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AirBattery v1.1.4 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download AirBattery v1.1.4 released on 7 July 2018 | 9:37 am and this AirBattery v1.1.4 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Thermal Camera is thermal imaging application for the Flir One v2 and Cat S60®.This app displays the current battery state of your Apple AirPods or your Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen 3).

You can open the app to see the charge of your AirPods / Beats or just use the notification (pro) if you just want to have a quick look.

The battery status is displayed with an interval size of 10% (Full | 95% | 85% …).
The AirPods and Beats only send their battery status to Android devices in 10% increments.
The AirPods case don’t have a Bluetooth transmitter. Therefore, the battery level of the case is only displayed when at least one AirPod is inserted in the case.

▶︎ see charge level of Apple AirPods and Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen 3) devices
▶︎ support for the Apple W1 chip
▶︎ self updating notification* (pro)
▶︎ the notification icon in status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod (pro)
▶︎ automatically open when AirPods / Beats are connected to the phone*
▶︎ only display the nearest AirPods / Beats*
▶︎ small popup to show current battery status of your AirPods / Beats
▶︎ In Ear detection for Spotify* (only with AirPods; experimental)
Was also successfully tested with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple Music and BeyondPod
▶︎ supports:
» AirPods
» BeatsX
» Powerbeats3
» Beats Solo3

* This feature must be manually activated in the settings.

Features to come in the next updates:
+ more Beats devices. Write me an E-Mail, when you own one of the following:
– Beats Studio 3 Wireless
+ multiple languages
If you want to help, please write me an E-mail.

The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. The API for Bluetooth LE only works with Location Permission, because the beacons for indoor navigation also uses Bluetooth LE.

The only known way to customize AirPods and change the double-tap functionality is connecting with an Iphone or Macbook. After then you can use the changed the double-tap functionality with Android.AirBatteryhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fCVkyuLMR-kh97jJuKlNgumR2uULvtomfl9fTEaLM1ghmCURDVqVm0SedDScFCqoyZE=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/cuPdtHcV9zUWl4oysuD6EnJWpIHQxxkN289g4CJKsCrC6-Q3GqfIzrFK_uhPZiRvmBYl=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=friedrich.georg.airbatteryGeorg.FriedrichGeorg FriedrichMusic-AudioMusic-Audio1.1.4July 7, 20185.0 and up1.7 M4.3Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000– now with 19 different languages
– hide the app from recent tasks with the "Hide app from recents button" (pro)
– automatically close the window after some seconds (pro)
– an FAQ in the settings
– In-Ear-Detection more responsive
– fixed lagging UI when app was running
– bug fixe1,5061,03321810241112DOWNLOAD APK

Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery v2.5.5 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery v2.5.5 released on 17 May 2018 | 6:12 pm and this Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery v2.5.5 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Close all running apps and save the battery powerHibernator provides an easy way to stop all running apps and as a result it saves the battery power and improves performance, and it can also close apps automatically everytime the screen is turned off.

This app improves your phone’s performance
☆ By speeding up your phone
☆ By freeing the memory
☆ By saving the battery
☆ By cooling your phone

Your phone keeps many apps running in the background, which is consuming your system resources, and as a result draining your battery and reducing the available memory.

✓ Close all running apps
✓ Close background tasks and services
✓ Supports user apps and system apps
✓ Widget
✓ Automatically close of apps when the screen is turned off
✓ Shortcuts

This app is a very powerful Task Killer that kill tasks and processes.

This app lets you speed up your phone when it runs slowly because of the many background running apps.

This app optimize your phone memory by freeing up RAM, and making space for new apps.

Closing apps helps save battery power and extend battery life.

Closing apps helps Cool down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage.

What is the difference between KillApps and Hibernator ?
Hibernator is more advanced than Killapps, since it lets you close apps automatically everytime the screen is turned off.

Your privacy is safe
✓ This app does not collect any data.
✓ This app doesn’t have internet permission

This app uses Accessibility services
This app is a great automated solution for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue, who struggle while interacting with the screen, especially when doing repetitive complicated tasks such as force closing many apps one by one.

This app automates one of the most repeating task with the user-interface , the task of "force closing running apps" ! and It does so, by closing all the apps, one by one in an automated way, and hence helps users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue avoid to manually close each app in the system settings.

✓ This app requires the accessibility service permission in order to be able to close other apps.
⇒ This app will be able to retrieve the active window content in order to find the button which forces closing an app in the system settings, then emulate a click action.
⇒ This app will be able to observe the actions related to the interface in order to guide the process of automating the task of closing apps , by monitoring the transition between windows during the emulation of interaction with the interface.

✓ This app requires the permission to draw above the other apps in order to be able to show the wait screen while closing apps.

✓ This app requires the permission to modify system settings in order to be able to turn off the screen after the hibernation operation is completed

[ Contact ]
Email : contact@tafayor.com
Google plusHibernator – Hibernate apps & Save batteryhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/D88Qa5aTVj5Lo60WjmhSEjy0-qGrF9StJSapdM1VuXazC88r57RCnck8-B9jP59v02M=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6K69ghe9zIehVoboI9L2B0yrhdCjx0TgG3KSAyqDiuLvlZULnAdExL_I8TbrsCIW7us=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tafayor.hibernatorYoussef.OuadbanYoussef OuadbanToolsTools2.5.5May 16, 20184.4 and up3.1 M4.4Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000v2.5.6 : Fixed bugs.
v2.5.0 :
+ Backup and restore.
+ In order to be able to backup your settings you need to enable the permission to access external storage2,4861,77030216569180DOWNLOAD APK

Energy Bar – A pulsating Battery indicator! vEB_6.4_BETA Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Energy Bar – A pulsating Battery indicator! vEB_6.4_BETA released on 10 April 2018 | 6:26 pm and this Energy Bar – A pulsating Battery indicator! vEB_6.4_BETA Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Energy Bar – A pulsating Battery indicator!https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/y3Vvk7W_qKnTOywIVvYWa1JfA4LZ-0OB0SfxgonVVYnk0SUi1nQALmWVABC-i15OJe0=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/TrmK0G76SgYKYndIknXbYuq5x4fzA97Wpn5TrqXyMUlcIDvuu-VEvncxKfM83zTXGY5P=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=you.in.spark.energyIJPIJPPersonalizationPersonalizationEB_6.4_BETAApril 8, 20184.3 and up2.93 M4.3Rated for 3+1,000,000 – 2,000,000Energy Bar – a color coded pulsating Battery indicator!Adds a configurable Energy Bar at the top of your screen indicating current Battery level. And just when you think, such a simple battery bar can display such a crucial information, try plugging in your charger – you'll be amazed by the details of the animation you'll see. The pulsating animation and the bar together not only indicates the current Battery level but also how much has the Battery charged since you plugged in your charger.

Got a full charge? The line will cover the whole width of your screen.
Battery depleting? So will the length of Energy Bar.

The latest update of the App let's Energy Bar feel all privileged as it's now more integrated with the device in the form of an Accessibility Service. To you as an user it means, Energy Bar will be very reliable and fits well with the System. And to complement the integration, a nice UI which let's you perform all sort of configuration on the Bar while it's live on your screen.

Out of the box features:-

✓ Energy Bar can be configured from a width of 1 pixel to cover the entire status bar (pro)
✓ Energy Bar puts almost 0% load on CPU, as it wakes up only to reflect any change in battery level
✓ Energy Bar's origin can be configured as left/center/right
✓ Energy Bar can hide on fullscreen content (apps, videos, images, games etc)
✓ Energy Bar can be configured to change colors automatically depending on the live battery level
✓ Energy Bar could have a mono color/multiple color segments/gradient (pro)
✓ You can literally assign any color in the world for your favorite configuration
✓ Energy Bar as a cool pulsating animation whenever a power source is plugged into your device

All that is cool! But what about Energy Bar consuming Battery?!

This is one of the most exciting question for me to answer. Energy Bar more than anything understands that you need to utilize your battery efficiently (after all, that's why you installed the App, right? 😉 .) Energy Bar sits on the screen silently putting almost 0% load on CPU, if battery level changes, Android wakes up Energy Bar. Once awake, Energy Bar quickly updates itself and goes back to sleep. And to be that extra efficient, the Bar goes on deep sleep when you turn off the screen, meaning it doesn't even read changes in battery level when the screen is off.

Notification Access requirement: Users have been enjoying the ultra stability and reliability of Energy Bar every since version 5.0. And that's because it had been running as an Accessibility Service. But now, the powerful permission has been downgraded to Notification Access, Energy Bar does not read any Notification whatsoever, it merely relies on it to be alive. Be assured that the App does NOT access anything. Note that Energy Bar has been trusted by the XDA Developers community since ages now – http://bit.ly/xda_EB1-pixel thick bar, 1 Million downloads, thanks everyone for the support, you're the best! 🙂

Latest update: The 'center' origin is now realistic and practical, try it out with 'Gradient' and 'Merged Segment' color configurations.

On some devices, you may have to enable the App in 'Auto-start Apps' settings to survive a phone reboot.

If you don't see Energy Bar after update, uninstall>reboot phone>install – turn on.

Expect 0 mAh battery consumption. :15,28010,0952,6789695031,035https://www.youtube.com/embed/KPAZYwEV9D8DOWNLOAD APK

Flat Battery Live Wallpaper Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Flat Battery Live Wallpaper released on 24 February 2018 | 4:41 am and this Flat Battery Live Wallpaper Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com

Flat Battery Live Wallpaper

Jiří Sýkora

Live Wallpaper

22 February 2018
4.0 and up
1.91 M

Flat battery HD Live Wallpapershows your current battery status in percentagewith cool material design.

Say goodbye all Battery savers, battery widgets and battery monitors and just install Flat Battery Live Wallpaper which inform you about battery status every times!

Elegant and simple design is best way to know your actual battery level. The live wallpaper takes minimum battery (it’s updated only when the battery level is changed)

With Flat Battery Live Wallpaper you can create own HD wallpaper with many colours and skins customization. Make your wallpaper unique!

Flat battery includes cool skins:

◆ "DECREASING" bar – This skin is default and shows your decreasing battery status in 3 different colours. Colours are changing if you have maximum or minimum battery level.

◆"SIMPLE" – This skin is ideal for long shadow. Background doesn´t change the color, when the battery level is going down.

◆ "HALF NUMBER" – This skin is in- app. Descreasing battery level doesn’t change the colour of background, only colour of your numbers.

◆ "CIRCLE" – This skin is in- app, but it´s different. Only circle shows your battery level and background doesn´t change.

◆ "HALF CIRCLE" – This skin is like a Circle. It´s in app, too.

◆ "MATERIAL DESIGN" – New theme, which is in style of Material Design Wallpaper

Every skin has possibility to change colours, stamp effect and long shadow. Default skin is free and packet all of others is in-app for buy.

If you have some problem or idea, send me an email. Thank you very much.

If you want help with translate visit http://www.getlocalization.com/FlatBatteryLiveWallpaper

!!! AVG Antivirus !!!

I still don't get any response from AVG but i try AVG aitivrus on his own AVG labs and here is result: http://neonalarmclock.com/images/avg_own_apps.png

You can try youself: http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/ww-en/android-app-reports/app/org.antivirus

I strongly recommend remove AVG virus!

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What’s New
    2.028 – 2.029
    Fix bugs.
    Update translations.
    2.027 – older
    Fix crash bug.
    Update translation.

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360 Battery – Battery Saver Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis 360 Battery – Battery Saver released on 2 February 2018 | 5:41 am and this 360 Battery – Battery Saver Android by Downloadapkgratis

360 Battery – Battery Saver



31 January 2018
4.0 and up
8.71 M

With battery time monitoring, power saving mode and battery charging time reducer, 360 Battery Plus protect your battery all the time.
Under the battery time monitoring, it detects what app is eating your battery power and it also tells you which one of them should be killed thus to save battery power.
Under power saving mode, You could stop all the battery draining apps on the background with one click.
As a battery charging time reducer, it reduces the battery consumption during the charging time.
Moreover, 360 battery plus helps you manage all draining apps, stop useless apps and decrease the charging time.
Free download this battery saver app comprehensively with only one tap to extend your device’s battery life.

Major features:

★ One-Tap Optimizer: Accurately detects and repairs battery draining problems; understands problem details and optimizes your device comprehensively.
★ Advanced Saving: Prevents apps from auto-starting secretly to avoid battery drains unnoticed.
★ Saving Modes: Automatically switch among smart power-saving modes and custom modes to improve performance and save battery

► Battery Monitoring
Monitors battery temperature, power pressure and remnant stand-by time to get a clear picture of current battery status.

► Accurate Calculation
Accurately calculates stand-by time according to current status of your device and battery.

► 24 Hour Power Consumption Chart
Monitors power consumption status of your apps at real time and provides power draining details and optimization functionalities.

► Smart Power Saving
Intelligently selects power-saving operations according to different usage scenarios and retains your power to the time you need it most.

► Healthy Charge
At different charging phase, monitors and completes healthy battery charge and ensure battery stays in its best condition all the time.

► Exception Reminder
Reminds you timely and optimizes your device with one tap when exception occurs to your battery temperature and power consumption of an app.

360 Battery helps cool down phone temperature and save power. This function needs to enable your accessibility service to help kill background apps and optimize your device performance.

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What’s New

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Battery Calibration Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Battery Calibration released on 12 December 2017 | 3:26 am and this Battery Calibration Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Battery Calibration



11 December 2017
4.1 and up
10.2 M

New functions and design in Battery Calibration 2.0!

Battery Calibration is the #1 battery calibrating app in Google Play Store. It’s made for you if you
– updated Android;
– did a default settings restore;
– are trying a custom ROM;
– changed battery in your phone;
– your battery indicator shows false charge level.

What can you use for?
– to calibrate your battery;
– to get detailed informations about your battery;
– to find out your battery voltage level;
– to be notified when your phone is fully charged;

Premium application for free with:
– built-in video guide for calibration;
– personal themes.

Battery Calibration is available in the following languages:
– English;
– Spanish;
– French;
– Russian;
– Portuguese;
– German;
– Itailan;
– Hungarian;
– Japanese;
– Chinese;
– Hebrew;
– Arabic.

Have any questions? Let us know!

Are you interested in batteries? Join us on Facebook!

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What’s New
    2.5.2 is a hotfix for 2.5.1, solving the crash issue on Android 5.0 and below.
    2.5.1 update includes:
    – better calibration perfomance;
    – improved user experience.

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L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] released on 10 November 2017 | 10:43 am and this L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] Android by Downloadapkgratis

L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT]



8 November 2017
4.0.3 and up
5.49 M

REQUIRES ROOT!!! (This app will not root your device)


What is L Speed:
L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life.
The mod will and should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement.
You only need a rooted Android device, Android 4.0.3 and later is needed for L Speed app to function properly.

L Speed comes with a nice and clean user interface. Options such as tweaks are separated with sections, their explanation can also be opened with a long click. L Speed also supports changing theme colors, with Light and Dark option available to suit everyone's taste.

L Speed white-listing:
You may also need to whitelist L Speed from memory cleaning, autostart, hibernating or similar functioning apps or features on your device.

Here are the list of some known functionality where you can whitelist L Speed:

Samsung: Settings -> Security -> Auto-start
Sony: Settings -> Power management -> STAMINA mode
MIUI: Settings (Security Center) -> Permissions -> Autostart
Huawei: Settings -> All (Permissions) -> Startup manager

These may or may not be available depending on the version of your installed firmware / ROM

How to uninstall:
Simply uninstall L Speed and reboot device.

Supported architectures: ARMv7, ARMv8, x86 and x86_64

Beta channel, join as tester:

android.permission.INTERNET – Allows applications to open network sockets, required for L Speed news.

android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER – Allows an app to access ROOT

android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Allows an application to read from external storage, required for backup&restore.

android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Allows an application to write from external storage, required for backup&restore.

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – Allows an application to access networks state, required for push notifications

android.permission.BATTERY_STATS – Allows an application to access battery stats

android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – Allows an application to wake up device from deep sleep, required for governor tuner and app services

android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS – Allows an application to write device settings, required for aggressive doze

Help with app translation:

Join beta channel on playstore:

Follow L Speed on G+:

Follow L Speed on Facebook:

Follow L Speed on xda-developers:

Join L Speed discussion on Telegram:

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What’s New
    – Better support management
    – Improved RAM Manager profiles
    – LMK fast run separated from profiles
    – Adaptive LMK separated from ram profiles
    – Added advanced options for ram manager
    – Added fine tuning for LMK
    – Added animation on launch screen
    – OOM Killer separated in few options
    – Log view updated (buttons moved to actionBar)
    – Added layout animations
    – Reduced and improved code
    – Updated widget size
    – Improved UI of LNET tweaks
    – Updated Russian translation

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Super Fast Charger – Battery Saver & Boost Cleaner Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Super Fast Charger – Battery Saver & Boost Cleaner released on 18 September 2017 | 6:09 am and this Super Fast Charger – Battery Saver & Boost Cleaner Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Super Fast Charger – Battery Saver & Boost Cleaner



10 September 2017
4.0.3 and up
8.8 M

Super Fast Charger is contributed base on the newest and modernist mathematics algorithms, help speed charging up to 160%. In addition, the app gives numerous options to turn on/off wifi, sound, flashlight, Bluetooth, brightness, GPS, mobile data connection, airplane mode in order to save battery.

Super Fast Charger is a lightweight Smart-Device Battery Charging Application.
Super Fast Charger's fast charging mode lets your Smart-Device battery charged in less than 50% of time as compared with the normal charge timings.
Super Fast Charger is highly optimized therefore it uses very less resources of device.
Super Fast Charger guarantees that there is no malfunctioning. spying or spamming involved.
User can Enable/ Disable many functions from the main screen of Fast Charging.

⚡ This app will automatically activate when you connect your charger
⚡ Faster Charging Up to 5-30% will detect and limit the power consumption
⚡ Shows the battery capacity in the app
⚡ Battery life boost
⚡ Smart charging screen saver
⚡ Automatically activates fast charging mode

How to use Super Fast Charger
1. Launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode.
2. It will automatically boost your charging speed when you connect the charger next time.
3.Super Charger Up to 15-30% faster than other apps.

If you have any problems while installing or using the app, please contact our apps developer team at email: jessikamjafar@gmail.com. We will contact with you and solve the difficulties as soon as possible.
If you like the app, please help me rate 5 star. Thanks.

Tags: fast charging, battery, speed, boost, android, charger

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What’s New
    1.Fix some bugs
    2.Optimize UI
    3.Optimize the user guide

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Battery Saver – Bataria Energy Saver Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Battery Saver – Bataria Energy Saver released on 27 August 2017 | 6:35 am and this Battery Saver – Bataria Energy Saver Android by Downloadapkgratis.com

Battery Saver – Bataria Energy Saver

Mobile Health Club


16 August 2017
4.1 and up
6.18 M

Your healthy Android starts with a strong battery. Bataria is the ultimate battery booster, guaranteed to double your battery life with an extended, long lasting battery.

Intelligent one-tap controls allow you to take control of when & how your device uses battery life, allowing you to save energy for when you need it most. The following features are the key to an extended battery life:

Features of Battery Saver – Bataria for a strong battery

Bataria has all of these essential tools for efficient battery use, and they’re completely free! Give your Android extended life with the most efficient battery saver tool from Mobile Health Club.

???? Customized Power Saver Mode: Save power in one tap, the way you decide. Build your Power Saving Profile to choose in advance how you want your Android to save energy – by reducing screen brightness, turning off Bluetooth, or any other way you choose.

???? One-Tap Battery Saver: Activate battery saver mode in just one tap!

Schedule Power Saving: Don’t want to remember to tap Power Saving Mode? No problem! Schedule when your Android activates Bataria’s powerful Energy Saver.

???? Battery Health Monitor: Monitor your extended battery life for reports on voltage, battery percentage, and temperature to make sure your android battery isn’t about to overheat.

???? Android Task Manager: An easy-to-use task manager lets you shut down apps and processes that drain battery life.

???? No Ads in Bataria: We put our users first. Unlike many battery saver apps, Bataria is an ad-free app!

↗️️ Convenient Battery Widget: Bataria’s beautiful battery widget offers quick access to battery health monitor and other useful tools directly from your homescreen.

Support Email: contact@mobilehealth.club
Website: https://mobilehealth.club

Important Note: Usage of Bataria indicates agreement to the Privacy Policy detailed here: https://mobilehealth.club/privacy.html

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 54,874 total



App Screenshots

What’s New
    1. Improved force-stop abilities for enhanced battery saving
    2. Added Monitor screen to show battery usage of all running apps and processes
    3. Icon upgrade

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Flash Cleaner-Booster,Junk Cleaner & Battery Saver Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Flash Cleaner-Booster,Junk Cleaner & Battery Saver released on 14 July 2017 | 10:51 am and this Flash Cleaner-Booster,Junk Cleaner & Battery Saver Android by Downloadapkgratis

Flash Cleaner-Booster,Junk Cleaner & Battery Saver



13 July 2017
4.0.1 and up
6.57 M

☀️ Flash Cleaner, the only all-in-one Speed booster, Battery saver and Junk cleaner app that optimizes your background apps, manages the memory space, cleans junk files and extends your battery life. Flash Cleaner helps you clean all types of junk files (system cache, image cache, video cache and advertisement cache) to free up the storage space. It can also free up RAM to improve your phone's speed and performance!
Flash Cleaner is clean master, download this optimization & security app that’s intuitively designed to protect all aspects of your mobile in just ONE tap, making phones run like they're brand new all the time!

★Flash Cleaner Key Functions:
⭐️Phone Booster:
Optimize your phone speed by shutting down redundant background tasks and freeing up RAM (memory) thoroughly. After boosting your mobile, run a speed test to see how much faster it has become. We also have phone booster shortcut, One-Tap Boost directly from your home screen makes it easy to optimize.

⭐️Junk files cleaner:
Delete all types of useless Android system files, large files and app caches for an instant speed boost to your Android phone performance, as well as preventing your phone from running slow and lagging. Flash Cleaner can help you freeing up storage space and memory, you can enjoy using a faster and speedier phone with just a single tap.

⭐️Battery saver:
Intelligently saves your device’s power by continuous monitoring temperature changes, detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts a cooling down progress, effectively reduce the phone temperature. Flash Cleaner helps save battery power and extend battery life.

⭐️Smart Boost
Display charge status in real time, accurately estimating remaining charge time. Boost charging for three-charge stages (Speed, Continuous and Trickle). Flash Cleaner can ensure you get the most out of your battery and never overcharge.

Protect your mobile device with Flash Cleaner, a top of the line free booster and cleaner designed to clean application caches and junk files from your system, increases the available storage space on SD card.
Flash Cleaner is right here to deal with all issues that slow down your Android device performance! It will help you master and optimize your background apps, memory space, junk files and battery power, as well as secure your phone from viruses.

Flash Cleaner is compatible with most Android phones and systems, including but not limited to all devices from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, TCL, HTC and more…

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What’s New
    No recent changes

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