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The Walking Dead No Man's Land Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis The Walking Dead No Man's Land released on 21 February 2018 | 4:26 am and this The Walking Dead No Man's Land Android by Downloadapkgratis

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Next Games Oy


20 February 2018
4.1 and up
36.75 M

Join Rick, Daryl, Michonne and other iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead in the official mobile game of the show. Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse of TWD: No Man’s Land?

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a thrilling, action-packed RPG where tactical choices make the difference between life and death. Only the strongest will survive so choose your team wisely: bring Michonne and dominate in close-quarter combat or send Rick to dispatch enemies from afar. Or perhaps you’ll choose to snipe from a distance with Daryl’s crossbow, or mow the herd down with Abraham’s assault rifle.

• FIGHT through hordes of deadly enemies in tactical turn-based combat
• COLLECT and upgrade your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead
• CHOOSE the right team and the equipment for each mission
• HUNT walkers in Terminus, The Prison and other familiar locations from AMC’s The Walking Dead
• JOIN other players in deadly weekly challenges and PVP combat for exclusive rewards

“Throw in some pretty swish graphics, lovely animations and blood splatters, and you have one of the most carefully fleshed out zombie games we've seen on mobile. It looks lovely, and plays great too.” – Pocketgamer

“Each aspect of survival on AMC's The Walking Dead has been parallel to the series' official mobile game, subtitled No Man's Land.” – Mashable

“Imagine your favorite mobile base-building strategy game, mix in a dash of XCOM, and then paint on a fresh coat of AMC’s The Walking Dead. That’s No Man’s Land in a nutshell.” – Gamezebo

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For player support, please visit:

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 574,488 total



App Screenshots

   The Walking Dead No Man's Land- screenshot     The Walking Dead No Man's Land- screenshot     The Walking Dead No Man's Land- screenshot     The Walking Dead No Man's Land- screenshot     The Walking Dead No Man's Land- screenshot

What’s New
    The Walking Dead Season 8 missions continue every Monday! Watch the episode, play through the memorable moments the next day in No Man’s Land and earn Rick tokens along the way.
    Gather your guild and explore the new “In the Dead of Night” challenge.
    The update includes many bug fixes and performance improvements.

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RPG Toram Online Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download RPG Toram Online released on 20 February 2018 | 4:28 pm and this RPG Toram Online Android by Downloadapkgratis

RPG Toram Online

Asobimo, Inc.

Role Playing

19 February 2018
2.3.3 and up
36.31 M

★Over 7 Million Downloads!

– Create Your Own Characters!
You have more than 50 billion dress patterns!
"This MMORPG doesn't have a ""Class System"".
You can build your character as you like with ""Skill System""."
Also, you will be able to customize your weapon abilities!

– Enjoy the Game with Your Friends!
You can play this game communicating with multiple players online.
Cooperate with each other and defeat fierce monsters!
Explore the massive vast 3D world with your friends!

[Game Story]Hundreds of years ago, the ground was split by the cataclysm all of a sudden.
The gods hastily joined the grounds, however, the world looks like awkwardly patched.
Since the nations were destroyed, people are divided into four groups regardless of race.
You will meet various people in this world, experience numerous adventures, and face the mysterious existences underworld…

[Game Details]Title: Toram Online – Departure from Iruna –
Category: MMORPG

Recommended Requirements
OS: Android 4.3 or higher
CPU: Quad-core or higher
RAM: 2GB or more
Internet Connection: Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps or more)

*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if your device doesn't meet recommended requirements.
*We cannot guarantee that the app runs on the devices that are not supported by manufacturers or retailers even if they meet the recommended requirements.
*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using the apps that are not supported by manufacturers or retailers on your device.
*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using the apps that root your device.
*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using emulated environment.
*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if it is not installed in the internal storage on your device.
*Only Android devices with ARM processors are supported.
*SAMSUNG Galaxy series are not supported due to the unfixable screen glitches that occur on these devices.
*More amount of RAM stated in the recommended requirements can be needed depending on the resolution of your device.

■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toram.jp

Please contact us from the Official Website below for requests or bugs.
Inquires sent from the Official Website will be considered with priority.

Google Play Rating


 432,347 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    Enjoy Winter Event: “Snowball Fight”!
    Skill Adjustment has been applied.
    Minor bug fixes.
    *For more details, please check our official website and news.
    Thanks for playing and good luck on your adventure!

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Coursera: Online courses Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Coursera: Online courses released on 20 February 2018 | 3:56 pm and this Coursera: Online courses Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Coursera: Online courses



18 February 2018
4.1 and up
31.86 M

Learn on the go with the Coursera App for Android. Access more than 1,000 courses and Specializations developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities in the world, and advance your career or continue your education by mastering subjects from Python programming and data science to photography and music.

Learn from top instructors in an engaging learning experience:

• Browse 1000+ courses in a variety of subject areas, from math, to music, to medicine
• Stream lecture videos online any time, or download for offline viewing
• Transition seamlessly between web and app learning, with coursework, quizzes and projects saved across both platforms
• Learn in dozens of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian
• Earn Course and Specialization Certificates and share your success with employers, colleagues, and friends

Advance your career or continue your education in subjects like:

• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability and Data
• Business: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
• Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine
• Art, including Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing
…and hundreds more!

Earn a Certificate:

Joining Coursera is free. To qualify to earn a certificate, enroll in a range of Specializations by paying per course or Specialization.

Get to Know Us: http://www.coursera.org

Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coursera

Privacy Policy: https://www.coursera.org/about/privacy
Terms of Service: https://www.coursera.org/about/terms

Google Play Rating


 87,795 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    – Fixes quiz bugs
    – Performance improvement

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Triller Music Video+Film Maker Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Triller Music Video+Film Maker released on 17 February 2018 | 4:57 am and this Triller Music Video+Film Maker Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Triller – Music Video & Film Maker

Triller LLC

Video Players-Editors

15 February 2018
4.3 and up
24.45 M

Triller is the easiest way to create flawless video. Make celeb-quality music videos, shoot beautiful films, and collaborate with friends to make group videos in seconds.

Millions have made Triller videos on the fly including Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart + more. Just shoot a few takes, tap the Triller button, and we quickly edit everything together into an impressive, shareable video.

Use Triller to:

* Create a professional-looking video with the help of our unique auto-editing algorithm.
* Look your best with 50+ filters. New filters drop every week.
* Capture your life from the best angles, or pick from the hottest songs to make your own music video.
* Personalize your videos with text, drawings, and emojis.
* Collaborate with friends in group video.
* Share videos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Text, E-mail OR Save to your Camera Roll.

Questions? Feedback? We love it. Please write us at:

Google Play Rating


 120,884 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    New: amazing design. Portrait Recording!

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edjing Mix: DJ music mixer Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download edjing Mix: DJ music mixer released on 17 February 2018 | 5:45 am and this edjing Mix: DJ music mixer Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

edjing Mix: DJ music mixer

MWM – Best free music and audio apps for Android


16 February 2018
5.0 and up
35.6 M

Introducing edjing Mix – the brand new version of the world's most downloaded DJ app voted Best App by Google 4 years in a row (2013-2014-2015-2016) – reworked to ensure even greater performance level.
Designed in partnership with pro DJs, edjing Mix transforms your device into a real DJ setup and stretches the limits of djing on mobile, offering unlimited creative freedom.

Access millions of tracks coming from Deezer, SoundCloud and all your local folders and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ fx and features. Not to mention the all-new sampler and the hardware integration to push even further the boundaries of the mobile djing.

* ‘edjing Mix offers the same capability of a pro DJ software except with the convenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket.’ – DJ Tech Tools
* 'A super portable digital setup' – DJ Worx

Remix +50 million tracks

– Music library (access to all your local music)
– Soundcloud integration
– Deezer integration (requires a Premium account)
– create multisource playlists with songs from both your local and streaming sources
– smart search feature that displays results for all your music sources on the same screen
– queue system to prepare the upcoming songs
– advanced sorting: browse by alphabetical order, BPM, or Time

A new major feature: the sampler

– access 16 free samples to trigger when you want on top of your music: siren, gunshot, kick, snare…
– possibility to link the sampler to the crossfader to cut the pads' samples sound depending on your crossfader's position.
– +20 sample Packs (EDM, Hip-Hop, dubstep…), created by Pro DJs, in partnership with Future Loops

All the must-have DJ tools

– automatic BPM (Beats per minute) detection for all your songs
– Tap BPM feature to manually adjust the BPM of your tracks
– continuous sync between your two tracks
– a little audio spectrum to navigate in your music
– a wide audio spectrum for optimised beats detection
– pro audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Reverse
– audio FX expansion (in-app purchase): Roll, Filter, Steel, Color Noise, Beatgrid…and more!
– automated audio FX sync on the beats (loop, cue, seek)
– loops: from 1/4 to 8, or customizable through 'in' and 'out' point
– set up to 4 Hot Cues on each deck
– EQ three bands and Gain
– Pre-cueing with headphones (in-app purchase)
– Automix mode to let edjing mix and do seamless transitions between your tracks
– ultra precise scratch
– a "Slip" mode that can be activated for Loops and Scratch
– HD recording of your mixes and scratch routines in .wav format
– 4 skins to customize your turntables (in-app purchase): Diamond, Gold, Neon, Metal

Turntables designed by pro DJs

– intuitive interface that gives you a direct and quick access to all the essential features to gain time during remix live sessions
– optimized turntables: you are only 1 click away from the essentials
– possibility to reorder the audio FX lists to customize the panel

Compatible with Mixfader

– remix with edjing Mix and the world's first wireless crossfader (themixfader.com)
– Mixfader becomes your crossfader for you to scratch on edjing
To detect and connect to your Mixfader, the app needs permission to activate your Bluetooth, and access your location. This is required by the Android Bluetooth System.
Mixfader requires Bluetooth LE and Android 4.3 onwards.

Remix from songs your Android Wear

– access your set key information
– sync your songs
– manage 4 DJ effects

About edjing Mix

To keep up-to-date on our latest news, follow us on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edjingApp
Instagram: http://instagram.com/edjingofficial/
Twitter : http://twitter.com/edjing

Contact our Team: support@edjing.com

Google Play Rating


 630,287 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    No recent changes

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Alto's Adventure Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Alto's Adventure released on 17 February 2018 | 5:54 am and this Alto's Adventure Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Alto’s Adventure

Noodlecake Studios Inc


16 February 2018
4.0 and up
63.25 M

Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins.

Along the way you'll rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders – all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain.


• Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics-based gameplay

• Procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding

• Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, and more

• Easy to learn, difficult to master one button trick system

• Chain together combos to maximize points and speed

• Test your skills with 180 handcrafted goals

• Discover six unique snowboarders, each with their own special attributes and abilities

• Challenge your friends. Compete for best high score, best distance, and best trick combo!

• Acquire the wingsuit from Izel’s workshop for an entirely new gameplay dynamic

• Beautifully minimalist and evocative visual design

• Original music and handcrafted audio for an ambient and immersive experience (headphones recommended!)


"A piece of interactive art"

"One of the best mobile games"
– The Verge

"Alto's Adventure demands your attention"

"Best Looking Video Games of 2015"

Google Play Rating


 461,723 total



App Screenshots

   Alto's Adventure- screenshot     Alto's Adventure- screenshot     Alto's Adventure- screenshot     Alto's Adventure- screenshot     Alto's Adventure- screenshot

What’s New
    – Fixed bug where ads still showed to those who purchased Premium Unlock
    – Fixed a rare issue where textures would appear green
    – Fixed an issue that could cause performance slow-downs on newer hardware
    – Other minor bug-fixes and improvements.

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Colorfy – Coloring Book Free Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Colorfy – Coloring Book Free released on 17 February 2018 | 6:01 am and this Colorfy – Coloring Book Free Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Colorfy – Colouring Book for Adults – Free

Fun Games For Free


15 February 2018
4.0 and up
53.35 M

*** Elected as one of the “Best Apps of the Year” by Google – "Most Beautiful" category ***

**** 4 thematic images and 50% off on monthly subscription ****

Colorfy is the free addicting colouring book for adults on Android. Start colouring books now! Kids and girls can also enjoy the pictures of mandalas, florals, animals and patterns.

With Colorfy, you don't need wifi to start the colouring game! You can color and recolor the colouring pages online or offline. Try now one of the best colouring games of 2017!

Colouring books and games are proved to help adults release the stress and feel better: test it now! It is a great way to relax your mind and have fun! Enjoy this color therapy for free now!

Girls and boys can also draw and paint several colouring pages in this casual app. It a free and fun colouring book for all ages: adults and kids!

– Color beautiful florals, animals, patterns, mandalas, cats, gardens, famous paintings, and more
– Create your own color combinations in this awesome colouring game
– Draw mandalas
– Color and recolor as many time as you want in this book
– Designed for adults but kids and little girls can also enjoy the colouring experience
– Easy controls! Simply tap to paint and pinch to zoom on the colouring pages
– Experiment with beautiful palettes and mandalas
– Design unique work with new filters and effects
– Share your pages and creations with family and friends
– Post your art and get likes from your followers on Instagram or Pinterest
– Works offline! No wifi needed to relax on the best colouring book

• New images and pictures every week
Get inspired with pics posted by users all over the world! Just browse our own feed or explore the hashtag #colorfy on Instagram. Create your own pic collages that look like real paintings or colorful photos. Unleash your inner artist.

• Colouring books anywhere
Colorfy is a free casual app and does not require any internet connection. Have fun with it in the garden, while kids play video games, or during that long coast-to-coast flight. Relax and be creative. You can play it online or offline!

• Connect with the world in a new, meaningful, and beautiful way
Share your creations in Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook and more. Have the most beautiful colouring pages! The colors you choose say a lot about your true feelings.

• Colorfy Plus subscription
A subscription is offered within the app for access to the full content and weekly image updates.

• Compatibility and support
We're continuously working so that all Android phones and tablets run Colorfy the best way possible. Please report any issue you may experience at https://www.fungames-forfree.com/games/colorfy

• Age rating disclaimer
Colorfy is a free app for all ages. Just like the best games – children and adults can enjoy it without any restrictions. Have your girl or boy pass time with this app. It's great for kids too!

Google Play Rating


 758,593 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    *** Elected as one of the “Best Apps of the Year 2016” by Google – “Most Beautiful” category ***
    Hi everyone! We are bringing amazing news to you in this version:
    ~ Checkout the new “Trending” theme for the hottest images on the app! Updated daily!
    ~ Much needed bug fixes and improvements – thanks for your feedbacks!
    We hope you enjoy it!

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BLEACH Brave Souls Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download BLEACH Brave Souls released on 15 February 2018 | 1:59 am and this BLEACH Brave Souls Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

BLEACH Brave Souls

KLab Global Pte. Ltd.


13 February 2018
4.0 and up
32.6 M

3D graphics and simple controls make for free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action.

Unleash each Bleach character's unique special moves to carve your way to victory. Special moves are fully voiced by the original Japanese anime voice actors.

Combine your favorite characters into teams of three. You can even make combinations of characters you would never see in the original story. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Follow the Bleach story from the moment Rukia and Ichigo first meet. Develop your characters as you complete quests that recreate pivotal scenes from the story.

Compete in weekly leagues. Pit your best warriors against other players' teams and vie for the top spot.

Brave Souls features a highly flexible character improvement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and the team you want. Enter battle and earn experience to level up characters and improve their base stats, Ascend them to increase their max level, train them on the Soul Tree to further improve specific stats, or link characters together to provide additional support. The choice is yours!

Official Site

Account: @bleachbrs_en
Hashtag: #BraveSouls


Recommended OS
Android 4.0 or later

The following permissions are necessary to play this game.
Storage Access
Necessary for the game to be able to store game data in an external location. These permissions only apply to Android versions earlier than 6. For Android 6 or later, you can still play the game even if you decline these permissions.

Identity (find accounts on this device)
Permission: GET_ACCOUNTS
Necessary to receive push notifications.

Camera/Microphone Access
Necessary for using the video recording function.

© Tite Kubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

Google Play Rating


 143,253 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    Issues Fixed
    – Incorrect player status screen displayed
    – Unable to transition from a guild invite to the Guild Details dcreen
    – Guild-related notifications not being delivered
    – Issue with Co-Op friend request screen
    – “Overall” section not displayed on the My Status screen
    – “Summer of Souls” wallpaper incorrectly displayed on My Status screen
    See in-game notices for details.

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Deemo Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Deemo released on 14 February 2018 | 12:24 pm and this Deemo Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com


Rayark International Limited


12 February 2018
4.0 and up
20.55 M

From team Cytus, a world acclaimed music rhythm game.

Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound.

Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn't deal with the truth when her seemingly lost memories regained?!

"Never left without saying goodbye".

-60+ Free songs in story mode
– More than 220 songs in various music genres, many of which from famous composers
-Simple and intuitive gameplay
-Twitter and Facebook score sharing function

*The Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.

Google Play Rating


 509,166 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    Deemo 3.2
    -Newly added: 4 free songs added in “Shattered Memories 2”
    -Newly added: Paid song packs “M2U X Nicode Collection 2/ Funkot Collection/ Feryquitous Collection/ Ice Collection”
    -Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI

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ClevCalc – Calculator Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free ClevCalc – Calculator released on 13 February 2018 | 8:46 am and this ClevCalc – Calculator Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

ClevCalc – Calculator

Cleveni Inc.


12 February 2018
4.1 and up
5.54 M

This calculator allows you to easily handle all the calculations necessary for everyday life with a single application. A calculator app with a clean interface and practical functions!

List of calculators currently supported:

1. General Calculator
• Supports the four fundamental arithmetic operations, square, formula's parenthesis, and simple scientific operations such as trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
• Quick and easy.
• Possible to modify the formula during the input.
• History available.

2. Unit Converter
• Supports length, weight, width, volume, time, temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency, and the amount of data.
• Supports all unit conversions commonly used in everyday life.

3. Currency Converter
• Supports 106 currencies in the world, including dollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc.
• Automatically calculates using the real time exchange rate.

4. Discount Calculator
• Get a discount price by entering the original price and the discount rate.

5. World Time Converter
• Transforms the time of 400 or more cities around the world.
• Daylight savings time will also be reflected in this calculation.

6. GPA Calculator
• You can correctly calculate your GPA!

7. Ovulation Calculator
• Calculates the time of ovulation and fertility using the menstrual cycle!
• You can also create notes by date.

8. Date Calculator
• A feature that calculates the specific date or anniversary to be remembered!

9. Unit Price Calculator
• Enter the price and the quantity and you will get the unit price.
• You can compare unit prices of various goods.

10. Health Calculator
• You can measure the body mass index (BMI) and the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

11. Fuel Efficiency Calculator
• Enter the amount of fuel used to get the fuel efficiency.

12. Automobile Fuel Cost Calculator
• You can calculate the fuel costs required for driving a car or traveling.
• Enter a distance and a fuel efficiency to get a fuel cost.

13. Hexadecimal Converter
• Converts between decimal and hexadecimal with ease and convenience.

14. Sales Tax Calculator
• Get a total price by entering the original price and the tax rate.

15. Loan Calculator
• You can calculate the total interest and total payments by entering the loan principal and interest rate.

16. Savings calculator
• If you enter deposit amount, interest rate and time period, the interest after tax and final savings balance will be calculated.

17. Tip calculator
• The tip amount to be added will be automatically calculated if you enter billing amount and tip percent.
• There is a function not to calculate tips in tax.
• You may calculate the amount per person by dividing final amount by the number of people.

[ Disclaimer ]Cleveni Inc. makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability or suitability of any calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app. Cleveni Inc. is not also responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, which may occur by the calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app.

Google Play Rating


 111,950 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    [Version 2.15.0]– Added an option to purchase no ads version
    – Added ‘Tip Calculator’

Download & Instructions