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Secrets of the Earth v1.2.6 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Secrets of the Earth v1.2.6 released on 10 May 2018 | 10:46 am and this Secrets of the Earth v1.2.6 Android by Downloadapkgratis Defeat enemies, remove landmines, explore ancient ruins and find hidden objects!Secrets of the Earth (SOTE) is an exciting 3D adventure. A free game with amazing story, music and graphics. Try to survive and find hidden artefacts using metal detector. The epic journey begins here.

John is the greatest treasure hunter in the world. He began his way to the top at the age of eleven, when he found the treasure of the Maharaja.
Today he is a doctor of science, an expert in the field of art and antiques. Collectors from around the world ask him to find rarities. He has not enough time …
Will you join the hunt?


*You will explore:
ancient ruins and jungles,
deserts and abandoned lab,
Ancient Egypt and Rome,
Medieval Europe and Wild West,
and other exciting places.

*Here you will meet zombies and raiders, landmines and poisonous beasts. Use wisely your armour and weapon to defeat enemies or you can try to avoid them.

*Don’t forget your best metal detector to find hidden legendary treasures and remove landmines.

Game available in:
English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

*This game is free to download and play but some game items can be purchased for real money.
*A network connection is required to play. “Secrets of the Earth” works best over Wi-Fi.

We’re on social networks:
https://twitter.com/Earthsecrets2Secrets of the Earthhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3JCQVj8MaMf_C9OwFCFLacwlgE4uleutqHNX-jfwYe4wXUWbqY9o73JtuUE_bATUlNw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/vL9T417opN-CxDlf0y4EFvMpgdqCfJNTwhJpQmZoZRBLneohV9bzXOatvWHZuHWWI7A=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hunterhunt6708.soteEduard.KlementievEduard KlementievAdventureAdventure1.2.6May 7, 20185.1 and up85 M4.9Rated for 12+50 – 100minifi981000DOWNLOAD APK

MySweetPrince+ Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis MySweetPrince+ released on 10 May 2018 | 6:24 am and this MySweetPrince+ Android by Downloadapkgratis.com It’s a dating sim games (otome games: like visual novels) with cool princes!!Thanks to all our amazing fans! We’ve reached 750 thousand Users!

“My Sweet Prince+” is a dating simulation game to choose a king of a foreign country you visited for vacation among 6 princes.
My Sweet Prince+ is a social version comes with new attractive features such as avatar and other social features.

[Main features]– Multi-ending story offers 2 kinds of endings depending on options chosen by player.
– You can enjoy a number of wonderful adventures while clearing a variety of characters and stories!
– The basic story plot is the same as the paid version "My Sweet Prince".
– Receive high quality photos and mails throughout the story!
– A full rich social network: Invite other players and send messages to each other!
– Let’s collect items for your avatar! Very Cute!
– Contains a variety of bonuses, including a Log-in Bonus.MySweetPrince+https://lh3.ggpht.com/nBm8NJXnl1lsKfanxQwiG1Xs-r7Dk4qyku-CYy_JrBnyCXoV7Gtf8CWQoMYDkOPLMec=w200https://lh4.ggpht.com/unjmhJ-X2gT5GciCd0oyPO3FlxPU0MpbROLF5rmG74Hk6Tpl5UEhLYJsGXPpGwaWSg=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nttsolmare.game.android.mspNTT.Solmare.CorpNTT Solmare Corp.AdventureAdventure1.6.0May 8, 20182.3 and up3.79 M4.2Rated for 3+500,000 – 1,000,000[Upgrade Description for version 1.6.0]

Minor bug fixed.
Thank you for playing "Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+"18,29610,9263,7111,6318141,214DOWNLOAD APK

When the Panda Turns v1.2.2 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis When the Panda Turns v1.2.2 released on 10 May 2018 | 3:25 am and this When the Panda Turns v1.2.2 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com It is a fantastic story about strange panda that you have never seen.Rotate the panda to save the earth!
The rotation of the earth has stopped, the world is confused.
A panda moves quietly as humans compete against each other ….

As you turn the panda, it will cling to the other panda and it will grow bigger and bigger!
It is a fun panda game that you can play with just tapping.

Let’s turn the panda daringly in a world like a fairy tale full of retro sense of black and white TV!
When pretty pandas coalesce and grows, it will soon be unexpected …! What?

Please listen to music while you play!

– Monochrome TV and retro style
– Visual like a picture book
– Sorrowful music and stories
– Easy operation to play with just tap

In this game you can play in many languages.
Please try playing in your native language.
In addition, it can modify the translation and send it.
If you can cooperate in the translation of the text of the game, that is very pleasing.

【About authority】
– Camera: You can ask authority by relation of advertisement or Unity’s function, but do not use camera in the application.
– Pictures or other files … Used for storing data in external storage area.When the Panda Turnshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-pzQ1IovWSWX-zGZE2vQvuHVvOj5fcGBZ4vmBqN9A9p583l_vWCHVnfX2B5ITRxGFsQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ce-6XxF1dhvS4mVotM3dd2AOKtXe0B8E6Vnr-8k4LJoTbLFdZYN4SURX1-PQgpetFvo=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nekobata.pandamaねこバタ会議ねこバタ会議AdventureAdventure1.2.2May 8, 20184.1 and up52.94 M4.1Rated for 12+1,000 – 2,000Bug fixes42292506https://www.youtube.com/embed/Jqd6T8PfUeoDOWNLOAD APK

Knives Out v1.207.415157 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Knives Out v1.207.415157 released on 9 May 2018 | 7:10 pm and this Knives Out v1.207.415157 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com Massive New Map!Enhanced Gameplay!Who will be the last one standing?【100 enter, but only 1 emerges】
100 players are scattered throughout the massive battlefield. Explore the map, collect weapons, take aim, and pull the trigger. Remember, there can only be one winner!

【It’s a big bad world out there】
Explore islands, snow-capped mountains, train tunnels and other unique locations while you wait for your moment to strike!

【Team Up, Speed Up, Tear Up】
Storm the battlefield with battle buddies in Duo Mode, Squad Mode and Fireteam Mode. Coordinate your attacks with your teammates using voice chat to outmaneuver and crush your enemies.

【Play with your own rules】
It doesn’t matter if you choose to ambush your enemy or attack head on, snipe from a distance or get close and messy, there is only one objective, survive at all costs!

*Follow Us
Facebook (English): https://www.facebook.com/KnivesOutGame/
Customer service: gameknivesout@service.netease.comKnives Outhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/qLYNWysrfw4d0c_jgVeVe-QFyOSZA7EmJVY_m4WY20P6ucegvhoRo6HjlG0Cl0WlxHeL=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Nhh76fR8VFrA5N9u9AwdZnACA5GX6yoJNRAMY8b0T8Q-rtTGBMbSyh-CD_CZ6OhhECI=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.koNetEase.GamesNetEase GamesAdventureAdventure1.207.415157May 8, 20184.2 and up31.82 M4.2Rated for 16+10,000,000 – 20,000,000An all-new version featuring a new map is here! Immerse yourself in a whole new combat experience with a wide range of realistic terrains and breathtaking environments. Upgraded HD graphics and improved detail rendering create a realistic and immersive battleground. Character movements have also been optimized to make actions look more fluid. Start your new journey anywhere, anytime250,410167,98326,71715,3937,68432,633DOWNLOAD APK

MARVEL Avengers Academy v2.4.2 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download MARVEL Avengers Academy v2.4.2 released on 6 May 2018 | 4:38 am and this MARVEL Avengers Academy v2.4.2 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Build an Academy to train your favorite Avengers for adventure and epic combat!Thanos finally arrives to destroy Earth, starting with Avengers Academy! Heroes and villains from across the galaxy must team up to save the world, and reveal the secret origin of their universe!


Experience the MARVEL Avengers as you’ve never seen them before!
Build the ultimate Super Hero academy, and play as your favorite Avengers characters reimagined as students developing their superpowers. Enroll today and become a hero!

– Experience your favorite MARVEL Avengers heroes and villains as young adults
– Play as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Loki, Wasp, Captain America and more!
– Featuring an All-Star Voice Cast with John Cena, A$AP Rocky, Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Priyanka Chopra and More!

– Power-up your team and send them to combat!
– Develop your hero’s and villain’s iconic powers at Super Hero academy
– Strengthen your MARVEL Avengers team and upgrade their powers

– Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes
– Interact with other characters from the MARVEL universe
– Participate in events and updates that introduce thrilling new storylines and quests

– Create the ultimate Super Hero campus
– Construct dorms, classrooms and labs for your MARVEL Avengers
– Fill your campus with training facilities, sports stadiums and more

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AvengersAcademy
Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AvengersAcademy
Visit our website: http://www.AvengersAcademy.com

MARVEL Avengers Academy is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please setup password protection for purchases in your settings.

Terms of Use: http://tinyco.com/websitetermsofuse.htm
Privacy Policy: http://tinyco.com/privacypolicy.htm

© 2018 MARVEL. All rights reserved. © 2018 TinyCo. All rights reserved. Avengers Academy © developed by TinyCo.MARVEL Avengers Academyhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/H45hUhusj6_KFJxV–oHCrEb9r0MdxniSiCP2MCNKU_8N82lZoWFpR7JmcsgxKMQHQ=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/UPCHh-HmmzG6_EEZgXlgXPZ5CAFzp0omaB8kOEsDETuqkW323dNbgqIz3Yr8mLhnYn4=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinyco.avengersTinyCoTinyCoAdventureAdventure2.4.2May 4, 20184.0.3 and up88.48 M4.2Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000• Character outfits now come with unique combat boosts and skills!
• Limited-time Infinity War event begins!
• Battle Thanos and his outriders!
• Unlock Scarlet Witch, Teen Groot, Thane, and Killmonger297,448192,33337,85422,51611,64833,097https://www.youtube.com/embed/kCOgaydxZpYDOWNLOAD APK

Virtual Mom: Family Fun v1.4 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Gratis Virtual Mom: Family Fun v1.4 released on 26 April 2018 | 8:28 pm and this Virtual Mom: Family Fun v1.4 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Play as Lovely Mom and Fulfill your Responsibilities in the House!Get ready for house job in this Virtual Mom: Family Fun where you play as virtual mom and perform different house duties like cooking, washing dishes in this dun simulator. This family fun is full of entertainment and joyful activities. Play as a pretty mom to maintain book shelves, search cooking & washed dirty clothes in different hard levels. It is wonderful game which is based on different levels.

Virtual Mom: Family Fun is for all family lovers and girl work lovers. Virtual mom is an amazing game with interesting and thrilling missions. Be careful while you are cooking and serve the food to family in this thrilling family simulator.


VIRTUAL MOM: FAMILY FUN is amazing game with exciting game where you play as a mom and take care your family with different home issues. There are many exciting missions are waiting for you. In your first task you have to find a book from study room and set it on the book self carefully. After finishing your first task you are ready for cook some food for your family in the kitchen. Serve the food to lovely dog and clean the dog with the help of water tub. There are many level based missions to complete the interesting activities in this family game. Clean your children and husband clothes in washroom. Exciting missions are ready to explore the game in gaming world.


• Play as beautiful mom and fulfill you responsibilities
• Choose your favorite mom to complete the task
• Serve the food to you lovely family
• Maintain your house in beautiful environment
• HD Graphics with smooth controls
• Addictive gameplay and exciting missions

Virtual Mom: Family Fun is specially designed for all family fun games and house job fans. In this amazing simulator you fulfill your responsibilities like mother and maintain your beautiful house by performing exciting tasks in this virtual mom simulator.Virtual Mom: Family Funhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/M-zrI7zzAYVSsrVcTFg8aRl3yAGbcxBFWsITcOpCV90m_LZWBwZXgxeEIEOFhZyw0Q=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/hvBeeSVE9_zBvKYJxmN-Ke2TcqQzUvXCu4HIQmnQtxyWHBL238gAm0awEXW1vInGsiri=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.confun.virtual.mom.famil.funConfun.GameStudioConfun GameStudioAdventureAdventure1.4April 25, 20184.0 and up30.27 M3.4Rated for 3+100,000 – 200,000Bugs Fixe1,72580913922969479https://www.youtube.com/embed/fR-EPUVZwGcDOWNLOAD APK

The Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventure v1.160.4 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download The Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventure v1.160.4 released on 26 April 2018 | 8:41 pm and this The Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventure v1.160.4 Android by www.Downloadapkgratis.com A survival simulator with a pinch of steampunk and a spirit of adventure.Raft: The Last Maverick – an original story-driven free survival game brought to you by Pride Games Studio, the well-proven survival genre masters. A new action adventure from the creators of Survival Island: Evolved will take you on a ride to the deep ocean waters set in a beautiful steampunk open world. You find yourself as a lone survivor on a raft amidst the endless waters of the Pacific, having to survive bloodthirsty sharks and underwater predators along with hunger, thirst and exhaustion. Explore tropical islands and hidden dungeons, gather resources, craft weapons and armor, upgrade your raft and evolve your hero – fight for your survival! Raft: The Last Maverick brings the survival simulator games to the new level of realism, engagement and fun.
Craft! Evolve! Survive!

* Survival of the fittest! Do your best to survive – design and upgrade a unique raft and turn it into real shelter. Explore the ocean for useful materials, craft new armor and weapons to fight off primal predators, hunt for food and learn to produce fresh water. Dive into action – everything you do will increase the chances of your survival.

* Pimp your Raft! Start with just a small patch of wood that barely keeps your survivor afloat and build, build, build! First set up beds and chairs, then create furnace, workbench, water purifier and tons more of useful constructions. Evolve your building skills well enough and your hero will craft almost anything, even a real ballista to protect your shelter! An impenetrable steampunk fortress or a glamorous hotel with an ocean view – Craft your Raft until it makes you Daft!

* The Lord of the Skills! As your hero ventures further into the ocean, you’ll witness him grow, develop and become stronger with each action taken and new level achieved. Let your survivor evolve from a green sailor-boy to the real Pacific Terror!

* Blazing Guns of Captain Hook! The endless ocean not only offers stunning views but also holds many dangers. To keep enemies at bay Raft: The Last Maverick gives you a vast arsenal of guns, melee weapons and other means to defend your floating shelter. If you run out of anything, the trusty hook will always come in handy to reach far off crafting and building materials without the need to roleplay as a shark bait!

* Raft Fiction! Follow the enticing story of The Last Maverick. Complete quests, look for other survivors, face brutal betrayals and bizarre plot-twists, form strong bonds with unlikely allies and craft your own destiny. Put all your strength to achieve the final goal – reaching the New World. If you play your cards right and manage to survive long enough you’ll be the one to uncover the mystery behind the unfortunate shipwreck. What at first seemed as just a coincidence might turn out into the meanest deception the steampunk world has seen!

* Three men in a Raft! Multiplayer mode coming soon! Once you feel confident in your skills and evolve past the beginners point, you’ll be ready to join forces with your friends online to add even more brutal action to your adventure. Team up with other players online in the multiplayer mode, decide if you wish to save them from starvation or rob them of their last means for survival. Multiplayer will bring a new thrill even to the most weathered Heroes of the ocean!

Join us:
https://www.facebook.com/thelastmaverickgameThe Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventurehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pratWTP6PKD1-JqkVnNOR6B-RRdWGqXz622SYDOQf2-RipApZIHoCyDHRismJDTl4g=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/GxAecEgZ1XiBKP0eSZbO34VqrtmUwhgGmF1_vokpnYY4bExEudoM5x_dylJlVMJGdQ=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dbsoftware.raft.survivalPride.games.StudioPride games StudioAdventureAdventure1.160.4April 26, 20184.1 and up99.4 M4.1Rated for 7+500,000 – 1,000,000Some of you can face issues with saves. We’ve added a refund for your inconvinience. Thank you for your patience.
– Time for the Shark attack!
– New recipes and constructions!
– Added Experience boost to the Shop.
– Inventory is now 12 slots everywhere!
– Balance changes;
– Fixed Zeppelin sound;
– Fixed Item Durabilty issue;
– Fixed Rewards and Charge cooldown issue5,5443,509686499165685DOWNLOAD APK

Fantasy Story : 2048 v1.21 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Free Download Fantasy Story : 2048 v1.21 released on 25 April 2018 | 5:17 pm and this Fantasy Story : 2048 v1.21 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Adventure and city-building game with 2048 puzzle to solve!Fantasy Story is a 2048 puzzle game mixed with city-building elements to help you strengthen your heroes and accomplished as many level as you can. Discover many places, summon variety of heroes to join your cause, and destroy all obstacles to keep moving on!

* Simple game system and easy to control.
* Combo system to ease your day.
* Build shops and decorate your own village!
* Collect resources and farm the land to upgrade your shops!
* Summon and strengthen your heroes to unlocked variety skills
* 200+ levels to play.
* Great visuals and graphics.
* NO internet connection required!

Swipe the screen to move the tile to every direction you like! The number will multiply each time its combined with the same numbered tile. Feeling stuck on certain level? You can use your Hero Skills to help you go through it! Complete all the goals before the movements are running out!

Please Rate and write a review to support us! ????

Connect with us on social media:

Contact us for any feedback, ideas, and other inquiries on:
hello@nijigames.comFantasy Story : 2048https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/N5uikzdab4NN-Ng1iqTzIkvkj8NJbnmOqSaBr2SueVP6uTrbWaRrrLmqDSWdA72K6K-e=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/9WiYw8XtkxJqLfYOizIhTKa8ZTUGTVm5GNAqJmm7r3SCVcTiGmzujPApPhNblsMqV9s=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nijigames.fsNiji.GamesNiji GamesAdventureAdventure1.21April 25, 20184.4 and up57.3 M4.4Rated for 3+50,000 – 100,000– Improved Graphics Quality in some high end devices
– Fixed Swap Developer Button Appeared on Gameplay (We are truly sorry about this missed)
– Fixed Minor Issue45030571411122DOWNLOAD APK

The Mooseman v0.1.37 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free The Mooseman v0.1.37 released on 23 April 2018 | 3:38 pm and this The Mooseman v0.1.37 Android by Downloadapkgratis An atmospheric adventure based on mysterious myths of Chud’ tribes.Welcome to the mysterious world of ancient myth, based on finno-ugric culture of bygone pagan times.

Long-long time ago the world was created out of an egg-shell by a god named Yen. In the murky depths of the endless ocean the Lower World was born. The Middle World was made for the men to dwell, and the Upper World was were the ancient gods would reside. Multitudes of spirits dwell among the layers of creation, guarding their secrets in the dark. Embark on a journey through all the worlds of ancient myth, find artefacts of Chud’ tribes and solve all the mysteries of finno-ugric tales.

You are the Mooseman and you have the ability to see all that is hidden to the mortal eye. You are about to visit three layers of this universe – the first one is the Lower World where the spirits of the dead reside.

* Explore the worlds inspired by Perm animal style
* Dive into the deep atmosphere of folk Komi music
* Meet long forgotten gods and spirits
* Learn the ancient myths of finno-ugric tribes
* Don’t expect an easy journey, there are riddles in the dark
* Unlock new abilities and use them to get to the Upper World
* Find all the artefacts that are hidden from the mortal eyeThe Moosemanhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/P3vD3POZ2G1-04a8LUJCKYb6EvK_AOqitecyN31bivBce73emI5ye82bL6T-wg6gmNc=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/zFa8_Ft5EplkDPL6suuEc5DnnUZ0TWd71zubmyIboyE1Cau7duTDX0rFBtC1BaJyrw=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.morteshka.moosemanVladimir.BeletskyVladimir BeletskyAdventureAdventure0.1.37April 22, 20184.1 and up30.57 M4.8Rated for 7+1,000 – 2,000No recent changes92862103https://www.youtube.com/embed/43opygQUSMoDOWNLOAD APK

Westbound:Perils Ranch v1.9.3 Android Free Download

Downloadapkgratis.com – Download Free Westbound:Perils Ranch v1.9.3 released on 22 April 2018 | 4:23 am and this Westbound:Perils Ranch v1.9.3 Android by Downloadapkgratis.com Venture western township with Cowboys, farm crops and build your own ranch town!Your wagon train has broken down on its way out to Oregon! Now you’re stranded in a canyon with a motley crew of settlers. It’s time to build a new home and turn it into your own beautiful frontier ranch town! Saddle up your horse and come along!

Explore the lush woods and western mud bay in this Cowboys ranch town. Challenge yourself and build your own Cowboys township, city or village by clearing out a blissful obstacles and debris. Venture into this western island and create your own vivid bay. Have fun in this western farm simulation game.

Things to do in this Cowboys adventure town filled with joyride:

● Use a sword or axe to harvest through the vivid woods and venture through obstacles.
● Make your own fortune town- grow and harvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and win daily rewards in this powerhouse fortune town.
● Harvest through wild ranch and build cowboys west peril township.
● Forge your own mud fortress of venture in a paradise city.
● Dare yourself to Team Challenges, mini games and other Limited Edition expedition.
● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events or by harvesting debris.
● Board the force and draw honor rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver coins to progress in the game.
● Build a muddy township or city from the land for your neighbors in lush frontierville.
● Customize the land as you want it. Make a treasure dairy ranch farm, an enchanted village city or a township out of this adventure bay.

Enjoy the original of all role play, multiplayer RockYou games (Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, Skull Island & New World). Supported on most smartphones and tablets.

Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download this game. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game.

IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buy special items to use in the game.
NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links to social networking sites that are intended for an audience that is at least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with the potential to browse any web page; and advertising of RockYou products and products from select partners.Westbound:Perils Ranchhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pPv_M2798LcWJiCwQeCcepwB1GBtTlfC1fVtHSoaxtYLjHOoadRDxBGTSQz94peLFIZ4=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IGEQDTFUxxx-y7blsTFGfZpasgC0nEAv7VW2Kf1O57LXtJ9PG3SjHFHWD8oItX0xtW4F=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiwi.westboundRockyou.IncRockyou Inc.AdventureAdventure1.9.3April 19, 20184.0.3 and up57.27 M4.3Rated for 3+10,000,000 – 20,000,000New features and bug fixes269,378189,72328,07318,20910,16023,213https://www.youtube.com/embed/kNIFtoTjrkMDOWNLOAD APK