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A360 – View CAD files v3.4.4 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis A360 – View CAD files v3.4.4 released on 28 November 2018 | 8:45 am and this A360 – View CAD files v3.4.4 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Access your CAD files anytime, anywhereAutodesk A360 was designed specifically for architects, engineers and designers to view and collaborate 2D & 3D CAD models. With over 100 CAD file and additional file formats supported, A360 allows you to upload and view any file you have, no matter what software you used to create it. Whether you’re at the office, or doing fieldwork, you can take A360 with you and stay up-to-date with your projects.

What’s so great about A360?

View 2D & 3D CAD models:
• View over 50 different CAD file formats including: AutoCAD (DWG), DWF, Inventor (IPT, IAM, IDW), Revit (RVT), SolidWorks (SLDPRT, SLDASM, ASM), Navisworks (NWD, NWC), CATIA (CATPART, CATPRODUCT), Fusion 360 (F3D) and more
• Upload and view CAD models from email attachments
• Upload and view CAD models from device’s local storage, Dropbox, Box, Buzzsaw, OneDrive etc.

Navigate large-scale 2D & 3D CAD models:
• Isolate and present object properties
• Navigate model parts and layers
• Intuitive touch-based navigation including: zoom, pan, orbit and rotate 3D models

Collaborate with your clients, colleagues and others all-in-one place:
• Take and upload photos directly from the device to your account to document work progress
• Invite new members to join your project in progress and collaborate on designs
• Share any CAD file type directly from your Android device, including: AutoCAD (DWG),DWF, Solidworks, Revit, CATIA and more

Track project status anytime, anywhere:
• Cloud-based storage with offline data access
• Online and offline workflows, allowing you and your team to always stay up-to-date with recent changes and updates

We respect your privacy, and would like permissions to access the following capabilities and information:
• Accounts: Using the Android Account Manager helps us manage your Autodesk account easily, and allow other Autodesk applications to connect, using your Autodesk account.
• Storage: Store offline data if needed, so you can view your data anywhere, anytime.
• Photos: Access files or data stored on your device to view, share and markup.

Privacy policy: https://www.autodesk.com/company/legal-notices-trademarks/privacy-statement/autodesk-privacy-statement-2015-englishA360 – View CAD fileshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iMkSGPgUHR5yA74GtLrCaZvsJNF63saRBQWwoJuX-bXMhT0bNLohPyV-1GmjJMn2Lg=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/C3EHYZm8ewrNYJRlXnCUC4sYXpsU059yAwOqYJvIRw-C2OK9pXBPTphHkFVJGmZN_Uw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autodesk.a360Autodesk.IncAutodesk Inc.ProductivityProductivity3.4.4November 27, 20185.0 and up22.87M4.0Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000Name field added for file and folder details3,8592,144769297167482DOWNLOAD APK

AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor v4.5.22 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor v4.5.22 released on 18 November 2018 | 6:26 pm and this AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor v4.5.22 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com The official AutoCAD mobile app. View, edit & share drawings anytime, anywhere!The official AutoCAD mobile app by Autodesk®

Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go! AutoCAD mobile is a DWG viewing application, with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to view, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. Simplify your site visits with the most powerful CAD app and do real CAD work on the go.

Download the FREE 7-day trial of the premium version to unlock the most advanced and easy-to-use drawing, drafting and editing tools.

AutoCAD mobile is accurate, fast and offers an abundance of features. Upload and open 2D DWG drawings directly from email or external storage and view all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays. The app works with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT on your desktop to enable a continuous digital workflow from the office to field and back. You can even work offline without an internet connection.

AutoCAD mobile app makes life easier for everyone involved in a project, regardless of CAD expertise. An ideal app for architects, engineers, construction professionals, field technicians and contractors


– Open and view your DWG files from email or external cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
– Create new drawings on the fly
– Modify and mark-up drawings
– Measure accurately while on site
– Draw and edit shapes with accuracy using object snap and keypad input
– Advanced drawing and editing tools such as arc, offset and more!
– Select, move, rotate, and scale objects. View coordinates and properties
– Use multi-touch zoom and pan to easily navigate large drawing
– Work offline and sync your changes once back online
– Share your designs in the field
– Plot designs to PDF or DWF and share them via email
– Manage layers- create new layers, lock, rename or delete layers.
– Blocks- View and select existing blocks to add to a drawing.
– Design feed- Add notes, photos and provide feedback to your colleagues
– Easily import measured values from Leica Disto
– Use GPS to orient yourself within a drawing
– Includes priority email support

Key benefits:
– Be more productive in the field by working with the latest drawings
– Safeguard drawings in your included free Autodesk cloud storage account or with your own external accounts
– Collaborate better to avoid mistakes and re-work
– Replace blueprints at job sites with drawings on your mobile device

Upgrade to AutoCAD mobile premium to enable editing and drawings tools or the ultimate version for more storage and larger file sizes.
AutoCAD mobile subscription plans are available in the following options:
•Premium monthly for $4.99
•Premium annual for $49.99 (save $9.89 vs. monthly subscription)
•Ultimate annual for $99.99
•Students can subscribe to the premium plan for FREE!

All new users automatically get a free trial of the premium version for 7 days.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in your Account Settings after purchase.

* Free products and services are subject to the Autodesk, Inc. terms of use that accompany them.

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Terms of use: https://www.autodesk.com/company/legal-notices-trademarks/terms-of-service-autodesk360-web-services/autodesk-autocad-mobile-terms-of-service
Privacy policy: http://usa.autodesk.com/privacy/AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editorhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FFHtyz2_KwMP2DtEIW1w2__ZCdm1EkcbPYp89QhnMnp6ggOsCxKGDynhsUjmebXgRQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1arAH1UIt4nAULIvSzc4nOZqhfTAh-tNZ2bPgL6ctifjyTk_T4NN5epMRogn9PirWqM2=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autodesk.autocadwsAutodesk.IncAutodesk Inc.ProductivityProductivity4.5.22November 18, 20184.4 and up23.84 M4.2Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000Thanks for using AutoCAD!
This version includes bug fixes, so stability and performance are now even better.
Stay tuned for even better improvements and bug fixes, coming your way soon147,30588,18729,56911,8244,90812,817https://www.youtube.com/embed/fxOzdScu4loDOWNLOAD APK

Fusion 360 v2.3.3 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Fusion 360 v2.3.3 released on 6 November 2018 | 4:22 am and this Fusion 360 v2.3.3 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Collaborate, share, view and manage your 3D CAD projects.Autodesk® Fusion 360™ for Android lets you collaborate on 3D designs with anyone inside or outside your company. With the Fusion 360 app, you have the flexibility to view and collaborate on your Fusion 360 CAD models—anytime, anywhere. The app supports more than 100 file formats including DWG, SLDPRT, IPT, IAM, CATPART,IGES, STEP, STL, making it easy to share designs with your team, clients, partners, and friends.

The free app works in conjunction with its companion cloud-based desktop product, Autodesk® Fusion 360™, a 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool for product design and development.


• Upload and view more than 100 data formats including SLDPRT, SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, DWG, F3D, SMT, and DFX
• View and track project activities and updates
• Review large and small 3D designs and assemblies
• Access design properties and complete parts lists
• Isolate and hide components in the model for easy viewing
• Navigate by touch with zoom, pan, and rotate

• Share with stakeholders inside and outside your company
• Share screenshots of the design with markups directly from the app

We respect your privacy, and would like permissions to access the following capabilities and information:
+ Accounts: Using the Android Account Manager helps us manage your Autodesk account easily, and allow other Autodesk applications to connect, using your Autodesk account.
+ Storage: Store offline data if needed, so you can view your data anywhere, anytime.
+ Photos: Access files or data stored on your device to view, share and markup.

Contact the Fusion 360 team or visit our forums.
Email: support.fusion360@autodesk.com
Forums: http://fusion360.autodesk.com/community

Privacy policy: https://www.autodesk.com/company/legal-notices-trademarks/privacy-statementFusion 360https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3KtsZ5iF6oLN0pFut0ySNMJqN4u6Vq5sVY5b3-jWbXBKN5GjmTmOGKxQOm6-oOwzi1M=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/87fSFspL-7iqccgY_ZW7AmUeEx6eyYmM5q0yJw1PRVYK2d635MfjacnDEXlVvKgGDA=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autodesk.fusionAutodesk.IncAutodesk Inc.ProductivityProductivity2.3.3November 5, 20185.0 and up22.00M4.1Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000General bug fixes.
Resolved issues around viewing animations1,54795822311566185DOWNLOAD APK