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Plus Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Plus Messenger released on 29 December 2017 | 8:24 am and this Plus Messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Plus Messenger



28 December 2017
4.1 and up
18.48 M

Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API

# One of the best rated messaging apps on Play Store #

Plus Messenger adds some extra features to official Telegram app:


Change colors and sizes of many objects as texts, icons, headers… and create your own theme.
Save your theme and share it easily with your friends.
Data base with more than 4000 different themes, updated every day, with all type of categories. New themes are published every day, notifying with every new publication


+ Option to use direct share on any chat
+ Option to use direct share without quoting sender
– + Option to show pone emojis
– + Option to save files using original filename
– + Option to set custom compression when sharing videos
– + Option to use pone font
– + Option to show own photo or user photo in chat bubbles
– + Group admin is shown in groups profile
– + Option to discard proximity sensor changes when playing audio notes
– + Option to show profile pics when clicking photo in main screen
– + Option to show profile screen when clicking photo in main screen
– + Change wallpaper directly from chat screen
– + Option to change chat emoji view size
– + Option to mute users or groups directly from main screen
– + Option to add member directly from chat screen

In addition, it is translated to many other languages, updated by plus community continuously

Of course it has all Telegram benefits:
It’s super-fast, simple, secure and free.
Plus seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.).
Groups up to 5000 members, files up to 1’5Gb, create channels to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers, private chats with programmable self-destruction and end-to-end encryption, no need to give your mobile number, just your username is enough to chat in a group or with any user, etc


Join our G+ community to report bugs, share ideas, get in touch with other Plus Messenger users… https://plus.google.com/communities/106927015963860485525

Official plus channel: https://telegram.me/plusmsgr

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 104,223 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    – Added option to open own profile from ‘Saved Mesages’ chat
    – Bug fixes

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Pundit – Sticker Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Pundit – Sticker Messenger released on 25 November 2017 | 7:40 am and this Pundit – Sticker Messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis

Pundit – Sticker Messenger

Pundit Inc


23 November 2017
4.4 and up
49.8 M

Say it with a sticker. Pundit gives you the freedom to surprise friends, laugh together, and leave your artistic mark along the way.

Pundit's sticker camera lets you turn any selfie into a sticker. Simply snap a photo and watch the background magically disappear! Then, get creative with fun animation and visual effects. And of course, you can share your sticker masterpiece anywhere.

There are hundreds of stickers to discover from your favorite stars, artists, and brands in the Sticker Shop. Not only is every sticker on Pundit animated, but they also have sounds and voices for that extra kick!

Pundit comes with core messaging features, too. Chat with friends and groups using text, photo, video, voice, GIFs, and of course, your very own stickers.

NOTE: For older devices, Pundit's sticker camera may take longer to extract the background.

#FEEDBACK: Say hello! Shoot a note to founders@getpundit.com.

Google Play Rating


 36 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    – Introducing Sticker Camera! Take a selfie and watch the background magically disappear! Then, add your own animation and text effects. Share your sticker masterpiece anywhere.
    – The Sticker Shop is live! Browse a collection of premium, artist-made stickers from your favorite artists, stars, and brands. Not only is every sticker on Pundit animated, but they also have sounds and voices for that extra kick!
    – Bug fixes & performance improvements

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Zap Zap Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Zap Zap Messenger released on 31 October 2017 | 8:41 pm and this Zap Zap Messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Zap Zap Messenger

Private Host


31 October 2017
4.0 and up
34.74 M

ZapZap Messenger is messaging application that uses the Telegram API
It adds a great social network to the Telegram.

The biggest and best messaging application !

With ZapGrupos you meet people from all over the world in thematic groups of 23 different categories.

See all advantages:

√ Very light , fast, efficient and safe ;
√ Send self-destructing messages;
√ Sending any kind of up to 1.5 GB file, not just videos and pictures ;
√ installation on multiple devices , including tablets ;
√ Access web sync with conversations and sending files in http://web.zapzap.gratis
√ Check -in and search for users in ZapMapa ;
√ Mural public to post text and photos ;
√ Groups of up to 20.000 people ;
√ Save the phone battery thanks to an advanced data synchronization system;
√ You receive a notification when a friend installs too 🙂

Questions? Send a message on the site : www.zapzap.gratis

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 167,227 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    – Each group / channel has its custom theme link

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Yahoo Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Yahoo Messenger released on 4 October 2017 | 4:34 am and this Yahoo Messenger Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Yahoo Messenger – Free chat



October 3, 2017
4.4 and up
12.67 M

The all-new Yahoo Messenger is the fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos and animated GIFs instantly. Plus, now you can unsend messages—yep, you can take it all back!

More than just a messenger:
• Chat one-on-one or in groups
• Yes, take backs! Tap “Unsend” to remove photos and messages from a conversation
• Instantly share lots of videos and high-resolution photos in one go
• Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel
• Express yourself with animated GIFs
• “Like” messages and photos in the conversation
• Offline/low connectivity mode—anything you share will be posted once you’re back online
• Optimized for use with TalkBack

Yahoo Messenger is also available for Windows/Mac at messenger.yahoo.com/download.

Using the previous version of Yahoo Messenger? Go to yho.com/YMhelp to learn more about the new changes.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for our app? Help us test our unreleased and newest version here:

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 529,120 total



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What’s New
    With this update, we’ve made improvements to the GIF experience, as well as performance and bug fixes.

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LINK Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free LINK Messenger released on 1 October 2017 | 7:25 am and this LINK Messenger Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

LINK Messenger



1.4.3 (5684)
27 September 2017
2.3 and up
18.39 M

Staying in touch with the people you care about should be simple and fun. With LINK Messenger, it is! LINK Messenger is the fast, easy, and free way to keep in the touch with your friends and family all over the world. Whether you want to talk to your whole crew all at once or you want to chat one-on-one a little more privately, LINK's got you covered.

LINK Messenger features…
•Free voice and video calls to other users all around the world
•Free text, picture, voice, and video messaging
•Group chats with room for up to 100 people
•Exclusive emojis and stickers to spice up your chats
•Instant sharing of your day and your world with Moments
•Safe and secret Stealth Mode for when you want to chat more discreetly
•Absolutely NO advertising in our app

Version 1.4 is here with all-new enhancements! Download it to unlock your very own custom stickers in the Sticker Lab!

For more information, check out http://linkmessenger.com
Questions? Drop us a line at help@linkmessenger.com

We’re on social media! Follow us for all of the latest news or to reach out to us!
– Facebook: http://facebook.com/linkmessengerapp
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/link_messenger
– VK: http://vk.com/link_im

Google Play Rating


 85,164 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    Fixed some bugs and improved overall user experience.
    Got questions or feedback? Email help@linkmessenger.com

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Glide – Video Chat Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Glide – Video Chat Messenger released on 2 September 2017 | 8:49 am and this Glide – Video Chat Messenger Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Glide – Video Chat Messenger



31 August 2017
4.1 and up
37.4 M

▶ Free lightning fast messaging

Glide is the fastest live video messenger app on the planet. It combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video chat. Now you and your friends/family can share real moments as they happen, and enjoy quality facetime.

▶ What Else?

• Review your videos before sending, or tap to stream live – whichever fits you best
• Share videos with friends and family from everywhere to anywhere with a tap!
• Snap a photo in real time or uploaded from your device
• Cool filters make your video messages look awesome

▶ Own a Smartwatch?

Get Glides directly to your wrist! Watch live videos, respond with texts, emojis, and even live voice recordings. Video messaging on Android Wear is changing the way we communicate on the go.

▶ Get in touch with us

Website: www.glide.me
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glideme
Twitter: www.twitter.com/glideapp or @sarahglide
Instagram: www.instagram.com/glideapp
Need help? https://www.glide.me/help

*By downloading the app you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA):http://www.glide.me/eula

Google Play Rating


 346,125 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    New Version:
    * Allows watching old messages that were archived
    * Mark your favorites for easy access anytime
    * Download videos directly to your device
    Recent Video Chat Updates:
    * Introducing live voice messages! Send an audio message with one tap
    * See when friends have viewed your messages
    * Close the camera preview window when you’re not using it
    * Search Glide straight from your homescreen.
    * New app icon! Look out on your screen for a blue icon with a video camera in it.

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Signal Private Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Signal Private Messenger released on 8 August 2017 | 10:36 am and this Signal Private Messenger Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Signal Private Messenger

Open Whisper Systems


7 August 2017
2.3 and up
26.64 M

Privacy is possible, Signal makes it easy.

Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

★ Say Anything. Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.

★ Open Source. Signal is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. Signal is the only private messenger that uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages safe.

★ Be Yourself – Signal uses your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.

★ Group Chat. Signal allows you to create encrypted groups so you can have private conversations with all your friends at once. Not only are the messages encrypted, but the Signal server never has access to any group metadata such as the membership list, group title, or group icon.

★ Fast. The Signal protocol is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Using Signal, messages are instantly delivered to friends.

★ Speak Freely – Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.

Signal is not currently compatible with tablets, but support for larger screens is on our roadmap and will be included in a future release!

For support, questions, or more information, please visit:

More details:

Source code:

Google Play Rating


 148,835 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    Changes in 4.8.1:
    ★ Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    Changes in 4.7.4:
    ★ You can now mark safety numbers as verified.
    ★ When the safety number for a verified contact changes, you will be notified to confirm next time you communicate with them.
    ★ Safety number changes for unverified contacts are now non-blocking.
    Changes in 4.6.1:
    ★ Fixed MMS issues for some 4.4.4 and 5.0.1 devices.

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Phoenix – Facebook & Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Phoenix – Facebook & Messenger released on 7 August 2017 | 3:24 pm and this Phoenix – Facebook & Messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis

Phoenix – Facebook & Messenger



28 July 2017
4.4 and up
2.84 M

Simple. Elegant. Phoenix.

Want to use Facebook but can't use it due to battery and storage issues?
With Phoenix you can use Facebook without sacrificing battery or mobile storage. Phoenix is a Facebook wrapper that shows Facebook in it's web mobile-friendly interface and provides the feel of the original Facebook app. Beautiful yet powerful.

Want to use Facebook Messenger but don't want to have 2 separate apps?
You don't need to download Messenger anymore.
Phoenix also offers in-app messages so you don't need to download Facebook Messenger.
We also offer chat heads just like Facebook Messenger to help you to keep conversations alive even from outside the app using floating bubbles.

Rich of features such as:

• Custom video player with download option!
• Custom photo viewer to view Facebook photos in an extended way with ability to download or simply share them without downloading them!
• Commenting on a photo simplified. Just click or swipe bottom bar in photo viewer to show them!
• Long press pictures to download them on-the-go without even opening them
• GIF support and GIF sharing without downloading them
• Chat heads just like Messenger which let you chat from any screen even outside the app
• Facebook notifications and messages notifications
• Ability to set timer to loop for notifications checks
• Smooth and mobile data efficient
• Dark theme all over the app
• Phoenix lock to protect your privacy
• AdBlock to hide Facebook's "Sponsored Posts" from all over your feed
• Fast at opening pages
and much more…

Phoenix is not affiliated with nor sponsored by Facebook. Facebook icons, images and copyrights are property of Facebook Inc.

If you find any bug then please don't hesitate to report it to us using Bug Report button under Settings -> About tab.

…and yeah! Don't forget to rate us 5 stars if you like this app.

Google Play Rating


 2,119 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    • Fixed: manually created chatheads not loading chat correctly

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hike messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free hike messenger released on 20 July 2017 | 5:02 pm and this hike messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

hike messenger

Hike Ltd.


19 July 2017
4.0.1 and up
29.63 M

Hike is your multi-layered messaging app chosen by more than 100 million users worldwide. Now express yourself better and stay close to friends and family in a speedy, reliable, and fun way.

Key Features:
★App Themes – Make the app your own with 11 colorful themes
★Timeline – Now cherish your precious memories on the Hike Timeline for as long as you want
★Blue Packets – A fun and beautiful way to send money in digital envelopes, both in regular everyday usage packets of expression and in cheeky formats too
★Text to stickers – Convert chat expressions to interesting automatic stickers.
★Hidden Mode: An awesome feature which allows you to hide all your private chats from the world and access them only with a password! Your private conversations are now protected & secure from anyone who takes your phone
★Hike Wallet – To store money within the Hike ecosystem
★Bank to Bank Instant Money Transfer via UPI
★Payments – P2P payments to friends and other phone numbers
★Recharge prepaid and pay postpaid using both wallet and UPI Payments
★Stories – Life’s about capturing its little moments and sharing them with your dear ones. Now use the stories feature on Hike to create a highlight reel of your life’s moments and jazz’em up with stickers. A Story lasts for 48 hours, after that poof, it disappears!
★Video Calls – Talk to friends & family anywhere in the world over high-quality video calls
★Group Chats – Create groups with up to 1000 members for the people you message most!
★Magic Selfie – Now you will always look prim and prime!
★Live Filters: Tap on your face with the Camera in Selfie mode to see the magic happen!
★Chat Themes: What’s a romantic date without a candle-light dinner? Boring! Some things are best said in the right setting. Now express your mood with the right theme
★10000+ FREE STICKERS: When words can’t express it, say it with stickers! Share thousands of awesome, hilarious & fun stickers with your friends! With the largest collection of Indian regional stickers in over 30 regional languages, express yourself better with stickers in your language!
★Multimedia Messaging – Send texts, photos & voice messages to your loved ones! With sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, it feels like you're having a chat with someone in person. All of it for free!
★Hike Offline: Wish to reach a friend but he has turned off his data? Worry no more! Hike sends them your messages as an SMS, at no cost to you and you get theirreply inside Hike!
★Share Documents & Files: Why email when you can send practically anything and everything on hike! Send unlimited amounts of all kinds of non-media files and documents of any format like PDF, ZIP, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, APKs, MP3s and much more!
★Hike Direct: Chat & share files without internet and zero data charges in classrooms, while travelling, pretty much anywhere within 100 meters of a friend! Just open a chat, go to the 3 Dot menu & tap Hike Direct to see the magic
★Privacy: Switch to hike and take charge of your privacy! Get complete control on your last seen and profile picture. Avoid the sneaky stalkers and nosy acquaintances.
★News: Best bite sized news personalized just for you at your fingertips! Swipe through all the latest news to stay up to date with what’s happening around the globe!
★Cricket: For many Hikers, Cricket’s their religion! So, we baked an amazing Cricketing experience right inside your messenger. Now follow your favorite teams, and matched with live commentary!
★Free Hike2SMS To India: We've also built in FREE hike to non-hike SMS. So, if your friends aren't on hike you can still message them. And better yet, for free! Free SMS can only be sent to India.
★Move to SD Card

We’d love to hear from you about hike! If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, leave us a review on Google Play Store or email us at: support@hike.in
Like us at https://www.facebook.com/hikeapp/
Follow us at https://twitter.com/hikeapp

Google Play Rating


 2,482,231 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    ★App Themes: Colour your hike just the way you want!
    ★Night Theme: Built for chatting at night. It also saves battery!
    ★Timeline: We’ve brought Timeline back!
    ★Hike Wallet:
    – Free & Instant Money Transfer: Do free & instant money transfer via hike! Use UPI to do bank-to-bank transfer to anyone even if they aren’t on hike.
    – Recharge: Recharge your phone right inside of hike!
    – Blue Packets: Send money in beautifully designed envelopes
    ★Magic Selfie: Smoothes your skin to take the perfect selfie

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Wire – Private Messenger Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Wire – Private Messenger released on 28 June 2017 | 12:21 pm and this Wire – Private Messenger Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Wire – Private Messenger

Wire Swiss GmbH


27 June 2017
4.2 and up
19.47 M

Crystal clear voice and video calls.
Chats full of pics, movies, GIFs, music, sketches and more.
Always private and secure with end-to-end encryption.


PRIVATE AND SECURE. Everything you send on Wire is end-to-end encrypted.

NO PROFILING. Wire cannot read your messages, and does not share or sell your data or contact details to anyone.

PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL. Register with phone number on mobile, or with email on desktop, then log in with the same account on mobile.

OPEN SOURCE. Anyone can verify the security of Wire by auditing the code available on GitHub.

MOBILE, TABLET, DESKTOP. Chats are always in sync and you don’t need your phone to log in on desktop.

GROUPS. Wire is great for private and secure group conversations with up to 128 people.

TIMED MESSAGES. Control how long others see your messages, pictures, videos.

DELETE. Posted something to a wrong chat by accident? No problem, delete it from all receiving devices.


VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS. Crystal clear quality, developed by the original audio team from Skype.

GROUP CALLS. Add up to 10 people and enjoy the virtual stereo effect (with headphones) to help you understand who’s talking.

AUDIO AND VIDEO MESSAGES. Record and send, or choose a clip from your device. There are even fun audio filters to modify your voice.

GIFS AND SKETCHES. Send a funny GIF or sketch with your finger (try also sketch-on-photo) to send a unique reply.

FILE SHARING. Securely transfer any file from your device, or from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

LOCATION SHARING. Meeting up or giving instructions is easy – just share your current location.

VIDEOS AND MUSIC. Share a Youtube, Spotify, Vimeo or SoundCloud link in a chat and others can play it without leaving Wire.

LINK PREVIEWS. Share any web link and we will automatically show the page title and a photo from the page (if available).

Wire is free.

Google Play Rating


 24,973 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    -In some cases you could get logged out, this was fixed.

Download & Instructions