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Chess Coach – Chess puzzles v1.86 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Chess Coach – Chess puzzles v1.86 released on 29 January 2019 | 1:04 pm and this Chess Coach – Chess puzzles v1.86 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Weekly Chess Challenge. Become the best chess player of the week!“Chess Coach” is a collection of chess puzzles and tactics combinations for learning and recreation.

Functions and features:
♙ 2900 puzzles and combinations;
♙ Chess openings: the King’s Gambit, the Queen’s Gambit Accepted;
♙ Challenge yourself and solve the puzzle in 30 seconds;
♙ World Chess Championship 2018;
♙ Chessboard training.

Features of the free version:
♟ No in-app purchases;
♟ No monthly fees;
♟ There is ads;
♟ There is a game currency;
♟ The game requires an Internet connection.

Solving puzzles and tactics combinations will be fun and easy learning with a chess coach on Android. You can have a good time in the company with a smart and kind coach who will tell you the right move and train your chess skills. You will get a lot of positive emotions from the success of your actions in complex and complicated puzzles.

“Chess problems”
We recommend to start training with the section “Check and mate”. 1000 training chess problems have already been made for you, in which you need to checkmate the opponent’s king. This is a fun and effective training for the mind.

“Chess tactics combinations”
Now you will learn the main secret of training professional chess players – they solve thematic exercises. The application is designed so that you train as a professional chess player. In chess there are several dozens of standard tactics, for example: a fork, a pinning, a decoy and others. In the application, 10 such tactics are already waiting for you (1790 training exercises).

“Chess Board Simulator”
Especially interesting is the training of the chessboard. In 30 seconds you need to correctly guess the fields on the board. The best result will be your new record in the challenge statistics table. The professional level is the result of more than 30 answers in the allotted time. Good luck!

We ask you to give an assessment to the application and tell you what emotions you have when you train yourself again and again merrily and relaxed. Feedback from each person is very important to us. And if everything was fine, please give us 5 stars.

Best regards,
Team KemigoGames 🙂

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