Car Racing Ferocity 3D: Endless v4.4.48 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Car Racing Ferocity 3D: Endless v4.4.48 released on 18 February 2019 | 8:18 pm and this Car Racing Ferocity 3D: Endless v4.4.48 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Race your Car through 8 Lane Traffic on Endless Highway: A Race for LegacyCar Racing Ferocity is basically an endless car racing game where you race your car through 8 lane traffic on an endless highway track. GAMEXIS struggled to bring something new in the world of endless racing games and came up with the idea of “racing your car through 8 lane highway traffic”.


To bring something interesting, Car Racing Legacy is designed as an 8 lane highway racing game. There are 5 different gameplay modes in this game to test your driving & racing skills. A car game is only worth playing if it tests the nerves of a player.

01: Endless Racing Mode
You can test & polish your race-through-traffic skills in this car game by taping the endless racing mode. Just race as far as you can in one run and beat your best every time.

02: Head to Head: Compete Mode
A car racing game is incomplete without Head to head racing so earn your fame by challenging & beating the pro-racers. You can challenge the hardcore drivers and racers in their super sports cars and prove your worth in head to head racing mode. Leave your legacy racer & enjoy a driving game where cars are not speed limited.

03: Time Trial: it’s a matter of seconds
There is a time limited event to push your skills in a specific time frame. It is a matter of seconds while racing through 8 lane traffic but reward is beyond ration.

04: Run & Dodge: Police Chase Mode
When it comes to over-speeding, the police are always on your tail. Dodge the maneuvering police cars equipped with EMP pulse to save your car. Drive loose and evade the police chase in the 8 lane highway traffic to earn exciting prizes.

05: Challenges Mode:
The best thing about racing through highway traffic is not about driving fast but driving with mind & drifting accurately. Each push over and over take is counted and measured with your calculated close calls evading traffic cars in a very close distance. Earning fame in Car Racing Legacy 3D is not a piece of cake.


Naming the best racing games on play store, car racing legacy will definitely be in the list because of its graphics quality and gameplay engagement. A next-gen 8 lane & amazing car racing gameplay with beautiful user interface, it looks more realistic and exciting to play. Sharp visuals in this car driving game enhance your gameplay experience in every mode of racing.


Drift & race through highway traffic in multiple high performance cars integrated with turbos and speed boasters exclusively for controlled speeding. Comfortable, yet swift at the same time matching perfectly with your driving habit. Choose your dream sports car from the garage and start the race.


The 8 lane highway track in Car Racing Legacy is surrounded by five beautiful environments. City, jungle and deserts can be explored in any of your game’s mode.


Now race your car infinitely through the 8 lane highway traffic like never before and leave your racing legacy. Race in the dream sports cars and take control of the wheel as it is going to be a race unimagined. Race through traffic and feel the high gravity pull in this racing game. Car Racing Legacy 3D is a car game all about racing like a professional racer. Strategic throttles and timed brakes make a good racing skill.

So let’s see how you race & drift in heavy traffic conditions.


* Innovative 8 Lane Highway Traffic
* Sharp & Stunning 3D Graphics & Visuals
* Smooth Racing Controls with 2 different Camera angles
* 12+ High performance & futuristic Cars
* Amazing 5 detailed environments to race
* 5 Different Racing Modes: Endless, Challenges, Time Trial, Head to Head Race, Police Chase
* Advanced AI controlled Traffic with range of vehicles

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01: Updated Garage Graphics & Cars
02: Improved Gameplay Performance
03: In-Game Graphics Enhanced
04: IAP Bundles on Sale Now
05: User-Feedback Based Update52241941211031https://www.youtube.com/embed/uiOYCwwThqMDOWNLOAD APK