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WakingNews Alarm Clock Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis WakingNews Alarm Clock released on 10 November 2018 | 5:30 pm and this WakingNews Alarm Clock Android by Downloadapkgratis Now also works with Gmail, Outlook and AOL. No Yahoo email required!Hear the latest audio news briefings from award-winning brands like HuffPost, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Engadget, and more! Updated daily with fresh conversation and information to get you ready for the day. Listen to curated content while you go about your morning routine and create additional alarms to use as reminders throughout your week.

We’re just getting started… let us know what you think!WakingNews Alarm Clockhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/AnKP7NcEQ30bGsj9LIqwiD5uytW_HmdXzuFzcPG1NZT8r5YYj2xH3hAafFqlAun3kcQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2SrNFrJC_KOp4Zb6DniX5Gy2Zxi52qiggpBIAq588QcHstFmiJdKPxjFVSJVxEJoSKI=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yahoo.tzeroYahooYahooLockerLocker0.5.0November 9, 20185.1 and up20.56 M0.0Rated for 12+1 – 2Initial beta releasDOWNLOAD APK

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker v1.0.60 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker v1.0.60 released on 2 November 2018 | 7:42 am and this Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker v1.0.60 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Brave makes your browsing experience faster and safer with a built-in adblockBrave Web Browser is a fast, free, secure web browser for Android with a built-in AdBlock, tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience.

Brave is designed with a built-in adblocker to provide an ad-free and seamless browsing experience.

No external plugins or settings to manage or configure! Brave simply provides the fastest and most secure browsing experience available for Android. Brave is designed for both speed and security, so you can enjoy lightning fast browsing without popups, malware and other annoyances.

Brave reduces page loading time, improves performance, and guards from ads infected with malware. Brave shows a 2x to 4x speed increase on Android, so you will see a direct reduction in both battery and data plan consumption.

Brave also protects users with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking, and private incognito tabs.

Brave for Android has the following features:
* Built-in AdBlock
* Blocks pop-ups
* Battery optimization
* Data optimization
* Tracking Protection
* Https Everywhere (for security)
* Script Blocking
* 3rd party cookie blocking
* Bookmarks
* History
* Private tabs
* Recent tabs

How to get started?
Easy! Just click on the lion head and discover Brave Shields, which have per-site settings so you can decide which sites to block.

About Brave
We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.

The web has become a different place. With the ad-tech ecosystem out of control, users have revolted and blocking ads has become the new weapon of choice for improving their browsing speed, safety and privacy. Unfortunately, blocking alone results in a race to the bottom where nobody wins. Without the ability for content creators to earn money for their efforts, users could be left with fewer sites to browse, relegated to hand-picked content from controlled sources.

Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where fast, safe browsing is the path to a brighter future for the open web.

To learn more about Brave web browser which has a built-in AdBlock, tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience, please go to https://www.brave.com

Note: Brave for Android is Brave’s tab-based browser and is different from Brave Browser – Link Bubble, which loads pages in the background.

Support: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@brave.comBrave Browser: Fast AdBlockerhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/v8h4MEDGbDtwKD13-38Jqwh7UgHU7XJ76DSp3yzyF99mwQTDoM8wgDg7apwMulpQgopG=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5XVqEH-9iI7IBduI2Zpm_kMMvNwPPsn6rce0IYhOUvQIhBjUfBanTTUIwM3OWdQ3n1A=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brave.browserBrave.SoftwareBrave SoftwareLockerLocker1.0.60November 1, 20184.1 and up45.38M4.3Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000[1.0.60]– Upgraded to Chromium 70.0.3538.64.
– Private tab search engine fix.
– Translation fixes62,56941,8038,7435,4501,7634,810DOWNLOAD APK

Blockman GO : Blocky Mods v1.7.6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Blockman GO : Blocky Mods v1.7.6 released on 31 October 2018 | 4:11 pm and this Blockman GO : Blocky Mods v1.7.6 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Mods, Blocky scene,Mini games and Beautiful dressing… All in Blocky ModsWelcome to Blockman GO ! Blockman GO is a free app including minigames,chatting and making friends. You can play various block style minigames here.

Key Features
– Various Games: Various minigames that allow multiple players to play together and continuously update the games. Users can join the game by a simple tap.
– Customizable avatars: The dressing system provides a great deal of dressing for the player. Covers various styles of decoration, dress up yourself as you want, gorgeous, simple, elegant, lively, or cute. The System also will recommend the best clothes for you. Quickly join the fashion feast and become the most brilliant star!
– Chat system: Blockman GO provides players with a rich chat interaction. Connect with your friends online using in-game chat features, private messages, and groups, sharing funny moment with them. No more single player in game!
– Gender exclusive decoration: The system provides different decorations based on the role sex, and you should pay attention to it before you create the role.
– Gold Rewards: You will gain gold by playing mini games. The more scores you achieve, the more rewards you will gain. Gold can be used to purchase decoration and items.
– VIP System: VIP players are entitled to many privileges, including 20% discount on decoration, daily gift, more gold and so on.

Join Blockman GO and start Sandbox game exploration tours with players around the world.

If you have any feedback and suggestion, please feel free to contact us at blockymods@sandboxol.com
Discord :https://discord.gg/PsVMjUk
Official website : https://www.blockmango.netBlockman GO : Blocky Modshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Xj19vRyxO4o0ee0SULWDohTMEKBQhkEnZQQVD1OIp1clr5cLCKh5m3JqQOeIvwah-g=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/PCdy2JK6j2CM-5rvCjKDuXcX5qgV4wxfC9-11aPkeY137an2sWqNDzPGN0PwL6uR4Q=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sandboxol.blockymodsBlockman.MultiplayerBlockman MultiplayerLockerLocker1.7.6October 31, 20184.1 and up61.53M4.7Rated for 3+5,000,000 – 10,000,000New update 1.7.6
1.New activity : Halloween Chest
2.Bug fixe213,243181,97413,0335,9841,73110,521https://www.youtube.com/embed/2MESUe2QwigDOWNLOAD APK

Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale v7.0.6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale v7.0.6 released on 28 October 2018 | 4:25 pm and this Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale v7.0.6 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Try FPS command modes: battle royale, robot clash & free fire with theft auto!5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars, sniper duels and fun bandits war at every turn! Look sharp, shooting is everywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discover a lot of interesting missions about gangsters and cops, bangs, mafia and police. Get ahead of other hunters for coins, weapons and ammo you can find around. Creative ways of fun and action – that block city might need a little destruction to shake things up. We’ve made everything for fans of tough 3d battlegrounds – plasma guns, destroyer, super rifles, a lot of armor types and many other exciting things, you should try out!

Accomplish impossible ops given by mafia bosses, where critical goals depend totally on you! Drive awesome cars, parkour and escape from police.
Bad guy or hero, adventures are waiting for you. Take your pixel gun and go to the Block City!

Welcome to third person shooter – Block City Wars:
⊹ 13 great multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and Infection Zombie mode.
⊹ A vast megalopolis with top high skyscrapers where you are free to do whatever you want
⊹ More than 50 means of transport: sports cars, motor-cycles, jet packs, military helicopters and takns.
⊹ Export awesome skins to minecraft from the game.
⊹ More than 100 weapon units – Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Katana and many more!
⊹ Full game stats and daily winners lists.
⊹ More than 150 000 players online a day.
⊹ A game chat for players to communicate with each others.
⊹ Different gangster jobs in Single Sandbox mode.
⊹ Awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royalehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/KJc-ua3qLhAA1aLc34jm-7el6BHh_3qAQbWsPFvZDNwLhPZIOe6y1XCjZ4DATKiNXM0=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Az6IlqogDnj1HEYysEPTAgo8ZnpVwop73qLZpJEUAX-5lotiWRjkAbrTREh1GdMKdl62=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=block.app.warsD-Games.AppsD-Games AppsLockerLocker7.0.6October 26, 20184.0 and up9.0 M4.5Rated for 7+10,000,000 – 20,000,000– Faster game launch
– Classic Mini-map style
– More Mobs in new districts!
– Reworked PVP maps Palace & Port
– A lot of fixes and improvement797,240613,48474,06639,04215,77854,870DOWNLOAD APK

Ari. Block 1010 v4.6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Ari. Block 1010 v4.6 released on 25 October 2018 | 2:04 pm and this Ari. Block 1010 v4.6 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Try to fit the pieces of the puzzle .Above block plate consisting of 10 * 10
Block out the pieces at random
For proper placement .
Horizontal Vertical line is full success.

Is the best score you can score?Ari. Block 1010https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/b3tmZbVcNi4u-PxXLRerT9xcXo_e0Q8NP-SFwEP4FUxXJTRjKQ2tut6zqn8E13swVLw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WOZstRJ1Htwqnp19VDGWoF9nKsz3-SPiTdUQPn_oIzoo3weGa7W07aKWp0vg8TOuOs=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arisoftware.ariblock1010arisoftwarearisoftwareLockerLocker4.6October 24, 20184.1 and up23.9 M4.3Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000Bonus when removing al41927962271635DOWNLOAD APK

Butterfly locksreen v2.6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Butterfly locksreen v2.6 released on 24 October 2018 | 4:28 am and this Butterfly locksreen v2.6 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com A beautiful Screen Locker with Spring live wallpaper theme for Android devices,A beautiful lock screen with Butterfly live wallpaper theme for Android devices,
surport pin/pattern lock for lock security,
This app will give you a chance to watch beautiful and relaxing scenery directly on your lock screen,
The flying butterflies and flashing fireflies will turn your phone into a insects wonder. It is the best choice for you if you like to
relax after work or study by watching beautiful scenery.

1. Simulate the animation of fluttering butterflies.
1. Simulate the flashing signals animation of firefly.
3. Support unlock sound settings,you have ten nice ringtones to choose.
4. Support set pin password via keypad lock screen for lock security.
5. Support pattern lock for lock security.
6. Support customize unlock text,device name and operator name.
7. Support customize wallpaper.
8. Support display notifications such as unread messages ,unread mail,missed call and so on in lock screen.
9. Support ‘slide to unlock’,including ‘slide up to unlock’,’slide down to unlock’,’slide left to unlock’
and ‘slide right to unlock’.
10. Support display widget in lock screen(Recommend music widget)
11. Support change clock/date text color,text size and text fonts.
12. Support swipe to remove notification
13. Support change themes for setting background.
14. Blur wallpaper with unread notifications.
15. Support random keypad or password to enhance the security for your phone
16. Support unlock animation.
17. Support music control

How to use?
1.open this app’s settings,then this ‘Butterfly live wallpaper lock screen’ will start to work.
2.You can preview the screen lock by clicking the ‘preview’ option no matter when you change any settings.
3.You can change the unlock ways by clicking the ‘Slide to unlock style’ option and select the corresponding option.

Q: What should I do if I encounter double lock screen?
A:You can click ‘Disable System Screen Lock’ option to close system screen lock or set to none.
Q:When I turn on the notifications,it talks back to me while operating my phone.
A:Please turn off ‘Talkback’ in Accessibility of System setting.
Q:This lock screen sometimes not work?
A:It means that this lock screen had been killed,This happens when the system is in low memory while you are playing games or you start too many applications. In order to avoid this you can toggle on the ‘Advanced Settings’ to tell the system not to kill it while on low memory.
Q:How to uninstall?
A:Settings–>Security–>Device administrators,Deactivate the application,then you can uninstall normally.

This ‘Butterfly live wallpaper lock screen’ has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4,Nexus 5/7,HTC one and Sony Xperia Z.
Please contact us if your device is not supported.

This application is completely free of charge,so download it to enjoy the wonder world of butterflies,
In addition, share it with your friends if you really like this application,Thanks!Butterfly locksreenhttps://lh3.ggpht.com/BctXPpe8pyCkBnWaCAob82g044m6U2xN0fwfOBJiltOCNDbWuBMl84nwUmvhIZpkx4k=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/GnL6hdtYXs3Rv2gcHwMpDVaIqpkBDsNcAK3IaPTlXYWF-zVcHLVVTMW0dWZfaHh_aCh3=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.free.studio.butterfly.lockerApp.Free.StudioApp Free StudioLockerLocker2.6October 23, 20182.3 and up4.49 M4.3Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000Bug fixe86,72755,17216,2877,6712,7964,801DOWNLOAD APK

Slidey: Block Puzzle v2.2.15 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Slidey: Block Puzzle v2.2.15 released on 15 October 2018 | 3:58 pm and this Slidey: Block Puzzle v2.2.15 Android by Downloadapkgratis Shoot, match & pop bubbles in this super-addictive bubble blasting puzzle game!WELCOME TO SLIDEY! THE LATEST, MOST FUN PUZZLE ADVENTURE!

We give you SLIDEY, the ultimate Puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

The Slidey puzzle is simple: move blocks horizontally to create and clear full lines. Slidey is free to play and easy to learn.

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a blast!


● A new type of brain training puzzle, entertain your brain for minutes or hours
● Endless challenge, you can play forever yet you’ll still find something undiscovered
● Earn Experience as you play. Rank up your cute shaman and get access to exciting shaman masks and gifts
● An engaging original soundtrack with custom made sound effects

Enjoying Slidey? Learn more about the game!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SlideyGame
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slideyblockpuzzle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slidey

Questions? Contact our tech Support by sending an email to slidey@habby.funSlidey: Block Puzzlehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/d4FFxMu6S2BAZIQgoGsFnusTetNl835o9hMUP-DlWRPgHWJaIdfAHQP3fFPNtUQ8hb8=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bmTR3F07seYALqIPyCRoQKuHIjz5bOjmbQ4rFQpZizCX-fsaGk6cLRlaPdn2-XiNqSg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mavis.slideyNarcadeNarcadeLockerLocker2.2.15October 14, 20184.1 and up35.68 M4.7Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000Added Revival feature. Revive to continue playing; now you can score even higher7,9656,2731,121290111170https://www.youtube.com/embed/zMns3iUJ_lYDOWNLOAD APK

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist v5.3.50.00 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Call Blocker Free – Blacklist v5.3.50.00 released on 9 October 2018 | 5:44 pm and this Call Blocker Free – Blacklist v5.3.50.00 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Block unwanted calls with blacklistCall Blocker is one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted calls.

== Advantages ==
Lightweight and easy to use

== Features ==
Multiple Blocking modes at your choice

Blacklist: You can add unwanted numbers to blacklist.

Whitelist: Add important phone numbers to your whitelist so they can always reach you.

Prevent possible phone scams.

Additional features
Three options to deal with prevented calls
Notifications after blocking

Call Reminder
Call Reminder helps you identity unknown number, providers an easy and free way to say goodbye to spam calls!
With the world’s largest phone number database, shows true caller info instead of unknown numbers, you can use it wherever you are!

Follow NQ Mobile to get instant updates & productivity news.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NQLab
Thank you for your support!Call Blocker Free – Blacklisthttps://lh3.ggpht.com/s5He9kzP9xVpGzlTvRscNgVE5ylSd7L3qc_rdwTvWDFAmJUpkeTW-ZROUOWtbJwYWoM=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fjCj0C635b8Cwnub0dsoX8XSbZM1jYIAIz39Pe9882Mt4X5TIr4G9Pgws3d1el45mao=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netqin.mmNQ.Mobile.Security.(NYSE:NQ)NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)LockerLocker5.3.50.00October 8, 20184.1 and up4.29 M4.4Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,0001.Bug fixes and performance improvements159,766107,21927,53310,3604,25210,402DOWNLOAD APK

Wood Block – Music Box v3.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Wood Block – Music Box v3.0 released on 9 October 2018 | 9:27 am and this Wood Block – Music Box v3.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis BuyWood Block – Music Box is an addictive block puzzle game with a simple rule.

Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces.Game will over when there is no space for new pieces.
You get more points for completing multiple lines at once.

Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay.
Pleasurable game for all age.
No time limit! A fun and relaxing puzzle game.Wood Block – Music Boxhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/O9vX4o0eQ-V-BhzRk38Bjc5ItTv_ii0Dum2dYBy3iRFmhKHkMaDhK_ns6F-NJ_8Rkno=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/kFUSA4fGlZx-PNFyVOwtUK_Tt28AihEDmNwhE4idRU2yFiEISljHYa48MA3N1k5HcQ=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=puzzle.wood.block.cube.music.boxголоволомка.world.studioголоволомка world studioLockerLocker3.0October 9, 20184.1 and up17.4 M4.5Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000No recent changes25,55017,2774,9712,369328605https://www.youtube.com/embed/9quNwVUxFTsDOWNLOAD APK

Unblock Me FREE v1.6.0.7 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Unblock Me FREE v1.6.0.7 released on 4 October 2018 | 2:11 pm and this Unblock Me FREE v1.6.0.7 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Relax and start your brain workout with this smart and addictive puzzle game*Note*
1) Unblock Me FREE and Unblock Me Premium are 2 different apps. They have the same features except there are no ads in Unblock Me Premium. All game data and statistic CANNOT be transferred between Unblock Me and Unblock Me Premium.

2) Hints CANNOT be transferred between devices by Data Sync in any case.


Unblock Me is a fun and classic addictive puzzle game. Enjoy this brain exercise with more than 18,000 free puzzles, the highest amount of puzzles you’ll find in any logic block game, worth hundreds of hours to keep your brain fit!

The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way. With many Million downloads already, you can’t go wrong with this addictive puzzle game. For a decade, Unblock Me has been recommended by word of mouth of family and friends.

4 Classic game modes in Unblock Me:
Relax Mode: Sit back and take it easy. A smart way to exercise your logic with no pressure. No moves counted. No time limited. A relaxing pastime for everyone.
Challenge Mode: See the minimal move for each puzzle and earn up to 3 stars. After completing each puzzle, you can always revisit each one and do better.
Multiplayer Mode: Compete with your friends, family or fellow Unblockers around the world. Solve the puzzles as quick as possible to win the match.
Daily Puzzles Mode: The most difficult puzzles you’ll find in any game!! Spice up with this new type of puzzle with fixed obstacles and new exits. Get the first 200 initial puzzles for free, then earn a new puzzle every day.

Unblock Me have been used to help improve kids with their brain functions in school and their pastime. Not only for kids, Unblock Me can keep you mentally fit. It will improve your cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration and logic reasoning.

Data Sync Transfer game progress & statistic between devices using the same Google Play service Account
5 Difficulties Starter Pack, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert. You can choose how challenging you want to play
Infinite amount of Puzzles 18,000 of free puzzles and counting! It’ll be a long saga to complete all the addictive smart puzzles
4 Fun Classic Game Modes Enjoy unblocking the way you want: Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Daily Puzzles
21 Achievements Master your Unblock Me skills and collect all the achievements
Hint: Use the hint in any puzzles that might be too hard. You can cancel it anytime you want to start solving the puzzles on your own.
Daily Rewards Need more hints? No problem, earn up to 2 hints by playing Unblock Me every day

Not convinced yet? If you like these games, you’ll like Unblock Me for sure!
Solitaire/Solitare Relaxing and challenging at the same time
Sudoku Puzzles It’s a number game where you have to use your mind abilities to fill out the puzzles
Physics Puzzlers Enjoy the physics brain teasers and improve logic skills
Classic Puzzle Games Classic and always fun
Block Sliding Puzzlers Slide and solve the puzzles
Line Connecting Puzzles Connect the lines
Classic Minesweeper games Always fun on every classic device
Family friendly game Fun and great quality pastime for the whole family
2048 Get hooked on those smart number games? You’ll enjoy Unblock Me too
Brain Puzzles Tease your brain daily
Bingo Simple, easy, addictive, and fun
Domino Easy to play. A relaxing pastime hobby
Board Games Play with your friends or family. Use planning skills and make a good strategy to win
Jigsaw Puzzles Train your mind and sharpen your brain functions in your pastime
Crossword Puzzles Word games are always classic and a smart way to exercise your brainUnblock Me FREEhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/kmI6Bz_Z3Smv2AYH97kXLGgiy5NirFmCxW6H2uy5BZ_6Y79BkLW4B1OqWJl_i46ulw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/S4j4BSR_sEopefU1TIo8-tZ9xF-_Ni3v8sjlwnme8b2k4FCEs5fFatBRirpPzHFyFg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiragames.unblockmefreeKiragames.Co.LtdKiragames Co. Ltd.LockerLocker1.6.0.7October 3, 20184.0.3 and up11.03 M4.3Rated for 3+50,000,000 – 100,000,000This update includes:

– Fixed multitouch issue on Main Menu
– Fixed some typos

What features do you want to see from Unblock Me in our next update? Please let us know! 🙂
Send us your feedback and suggestions to support@kiragames.com. Thank you for your support687,269430,655128,96356,70125,59745,353https://www.youtube.com/embed/fKMbm-KZaFUDOWNLOAD APK