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Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) v223 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) v223 released on 16 June 2019 | 3:40 pm and this Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) v223 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com A new bus simulator in progress.This game is in development! It will be constantly updated with more features, buses, lines and maps! This is a playable beta to demonstrate its concept. As soon as the main features are completed, the game will start receiving updated content like new maps and buses!

Touch below the camera icon to hide all the controls! You may experience an immersive 100% screen for the game! Without boring ads on the game screen!

Notice: the game may show some ad to support development on loading screen (you already has to wait the loading process anyway…). But it will NEVER show banner ads inside the gaming screen, while you drive!

Tips for better performance:

* Reduce or disable traffic cars, pedestrians and buses (set passengers to 20%).
* Reduce camera visibility.
* Change graphics settings to a lower profile.
* Avoid settings that requires lots of memory, as traffic repaints and extra content.

This game is designed for smartphones or tablets with a great RAM capacity. It is recommended having 4 GB if possible, to play with better quality textures and many advanced options (with optimized settings it runs well on most popular devices). If your device has less memory, it may run sometimes but probably it will crash. It is not the game’s fault! It is the system that closes the app when running out of memory.
We want high quality models and textures, it is physically impossible supporting these older or very cheap phones.
Currently this game is developed and tested mainly with a J7 Prime.Proton Bus Simulator (BETA)https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IfQwq7waf06GC62zHf-e4YwNbqlZRgje2CBNnXzrkWxNIkIDdimqWgBtOxLdJ1MCgio=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2DeOb3_6gPXY8XhH1o7Kz7xPYwSh86KhkA183J09xoOqH5pgMnCMMjqdK18pNlhnPg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.viamep.protonbussimulatorMEPMEPSimulationSimulation223June 14, 20194.1 and up32.3 M4.5Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000* Updated door glass on PAR1200 (now you can see passengers entering)
* Updated game engine to Unity 2018.4.2f1, with bugfixes and internal improvements
* Updated texts on main screen
* Updated settings for donors/supporters to restore the subscription status
* Optimizations in mod loading functions, using less RAM
* Fixes at lower graphics settings99,91777,5259,1014,2641,7297,298https://www.youtube.com/embed/gmhhZRsiZ3EDOWNLOAD APK

Pool Rewards – Daily Free Coins v4.0 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Pool Rewards – Daily Free Coins v4.0 released on 15 June 2019 | 6:39 pm and this Pool Rewards – Daily Free Coins v4.0 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Get free coins on daily basis.Do you love to play pool game ?
Do you want free pool coins / free pool items(avatar/cue/rarebox) etc?

Here is application for you .
This application will apply all available rewards directly on your pool account with your unique id.

you can see all available rewards on application and can apply each code individually .

– Home screen will contain all reward codes
– We added a menu so that user can navigate/filter reward list
– Today: We add new reward codes everyday, new reward codes will be listed under today tab, new reward codes will work on every account.
– Top Value: It will contain highest value coins (1000-5000)

– Scratches: it will contain reward codes to get Scratches
– Spins: it will contain reward codes to get Spins
– Avatars: it will contain reward codes to get Avatars
– Cues: it will contain reward codes to get Cues

– Rare: it will contain reward codes to get Rare
– Epic: it will contain reward codes to get Epic
– Legendary: it will contain reward codes to get Legendary

1. One reward code cannot be used multiple times for same account.
2. If you already applied some codes then it will not work for you so please be patient and wait for new reward codes to be added .

Email for any discussion: contact@hastyclicks.com

Thank you!Pool Rewards – Daily Free Coinshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dQgx7yDxxtJljnswevcwpsUgNZVyEtWkoHIDLthvxkJALsp-lxb4S5pWR5CQrFJiOw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IKIAVITb0EB7c7tvh5HQp0MB-2uc3FilbCDRie3bNEdTl7GYx1WOsv__vFZMlQjJg4M=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hastyclicks.poolrewardsv2Hasty.ClicksHasty ClicksSports-GamesSports-Games4.0June 14, 20194.1 and up3.65M4.7Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000Important Note: We upgraded our rewards servers so the old versions of this app will not work after few days. you should update your app to latest version as soon as possible to continue getting free rewards,

Thank you! for your support!100,07588,5264,2342,7709183,627DOWNLOAD APK

Infinite Stairs v1.2.105 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Infinite Stairs v1.2.105 released on 15 June 2019 | 5:23 pm and this Infinite Stairs v1.2.105 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Infinite Stairs! Climb up an endless series of stairs to the top!Arcade game loved around the world with over 7 million downloads to date!
Infinite Stairs is addictive. Before you know it, you’re hooked!
Bust out new records with your nimble skills!
Who’s faster? You or your friend?!

Game features:
– Simple controls. Simple game for simply everyone.
– Set new records with your hand agility and dexterity!
– Fun characters and retro-graphics, just like the good old days.
– Real-time PVP mode for playing against a friend or any player from around the world.

Are you going to set the next new record?Infinite Stairshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JF6pqWZG-fbsAXJYOMQGmVmp4ood3KRpUWNyK_dDjS18_BQeImDOscU8Q082qk2Q0DQ=w200https://lh3.ggpht.com/8KGRs6NKLYvnOJyYb0lOOy_UraGvMWBzyAEg_lzecdd3yIPTckRYvTql90Lzhi3Whtg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nflystudio.InfiniteStaircaseNFLY.STUDIONFLY STUDIOArcadeArcade1.2.105June 14, 20194.0.3 and up40.6 M4.4Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000No recent changes380,948285,45540,37821,4328,35325,330https://www.youtube.com/embed/qmoGN7cEap8DOWNLOAD APK

Logical test – IQ v8.98 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Logical test – IQ v8.98 released on 15 June 2019 | 4:27 pm and this Logical test – IQ v8.98 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Evaluate your logic and your intelligence with varied testsTest your logic and your intelligence with these varied tests, similar to those to calculate an IQ (Intelligence quotient) with logical sequences of :
– Numbers
– Letters
– Dominos
– Figures
– Etc….

Training mode :
There are 10 questions by test. For every question, you have 60 seconds to answer.
If a test is interrupted, it can be continued later.
At the end of a test, a grade is given to you.

Competition mode :
Answer as many questions as you can!
You will be rewarded by :
– 10 points per question if the answer is correct
– From 0 to 10 more points if you answer quickly

Multiplayer mode (NEW!):
Play realtime against other players.
5 questions to answer within 80 seconds.
The more you answer quickly, the more you gain points!

Useful to train yourself to hiring processes or school exams, recruitment, Psycho-technical tests, series, logic puzzles, aptitude test, riddles, competitive exam, admission, logical reasoningLogical test – IQhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/scVB2x6my_bCms4zTs0GIaweZVm0DhH8WOa9iu2GhfZRPQ7xwZ9Jb4_f_3Cer8QDvg=w200https://lh5.ggpht.com/iRMDj0BWSfhJcLwYQvojdQOA-ps_Ni7hhL_2ZMKiGWfMoZbGudObeEVDUtyu55teAQ=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.testsintelligenceDominoSoftDominoSoftPuzzlePuzzle8.98June 14, 20194.1 and up12.56M3.6Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000Version 8.98
Bug for corrections in training mode fixed ("network error") for Android 9 mobile phones only

Version 8.x
New competition game (squares)
New graphics + new achievement
Corrections in competition/multiplayer modes available for all test types!

Version 7.x
Corrections in competition mode are available for 5 test types
Good answer now shown in competition & multiplayer modes
Emoticons to share/send in multiplayer mode
3 new competition/mutliplayer game types69,76928,47114,43010,0485,89210,928DOWNLOAD APK

Dragon Lords: 3D strategy v6.13.34 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Dragon Lords: 3D strategy v6.13.34 released on 15 June 2019 | 2:26 pm and this Dragon Lords: 3D strategy v6.13.34 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Dragon Lords is an epic fantasy strategy game with amazing 3D graphics!Dragon Lords is an epic fantasy strategy game with amazing 3D graphics! Build a fearsome castle, gather an indomitable army of elves and dwarves, recruit legendary heroes, use the magic of nature and the crushing power of dragons to make battles go your way. Prove that you are a wise commander, unite with friends into an unbreakable guild and become stronger together. Only the greatest have a chance to win!

* Unique 3D graphics: stunning spells and unbelievable views, with completely free camera movement.
* Lightning-fast PvP battles: show your valor and cunning, lead troops in battle or preserve your army and retreat at the right moment.
* Guild wars: call your friends into a team and take part in battles together.
* An epic PvE campaign: get ready for fun battles with the troops of the Black Sword Order.Dragon Lords: 3D strategyhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WOXVVZ1Qd32GUhhX1srCdmwO2UMqyiBgDFNIazx4A4vhmkTPibRQ5OYAk9Ab8N0yGiA=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/URxpW-67KNn2u5ypmsa_eJjTR8VL1nuKEeJHdh3ksEHPyRHSbPPH8xxy2h3XTYAdXKWx=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gl.fx.dnlFXGames.MediaFXGames MediaStrategyStrategy6.13.34June 14, 20194.1 and up98.5 M4.4Rated for 7+100,000 – 200,000Hero skins have been added.
This new gameplay mechanic is intended to assist you in crushing your enemies and reigning victorious!
– A new mode for heroes has been added:
heroes can now change their skins, each of which provides them with a unique set of characteristics.
– A new tournament type has been added:
the combat trial.
Here guilds will compete against each other for a week for rewards and the main prize

– a hero skin set.
– Invasion of Tror, King of Dwarves has been added.6,8424,919766469137551https://www.youtube.com/embed/XfG5Ymz-trcDOWNLOAD APK

Impossible Track Speed Cars Bump Driving Games v3.0.06 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Impossible Track Speed Cars Bump Driving Games v3.0.06 released on 15 June 2019 | 1:25 pm and this Impossible Track Speed Cars Bump Driving Games v3.0.06 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Test your Car Driving Skills by accepting the most Speed Bump ChallengesAre you ready to enjoy Extreme Speed Bump Cars Drive Fun?

If you love the speed of driving with stunts and drifts this game is a treat for you. The only task you have to complete in this car race is to reach the finish line without wrecking or shoving your luxurious car. So, be ready for a racing experience, set on the side of the city and accept the speed car bumps challenges to become a stunt master. This game has added new dimensions to the impossible racing games with its challenging hurdles & incredible obstacles. Get fast to conquer the death tracks without any search.

This impossible car bumps challenge is all about timing and pace. Cross all the lethal checkpoints with perfect timing else your speed car will get crushed in no time. Jump over the ramps while giving turbo-pump to your supercar and cross all the roadblocks in a wink of an eye. Don’t be lazy as this demolition race is all about speed. Race around the tricky obstacles and leave the skid mark behinds while drifting heavily on the death tracks.

Enjoy the extreme car demolition with real deforming of car meshes and sub-meshes. Feel yourself sitting inside the car cabin whenever you hit the deadly hurdles and roadblocks. This is all due to the virtue of 3D physics engine and realistic car simulation effects. Have fun playing this exciting game offered by Knock-Solutions (Gamtech) Inc. This is not only a free game but is also an offline game.

Game Features:

– Bundle of exhilarating stunt racing missions.
– Amazing game graphics with lustrous car looks.
– Tilt, Steering and button controls.
– Powerful and speedy muscle cars.
– Extremely challenging gameplay.
– Free to download.

If you like this game, please try our other games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.Impossible Track Speed Cars Bump Driving Gameshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/817AieT6KClu6lVs0jvI0Ux8Y21g_NUHpuC7x13owde7yNCoC00Y0cos2WcZAWcRWSg=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gcT-Z5kFyyadQgNCb_IVO-fEGlgrx3hqtbGtiR_dm_8iv2dUCs1T7Pal51ep_fhQySHP=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speed.car.bump.challenge.gamesKnock-Solutions.(Gamtech).IncKnock-Solutions (Gamtech) Inc.SimulationSimulation3.0.06June 14, 20194.1 and up29.41M4.0Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000New Levels Added!
New Devices Support!
FPS Enhanced!559356463819100https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbWAvgzb_t8DOWNLOAD APK

Duty Wars – WWII v1.1.2 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Duty Wars – WWII v1.1.2 released on 15 June 2019 | 11:00 am and this Duty Wars – WWII v1.1.2 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Strategy game inspired by World War 2.Duty Wars – WWII is a turn by turn strategy game inspired by world war 2. In this game, you can create and lead troops on the battlefield. The aim of each army is to defeat all its enemies by capturing all its capitals.

Duty Wars – WWII includes two game modes (Versus and Campaign) and a map editor :

– Campaign mode enables you to replay 25 historic battle of the world war 2 all around the world. In these famous battles, you will lead the armies of USA, Soviet Union or Great Britain against Germany or Japan. Once a mission completed, the linked map is available in versus mode.

– Versus mode enables you to play with your friend or with robot up to 5 players on some maps. There is 45 maps available by default, whose 25 are unlocked by completing missions in campaign mode. Furthermore, you can play on the maps you have created with Map Editor.

– Map Editor enables you to create your own map, to play on it in the versus mode and to share them with other players.

Features :

– Campaign mode of 25 missions.
– Versus mode of up to 5 players.
– Map editor.
– 45 default maps available.
– 5 available armies : USA, Germany, USSR, Japan and Great Britain.
– 18 differents units by army.
– Auto save of your games.
– Up to 5 players on versus mode

If you like this game, please rate it ????? 🙂

Website: http://www.nauwstudio.be/dutywars/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dutywarswwii/Duty Wars – WWIIhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BhSQ7_cZqd8-2O5zriyMos6EzdHIeAHRZm4fj3zvyFasBBP9HHj7pMyGm1hgOPmnFPkS=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0nFRWt6wGfAVYQ0sSt1ywz2_LOsBSzm_jT4mdB5MbmCE9Y-HIvDygLfz0lZ0Jf3N0ic=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nauwstudio.dutywars_ww2Nauw.StudioNauw StudioStrategyStrategy1.1.2June 14, 20194.0.3 and up26.72M4.1Rated for 7+50,000 – 100,000No recent changes1,1826882128747148DOWNLOAD APK

Magic vs Monster – The Best Brick Breaker Game v1.16 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Magic vs Monster – The Best Brick Breaker Game v1.16 released on 15 June 2019 | 9:52 am and this Magic vs Monster – The Best Brick Breaker Game v1.16 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com ???? 2019 Brand new Brick Breaker Game. Easy control and Free to play. ????Magic VS Monster is a Brick Breaker pinball arcade game. You can crush various monsters as a wizard! Use your wand, release wizard powers, and combine with various pinball skills to crush monsters and zombie, also prevent invasion from the monsters and zombie!

???? How to play?
– Click and slide magic pinball to aim at monsters
– Launch the magic pinball after selecting the best angle
– Use your exclusive skill to destroy monsters by a critical strike
– Complete stage with full stars and get rewards to collect more resources!

???? How to win?
– Select a best angle to bounce as many times as possible to crush the monsters
– The more times the magic ball bounces, the more damage it causes to monsters, and you will also receive a high combo reward
– Bounce the ball is the key to crush monsters.
– Upgrade skills to make yourself powerful
– Unlock advanced characters to get more powerful magic power

❤️ The reasons that you fall in love with Magic VS Monster
– A free arcade pinball game. And a new type of Brick breaker game.
– Hundreds of ingeniously designed stages and different kinds of monsters are waiting for you to explore
– Great graphics and easy control.
– Best time killer
– Play it anywhere
– Three different characters Arcane, Flame and Lighting bring you different magic power experience

It’s a new brick breaker game. The monsters are like bricks. But they have different looks ,and different skills. You are a wizard with magic power in Magic VS Monster, you need to be a monster breaker. Practice your pinball ability, upgrade magic skills, crush all monsters, protect your homeland, and become the wizard master! You will fight against various powerful monsters in different maps: Will Mountains, Mystical Valley, Lava Land and etc. Keep an eye on their fighting style and adjust your launch strategy so that you can get victory successfully. Also pay attention to your magic barrier in battle, that is your last fortress!

The pleasure of the game is bounce ball. The best time killer game. You can use the bounce ball to crush the monster and zombie to win the game. You can play it anytime and anywhere, which makes it the best game to kill time. Besides, it’s fun to play and free to get. It is also a wizard game full of magic power and different kinds of zombie monsters, combining with wizard power and powerful zombie monsters.

Magic VS Monster is a brick breaker game and block breaker game which allows you to crush bricks with fun. With the bounce ball, you can crush bricks easily. Besides it’s a block breaker game that you can easily control. In the game, you’re a wizard who can destroy bricks with magic. After aiming at the monsters with your bounce ball, they can be destroyed successfully. The bounce ball can be controlled by your move. Crushing bricks within your control brings huge entertainment. Magic VS Monster is the best brick breaker game and time killer. You can play the block breaker game whenever you’re bored. Playing ball bricks helps you relax and will ease your tension.

Magic VS Monster can be regarded as a wizard game, in which you’re a wizard with super power to crush ball bricks. This is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a time killer. This brick breaker game is designed for people with all ages. As a magician in this monster game, you need to defeat all monsters to win the game. Be careful while monsters approaching, you can brick them with balls in this brick breaker game. This block breaker game can be seen as monster breaker game, because bricks are monsters in the game.

You play with ball bricks in this monster breaker and block breaker game, which is a nice time killer. Because crushing ball bricks with a wand and magic is entertainment!

We will add more characters in the game and enrich your magician career, if you have any ideas, please feedback us at any time!

Welcome to join our Magic Academy!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagicvsMonster/

Thank you for playing! Have fun!Magic vs Monster – The Best Brick Breaker Gamehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/tKSh6Ny_8I3VEEZ9YIglR3j2NTewBqM4yRWVfDitlRlI9wNoDODJyA7SJ6FMhD9UCw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/s7uAdal6x915L7k8nyYOoLiYyZm-6xcY4zGnSW7ZmJD6eY0Ohrq4h8yusGwqOiBh3w=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=magic.vs.monster.brickbreaker.bobble.free.androidRedFish.GamesRedFish GamesArcadeArcade1.16June 14, 20194.4 and up62.8 M4.6Rated for 3+50,000 – 100,000* Added new magician-Ice Elf! Eliminate monsters with his powerful skill!
* Added new 25 levels!
* Added new monsters!
* Added Spanish and Portuguese to the game!

???? Welcome to share suggestions with us!
???? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagicvsMonster/2,1061,5033831672231https://www.youtube.com/embed/qlY1ovEI5JcDOWNLOAD APK

Zombie Forest HD: Survival v1.15 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Zombie Forest HD: Survival v1.15 released on 15 June 2019 | 9:45 am and this Zombie Forest HD: Survival v1.15 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Survival in the middle of a forest filled with zombies and marauders.By the will of fate, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, you found refuge inside the tree house. But every day the number of zombies increases, and the food for them is becoming less. The aggressive dead are not averse to regaling with your brains, and no tree will become an obstacle for them. In order to repel the armies of zombies, you have to assemble a group of survivors, arm them and accumulate enough ammunition with supplies. Build animal traps, rainwater filters, defensive fortifications, spikes and saws to kill zombies, craft bullets and upgrade weapons. Go to raids around the district, share resources with your neighbors, meet new partners, collect abandoned resources and supplies. In addition to zombies, you can meet both friendly groups of survivors and gangs of marauders. Agree with them, attack or rob – it’s up to you.

Choose the style of defense that suits you best: point shooting with sniper rifles, indiscriminate automatic rifle fire, or support with shotguns. Will you donate a squad when meeting with marauders or give a fee for the passage? Every working hand is also an extra mouth. Save all certainly will not work!

Planning and rigorous calculation – the key to success! But be prepared for the gifts of fate. At any time, your teammates can leave the group, taking with them a large part of the supplies. The bitten ones can hide their condition until the last moment – as a result, not only they, but also other members of the group may suffer. Wild animals can take away part of the supplies, inept handling of fire can lead to the loss of part of the ammunition, missing canned food can lead to eating disorders and unplanned weekends… But there will be time for pleasant events. Isn’t it nice to live at least one more day?

Game features:
– 50 types of zombies and survivors;
– 13 types of weapons (pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns);
– protective fortifications (wooden, stone and iron blocks, spikes, circular saws);
– mining facilities (animal traps, rain filters);
– improvement of weapon parameters;
– exchange of resources and weapons;
– procedurally generated raid locations;
– meetings with marauders and neutral groups;
– random events that greatly simplify or complicate survival;
– global table of records;
– the overall level of the game, growing with each death.

Online mode:

– instead of a tree, now the house, with the possibility of building additional rooms;
– the number of people is limited by the number of rooms (2 people per room);
– people and buildings can be freely moved both inside the house and outside;
– protective buildings can be repaired;
– people have experience, levels and improved characteristics;
– the playing field has become wider, now you can swipe it to the left and right;
– added new buildings (fires, fences, fuel generator, electric fence, mine, barbed wire);
– diesel generator may stall;
– added zombie pens;
– the mode of catching zombies in the form of rifle tranquilizers;
– caught zombies can be enhanced by feeding them other zombies;
– caught zombies can be used to attack other people’s camps;
– on the raid map now there are 3 types of locations: destroyed houses, foreign bases and places for catching zombies;
– before attacking bases or destroyed houses, you can first examine them, assessing the chances;
– the exchange is completely redone: now the merchant may have a weapon, the amount of resources is limited and changes every day, you can add several types of resources during the exchange;
– the raid can only be walked once a day, but already in the raid it is possible to change the map;
– the number of actions is not limited to the number of people;
– in the absence of cartridges, people fight off with rifle butts;
– people may not have time to use the first-aid kit;
– if all people die – you lose all weapons, start the game from the first day with the new survivor, but the resources and buildings will remain in place.Zombie Forest HD: Survivalhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iiL8qSlM7kLoLxVYdISAtqM23NkOZQefTRgnMNTbVzyvOVJmwbJ8hEPyLyHmwFctIf0=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/zU_ZIeg7j_Dj3AfFxMSLRkNgcmG72aBguU0XSW4YGsFd0wGBfyaz5WnZVg8KpZSqHQ=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tavintsev.zombieforesthdAlexander.TavintsevAlexander TavintsevStrategyStrategy1.15June 14, 20194.1 and up55.2 M4.4Rated for 7+10,000 – 20,000– added roulette;
– tickets are needed to rotate the roulette wheel;
– tickets are given for every 100 killed zombies;
– tickets can also be found in raids;
– in roulette you can win weapons, resources, parts and additional tickets;
– increased the chance of the appearance of military bases on the raid map;
– minor bugs fixed.2231613111812DOWNLOAD APK

The Oregon Trail: Settler v2.8.9a Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download The Oregon Trail: Settler v2.8.9a released on 14 June 2019 | 7:09 pm and this The Oregon Trail: Settler v2.8.9a Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Saddle-up for an all-new Oregon adventureYou’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience the next step in The Oregon Trail story, where you and your family can finally settle down and build a new home in the Wild West…

***** “Very addictive. I can’t put my phone down”

***** “Great combination of building, socializing, and side games”

***** ”Love it! This game is awesome, I remember it as a kid but now it’s even better”

The Oregon Trail: American Settler is a fun and addictive game stocked with heaps of engaging features to keep you entertained for hours and hours! Build the largest and greatest town the Wild West has ever seen!

√ A fun, free-to-play adventure!
√ Create and manage your own frontier town
√ Relive memorable moments from The Oregon Trail!
√ Place hundreds of buildings, livestock and crops
√ Customize your character with various outfits
√ Play hunting or fishing mini-games for resources
√ Go prospectin’ to uncover daily rewards
√ Face the dangers of the Wild West: stampedes, hurricanes and more!
√ Visit neighboring villages to gather hearts and use them to grow your village!

So go ahead, start playing for free and join the many other players who’re already having fun on the frontier! For fans of simulation, farming and tycoon games.


The Oregon Trail: American Settler is free to download and play. You will collect virtual currencies called “Coins” and rarer “Cash” as you play which you can use to care for your town or buy in-game items, energy, and resources. If you don’t have enough virtual currency to buy an item, restore energy, or perform an action, you can choose to earn additional currency gradually over time as you play the game, or purchase additional virtual currency with real money. In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $99.99. You can restrict in-app purchases by adjusting your User Controls in your Play Store settings.

Supported languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

An additional download of 50 to 150MB is required to play this game. Please note, the size of this required download may change without notice.

Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the internet.

Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to a social network like Facebook. Please note this connection is never compulsory to progress through the game.

This game may contain third party advertisements that will redirect you to a third party site.

For customer care matters please visit http://support.gameloft.com/


Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.com
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Check out our videos and game trailers on http://www.youtube.com/Gameloft
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This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

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