incmixi Inc.ParentingParenting6.3.0May 30, 20184.2 and up48.62 M4.7Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000Thank you for using Mitene!

– Enable to copy the comment on the photo/video by tap and hold
– Fixed minor issues

We hope you can enjoy using Mitene with your family even more31,34422,7327,649747110106DOWNLOAD APK

Find My Kids – GPS Tracker v16.2.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Find My Kids – GPS Tracker v16.2.0 released on 21 May 2018 | 6:05 pm and this Find My Kids – GPS Tracker v16.2.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis Find My Kids – Know where your kids are and connect instantlyFind My Kids tracks lost or wandering children quickly and easily. A few of the benefits of owning this free app are:

-Automatically receive place alerts when your child returns home or arrives at school
-Easily keep track of your family members without having to constantly ask where they are
-Having phone battery levels monitored, so you know whether their phone is dead or they just aren’t responding

Find My Kids contains a superior phone and uses state-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to track your children. It is the essential app for anyone who has experienced the stress and worry associated with a lost child.

Lost Kid Found, With Find My Kids

Find My Kids makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a missing child whether it’s your child or someone else’s. Better still, the app’s navigational assistance can guide you to them, making lost kid retrieval quick and easy. To track kids, Find My Kids uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobile device’s distance from cell phone towers. Find My Kids secures this data from cell phone companies and displays the phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map. From there, it’s easy fro you to retrieve the child’s location.

Find My Kids Offers Real Time Location Data

Plan your next family gathering with this family tracker and end multiple texts to learn everyone’s arrival time. Kid Tracker can alert you when family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS tracking technology, kid tracker can also advise if someone is running late.

Battery Tracking of all Circle members

Find My Kids has smart battery consumption, and lets you see how your child is charging his or her phone. You can also get alerts when the phone battery is low, so you can send reminders to your children to charge their phones. Find My Kids also lets you see how the battery is being used, so you know how quickly it is reaching empty.

GPS Tracking to find Kids, Friends and Family

Find My Kids’ GPS tracking app uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Find My Kids app on your phone and your kids’ phones. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the GPS tracking navigational map so you’ll know exactly where each family member is at all times. No need to send annoying “Where are you?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, Find My Kids puts this information at your fingertips. And to make life super easy, we send you GPS tracking alerts the moment your kids arrive at the appointed location!

Reliable Kid Tracker
The Find My Kids app is a very reliable Kid Tracker. It can pinpoint the location of registered mobile devices, smart phones and even old school feature phones via the app’s website, 24/7. Our GPS Phone Tracker lets you locate Android Phones and iPhones. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is invite your family members or friends and you can start tracking them on your phone.

Innovative and Versatile Kid Tracker

Do you constantly wonder or worry where your children are? Find My Kids can help. Its state-of-the-art GPS system can keep tabs on registered phone, using satellites to triangulate the exact location of every phone registered to your account. If a phone is ever out of satellite view, Find My Kids uses triangulation via the nearest cell phone tower and the cell phone carrier’s data to determine your child’s location. This versatile kid locator also offers printer-friendly directions to your child’s location. Find My Kids is compatible with Androids, whether you have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or another phone carrier.Find My Kids – GPS Trackerhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/B2N7IrE4VfXn_wVvKWO7G1tWDrNrdnYyQuFP3kM-carIZkM8OzR0YVRyWcPy5fgGJ-0=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CTJP5MiYnAzmkxY9JYKLnki7q1QN1zOwqExSA0EYim1Y_112K0Go7aCX5IQXX6F0o_4=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsp.android.gFamily.Safety.ProductionFamily Safety ProductionParentingParenting16.2.0May 18, 20184.4 and up45.85 M4.4Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000No recent changes14,1078,7663,391937296717DOWNLOAD APK

Orcas v2.5 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Orcas v2.5 released on 8 May 2018 | 11:45 am and this Orcas v2.5 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Find trusted and experienced Tutors, babysitters and language instructors nearbyFind trusted and experienced Tutors, babysitters and language instructors nearby. You can choose between three services and search based on your location of preference and your children’s educational background.
Our team of trusted tutors and babysitters are background checked, highly trained and experienced.
Parents in Egypt can now rely on Orcas and choose from a team of +1000 trusted tutors and babysitters.

Our experienced tutors cover all subjects taught at private and international schools in Egypt
Our top rated tutors cover the German, French, British, American and National systems
Our fluent Language Instructors cover German, French, English, Arabic and Spanish
Our trusted babysitters can handle babies, toddlers and children at any age
Our reliable babysitters are trained to handle different child personalities and emergency situationsOrcashttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/liOVubEoL-cmrAuVNhQxA2LMqJ0zsSMBvd9CFb_uyhcw5Ges8NncaqtNIOh7SgskLeQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/kFW1bryQWQouoHAgv8htkALCpHow_Njzlb5Hjrb5ajSPBHde3ln_hntVn-nU5pXK58Po=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orcas.orcasusersOrcasOrcasParentingParenting2.5May 6, 20184.2 and up30.27 M4.4Rated for 3+1,000 – 2,000bugs fixin23180311https://www.youtube.com/embed/bqoE0rYH9WcDOWNLOAD APK

Baby Tracker – Feed, Nappy Log Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Baby Tracker – Feed, Nappy Log released on 12 March 2018 | 11:17 am and this Baby Tracker – Feed, Nappy Log Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Baby Tracker – Feed, Nappy Log



11 March 2018
4.1 and up
14.3 M

Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months. Log feedings, nappy changes, and sleep patterns with a quick one-handed tap, then feel free to go back later and add details and even photos.

Baby Tracker – Feed (Breastfeeding), Nappy and Sleep Logger makes it simple to track all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers, as well as share all the exciting milestones of his or her development with friends and family. Perhaps most importantly, Baby Tracker – Feed (Breastfeeding), Nappy and Sleep Log handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of parenting.

Comprehensive Feedings Breastfeeding Logger
* Start and stop breastfeeding timer with one tap for convenience and accuracy
* Settings for nursing, formula, solids, or any combination
* Tracks time breastfeed per breast and total for full nursing session using breastfeed timer
* Tracks pumping totals as well as breastfeeding
* Notes section allows you to enter details on formula brand, preferences, or allergic response

Nappy Change Tracker
* Summary screen shows time of last nappy changing, along with feedings, and sleep schedule
* Accurate nappy change records mean faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation, or diarrhea
* Easily share documentation on bowel habits from nappy change records with doctors or caregivers

Sleep Schedule
* Know exactly the date that your baby starts sleeping through the night
* Recognize nap time and nighttime sleep patterns to better plan your day or share with caregivers
* Compare against other data to more easily track down potential causes for baby’s fussiness
* Set alarms for putting baby down or to create more structured nighttime feeding sessions

Growth Tracker
* Enter measurement data and compare against World Health Organization averages
* See baby’s progress and growth over weeks, months, and years
* Look at logs to compare them for a more comprehensive overview of your baby’s health and wellbeing.
* Adjust growth chart for premature baby

Milestone Logger
* Make custom categories for baby’s first smile, first tooth, or first step
* Snap a picture on the spot, or add one from your existing library
* Use photos for a gallery-style album of baby’s goals and achievements
* Create an entry with a quick tap, or include journal notes for more detail

Health Logger
* Log medical history such as medications, vaccine shots, and temperature checks

Baby Tracker – Feed (Breastfeeding), Nappy and Sleep Logger Data Interpretation
* View logged data by day, week, or month
* Shows previous 7 days and previous 30 days
* Quickly identify data patterns, habitual trends, or abnormalities
* Export data via email as a HTML

Baby Tracker – Feed (Breastfeeding), Nappy and Sleep Log Data Sync
* Sync data among multiple devices for all caregivers or easy sharing of your baby’s progress with others
* Clone data to another device for a fast transfer that doesn’t eat up your data plan

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What’s New
    * Data synchronization improvements
    * Night mode.
    * UI Customization, show/hide buttons on the main page.
    * Pumping alarm.
    * Usability improvements

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mom.life — pregnancy & baby Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download mom.life — pregnancy & baby released on 9 March 2018 | 4:41 am and this mom.life — pregnancy & baby Android by Downloadapkgratis

mom.life — pregnancy & baby

Wunderkind Media and Technology Corp.


7 March 2018
4.1 and up
22.11 M

mom.life is free mobile messenger and search hub for a modern mom, that helps find friends for life, research and discuss everything on fertility, ovulation, pregnancy and baby. It includes numerous technical features, like due date countdown and pregnancy calculator.

Top 3 Social and Chat Apps 2015 by Digital Trends

650,000 downloads and growing! Hundreds of thousands of moms worldwide use us daily to keep in touch, share support, vent, laugh and cry, learn and make decisions together.

Millions of uniquely deep and detailed community discussions, blog posts and media articles on parenting, health, relationships, lifestyle and everything else in our crazy lives!

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 31,956 total



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What’s New
    — Bugfixes and improvements

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Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Care Tracker Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Care Tracker released on 22 February 2018 | 3:32 am and this Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Care Tracker Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Care Tracker



20 February 2018
4.0 and up
7.11 M

Thousands of happy Moms and Dads use this app daily to track and log breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping and sync baby's data in real-time!

Start and Stop breastfeeding session with one tap from the app or notification widget!
Write a note for any activity (baby spit up the milk while nursing, was crying during sleep, enjoyed first bath, etc.).
Dark interface will not disturb your newborn during night feeding.

Instantly synchronize baby's breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping or other activity with your partner or multiple caregivers, like grandma or nanny, for FREE!
Use your Google or Facebook account to sign in and start sharing your baby's progress. No limits or hidden fees!

See each day's breastfeeding duration for each side, total volume of bottles and all counts for other activities.
Easily compare different days and filter daily activities.

Manage activities from anywhere on your device, including the lock screen.

Never miss the next breastfeeding or when it's time to check baby's diapers.

Track baby's weight, height, head size and compare progress against World Health Organization (WHO) averages in percentiles charts (Birth to 5 years).
Adjust growth chart for premature baby.

Take care of as many babies as you like with unlimited number of baby profiles – very useful for babysitters.
Switch baby profiles with a single tap!

Track breastfeeding, breast pump, bottle (formula), drink, solid food, diaper, potty, sleeping, bath, medicine and more.

Set different app color for each baby.
Manage visible activity icons and change their order as you like for each baby.

Baby Daybook lets you see feeding trends on friendly charts.
Understand child's progress better by customizing charts using different filters.
Share charts with your friends or child's pediatrician.

Understand your newborn's activity patterns better across multiple days.
Filter timeline view by selecting desired activities.

Export your baby's log to a printable file format.

Never lose your tracking log with automatic backups.

★ Support ★
We provide email support for any questions you have. Please don't leave a low rating before contacting us.

★ Facebook ★
Follow latest news: https://www.facebook.com/babydaybook

★ Forum ★
Join app community: https://www.drillyapps.com/forum

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What’s New
    Added Chinese Simplified and Arabic languages;
    Major performance improvements and bug fixes.

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